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Baltimore Polytechnic Institute November 12, 2012 A/A.P. U.S. History Mr. Green.

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1 Baltimore Polytechnic Institute November 12, 2012 A/A.P. U.S. History Mr. Green

2 Objectives: Describe Jackson’s policies of westward expansion, his relations with the new Republic of Texas, and his harsh removal of the southeastern Indian nations on the Trail of Tears. Explain Jackson’s economic and political motives for waging the bitter Bank War, and show how Jacksonian economics crippled his successor Van Buren after the Panic of 1837. Describe the different ways that each of the new mass political parties, Democrats and Whigs, promoted the democratic ideals of liberty and equality among their constituencies. AP Focus Opponents of Jackson and the Democrats form a new political party in the early 1830s, the Whigs. Martin Van Buren succeeds Jackson. His presidency is seriously damaged by a severe depression brought on in part by Jackson’s Specie Circular, which ends the Bank of the United States.

3 CHAPTER THEME Seeing the Bank of the United States as a vestige of elite eastern control of the economy, Jackson did battle with its president, Nicholas Biddle. Jackson finally defeated the Bank of the United States with the Specie Circular. Even though the Supreme Court, in McCulloch v. Maryland, had ruled the Bank constitutional, Jackson had his way, but it precipitated an economic collapse

4 Submit Presidential Election Charts 1820, 1824, 1828, 1832 on Tuesday Decades Chart for the 1820’s due Wednesday Quiz on Thursday covering second half of Ch. 13

5 3 rd party entered the field-Anti-Masonic party disappearance of a New Yorker threatening to reveal the secret rituals Jackson a Mason Formal nominating conventions/platforms National Republicans and Henry Clay well funded Jackson won handily Popular vote: 687,502 to 530,189 Electoral vote: 219-49

6 Jackson believed he had a mandate to crush the bank before it expired in 1836 Jackson removed federal deposits from the bank in 1833 Explain the impact of removing federal deposits Biddle called in loans to shore up bank sheets/reserves produced a minor financial crisis deposited surplus funds in pet banks created wildcat banks-speculated in land with printed notes notes became worthless and Jackson authorized Specie Circular public land purchased with metallic money contributed to the Panic of 1837

7 Developed from a sense of hatred towards Jackson Included southern states’ righters, northern industrialists/merchants, evangelical Protestants Called for internal improvements Called Jackson/Van Buren aristocrats/supporters of cronyism and corruption

8 Democrats nominate Martin Van Buren Whigs nominate many to scatter the electoral vote so no one received a majority William Henry Harrison-Ohio Daniel Webster-senator from Massachusetts Hugh White-senator from Tennessee Willie Person Mangum-senator from N.Carolina Vote: 765,483 to 739,795 Electoral Vote: 170 to 124

9 Short-lived rebellions in Canada in 1837 threatened war with Britain and unregulated immigration Panic of 1837 Looming Texas annexation Divorce Bill-literally locked federal funds from investment

10 Mexican Independence in 1821 1823 Mexican land grant to Stephen Austin-bring in 300 American families-Roman Catholic and will be Mexicanized 30,000 Americans by 1835 Davy Crockett Jim Bowie Sam Houston: ex-Governor of Tenessee Friction over: slavery, immigration, local rights Mexico emancipated slaves in 1830 Austin attempted to negotiate with Santa Anna who placed him in jail for 8 months

11 Texas declared independence in early 1836 Santa Anna drove to the Alamo and wiped everyone out Goliad-Mexicans killed all 400 Texas fighters Sam Houston retreated to San Jacinto and attacked during the Mexican siesta Forced Santa Anna to sign treaty that: withdraw Mexican troops recognize Rio Grande as SW border Northerners did not want Texas because of the slavery balance

12 Jacksonian Democracy helped create friction within the Democratic party and led to the formation of the Whig party. The bank war led to the Panic of 1837 and the demise of Martin Van Buren.

13  Continue reading Chapter 13 to the end  Continue work on the Decades chart and Presidential Election charts for this section which are due this week.

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