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Review Sheet Unit 3 Washington to War of 1812.

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1 Review Sheet Unit 3 Washington to War of 1812

2 Cabinet Advisors to the President are known as the _______________

3 Members of the first (Washington’s) cabinet:
State –Thomas Jefferson Treasury – Alexander Hamilton War – Henry Knox Justice – Edmund Randolph

4 Washington D.C. The nation’s capital was moved to ____________ from New York City.

5 This law organized the court system –
Judiciary Act of 1789

6 Bill of Rights The _______________ was added to the Constitution as a protection against the government abuse of individual rights.

7 BROAD/ELASTIC Interpreting the Constitution LOOSELY or a ____________ interpretation allowed the National Bank to be established. It is based on the _______ clause in the U.S. Constitution.

8 TARIFFS Protective ___________ encourage the growth of industry.

9 Sales Tax - Excise tax This incident allowed the national govt. to show how strong it was in upholding the laws and hierarchy set forth by the Constitution – The WHISKEY REBELLION

10 economic Alexander Hamilton’s financial plan, which included a National Bank, was proposed to strengthen the ________ position of the United States.

11 What did each of the political parties that developed at this time support?

12 Republican party of Jefferson
PEOPLE have political power Strong STATE govt. Emphasis on AGRICULTURE STRICT interpretation of Const. Pro-FRENCH Opposed National Bank & Protective Tariff

13 Federalist party of Hamilton
Wealthy & well-educated should lead the nation Strong CENTRAL govt. Emphasis on MANUFACTURING,SHIPPING, TRADE LOOSE interpretation of Const. Pro-BRITISH Favored NATIONAL BANK/PROTECTIVE TARIFFS

14 Federal/state The major political parties ultimately developed out of a conflict over the distribution of power between the __________ and __________ governments.

15 The French Revolution The U.S. remained neutral in this European conflict.

16 Two precedents set by WASHINGTON include remaining ______ in foreign conflicts
Neutral And having advisors or the _______ to help the president Cabinet

17 In his Farewell address, President Washington wanted to warn the US to avoid 2 things:
Permanent foreign alliances Political parties

18 Decisions of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Marshall and policies under George Washington strengthened the power of the CENTRAL government. Central=national=federal

19 Federalist/Republican
The Election of 1796 is unusual because a _______ was elected President and a ________ was elected vice-president.

20 The Alien & Sedition Act
This was passed to stop criticism of President John Adams-

21 What liberty did the Sedition Act violate?
Freedom of speech and of the Press

22 14 years How long did it take for an alien to become a citizen during Adam’s presidency?

23 Who wrote the Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions?
James Madison Thomas Jefferson

24 _________ is when states void or veto a federal law.

25 Who chose the president in the election of 1800?
The House of Representatives WHY? Jefferson & Burr tied with the same number of electoral votes

26 12th The _______ amendment called for separate ballots for president and vice-president.

27 Louisiana Purchase 1803 A major foreign policy success of President Thomas Jefferson was the ____________

28 Who explored the land for Jefferson?
Lewis & Clark ________ was a Native who helped them in their exploration. Sacagwea

29 Marbury V. Madison 1803 Case that established JUDICIAL REVIEW – the power of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional.

30 Causes of the War of 1812: British blockade of American ships in and out of France Impressment of Americans “War Hawks” pressured Pres. Madison for war against England Embargo Act stopped American trade with other countries

31 Impressment Practice of taking American sailors and forcing them to serve in the British military-

32 War Hawks Group of Americans eager to go to war with Britain -

33 EMBARGO President Jefferson’s ____________ ACT hurt the US more than it hurt Britain and France.

34 RESULTS of WAR of 1812: Treaty of Ghent declares armistice with neither side winning Confirmed American Independence Strengthened American pride and nationalism

35 The Treaty of _______ Ended the War of 1812. Ghent

36 President Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality and President Jefferson’s Embargo Act were efforts to avoid political conflicts with _____________. Foreign nations

37 Two online REVIEWS! Go to Mrs. Fabiilli’s OR Ms. Frost’s OR
Mrs. O’Neil’s WEBPAGE For 2 quia reviews “Washington-War of 1812”

38 STUDY!!!!!

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