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EQ: What were the causes and effects of Texas’ fight for independence?

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1 EQ: What were the causes and effects of Texas’ fight for independence?
Friday, March 14th, 2014 Explain three historical facts you learned yesterday about the Oregon Trail that you could include in your dairy! EQ: What were the causes and effects of Texas’ fight for independence?

2 Objective and Scales: The student will be able to summarize the causes and effects of the Texas War for Independence with 80% accuracy Where does today’s objective fit into our UNIT LEARNING GOAL SCALE? Objective M What do you need to be able to accomplish with objective M to reach MASTERY LEVEL or SCALE EVEREST? TOC: Pg. 93: Texas Independence Cornell Notes

3 1. Vocabulary Stephen Austin-led a group of 300 Americans into Texas
Dictatorship-one person rule Siege-attracts in which one force surrounds a city or fort Sam Houston-led a surprise attack against Santa Anna’s army Annex-incorporate or add on to James K. Polk-President during Mexican-American War

4 2. Conflict in Texas After Mexico became independent from Spain in 1821, thousands of Americans flooded into Texas This soon caused a conflict with the Mexican Government The new settlers were Protestants, not following Mexico’s Roman Catholic Church Also, Americans had brought slaves with them from the South and Mexico had abolished slavery In 1830, Mexico banned further American settlement But…..Americans kept moving into Texas

5 3. Declaring Independence
I will not live under a dictator! In 1833, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became president of Mexico He wanted a strong central government so he overturned Mexico’s democratic constitution and started a dictatorship Stephen Austin (who was living in Texas) urged Texans to revolt against the Mexican government In 1836, Texans declared independence from Mexico and created the Republic of Texas

6 4. Remember the ALAMO!!!! Santa Anna responded with force, his troops laid siege on the Alamo which was a mission in San Antonio The Americans held out for 12 days under heavy cannon fire from Anna’s troops But, the Mexican forces overran the Alamo All the Americans were captured and executed The bravery and courage of the Alamo defenders inspired many Americans to volunteer for the Texan Army The commander of the Texan Army was Sam Houston and in April of 1836 he led a small army in a surprise attach against Mexican forces in San Jacinto Within 18 minutes the Americans had captured Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty recognizing Texas’ Independence from Mexico

7 5. Republic of Texas Sam Houston became president of the new Republic of Texas He hoped the US would annex or incorporate Texas into the Union But support for this was divided…why? Southerners supported annexation of Texas as a slave state, Northerners opposed this, but still hoped for westward expansion Presidents Jackson and Martin Van Buren refused to support annexation fearing it would cause a huge fight and divide the Union

8 6. Annexing Texas and Oregon
Congress voted for admission of Texas as a state in 1845 President Polk negotiated a treaty with Britain to divide Oregon at the 49 degrees North. Britain received the Northern part of the Oregon Country and U.S. received the southern part (eventually to become the states of WA, OR, and part of ID) The annexation of Texas increased tensions with Mexico Mexico never fully recognized the independence of Texas because Santa Anna was forced to sign it Mexico’s government claimed that the Southern boundary of Texas was the Nueces River while Polk claimed it was the Rio Grande War with MEXICO IS COMING!!!!

9 Summary and Progress Chart
Describes the causes of Mexico’s fight for Independence and how they will led the US to war with Mexico Complete progress chart for objective M

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