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The Rise of a Mass Democracy

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1 The Rise of a Mass Democracy
Ch. 13 The Rise of a Mass Democracy

2 Election of 1824 A “Corrupt Bargain” AJ – wins popular vote
No plurality Clay eliminated, but uses his influence as Speaker of the House House selects Adams Clay – Sec. of State

3 Election of 1828 New Party – Democrats Jackson “Old Hickory” Stance:
The people’s man Stance: Distrusted banks and aristocrats Anti-Native American Anti-Tariff Jackson defeats Adams First western President 2nd non-college educated pres.

4 Beliefs Small Government Free market States Rights Spoils

5 Tariff and Nullies Tariff of 1828 Tariff of 1832
Ordinance of Nullification Jackson – not to be shown up!! Force Bill of 1833 Clay and Compromise Calhoun resigns – Van Buren VP

6 Indian Removal Recognition as separate nations Assimilation attempts
“Five Civilized Tribes” Treaty of 1791 Worcester v. Georgia 1832 “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!” Trail of Tears 18,000 for 1200 miles 3000 die

7 Bank War Jackson’s Veto
“subversive of ther rights of states” “dangerous to the liberties of the people” Bank was acting like a branch of the government Removed gold and silver to deposit in “pet banks” Mandate from the people Despotism “Wildcat” Currency Panic of 1837

8 Texas Stephen Austin Santa Anna 1836 Independence – Sam Houston
“Remember the Alamo!!” Jim Bowie, Davey Crockett San Jacinto siesta Jackson recognizes Texas Slavery Issues

9 Legacy Less national government involvement in economy (for now)
Expanded power of Executive (nullification, Indian removal, bank) Empowering state govts., which became more democratic Western Expansion Emergence of Western influence in DC Re-emergence of a two party system

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