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To SUPA Forensic Science Teachers October 10, 2008 ppt. developed by J. Pawlowski, Science RD HS.

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1 to SUPA Forensic Science Teachers October 10, 2008 ppt. developed by J. Pawlowski, Science RD HS

2  stalking study considered pure science  mathematical evidence  obsession/pursuit is normal  perpetuated and reinforced

3  Jim Carrey asks love interest if he has a chance…  He asks if he has a 1 in a 1000 chance…  She tells him it’s more like 1 in a million!  This means there is a chance…

4  8% of women  2% of men Majority of victims are stalked by former partners this is most common and most dangerous.

5  Dependent on state laws  All 50 states have stalking laws  Level of crime dependent on jurisdiction  California first state to enact stalking laws in1990


7  Stalked and murdered by Robert Bardo

8  Sending letters that she read and responded to as she would for any fan  Hired a private investigator to track her routines and determine where she lived In a letter to his sister he wrote,  “ I have an obsession which is unattainable and I have to eliminate what I can’t have”  Rebecca was shot to death by R. Bardo

9  Psychiatrist has the duty to report threats to self or third party  Confidentiality not applicable  Board of Education lawyer was required by law to contact Mrs. Pawlowski directly and warn her of the verbal and written threats to kill her and others (serving as vice principal in Georgia in 2000).

10  Pattern of following a victim or harassment of same  Threat (s)  Fearful victim EVIDENCE NECESSARY  Includes disturbing letters, photos, texts, voice mail DO NOT DISCARD



13 Research based conclusions Results of the N=74 stalkers interviewed and studied Erotomanic (delusional) 7 Love obsession 32 Love gone sour 35 A delusional stalker believes someone is in love with him. Movie star? Singer?

14  American Journal of Psychiatry  1999  Classified and analyzed types of stalkers  Paul Mullen researches, studies and treats stalker offenders in Australia and the world.

15 Rejected 36% Intimacy Seeking 34 Incompetent 45 Resentful 11 Predatory 4 N= 145


17  Pursue an ex intimate  Want reconciliation and revenge  (toxic blend of motivations)  Criminal assault history  Personality disorders  (between psychotic and neurotic; normal are neurotic, psychotics have no sense of reality)  Difficult to get along with REJECTED

18  OJ Simpson quote  ‘lets say I committed this crime…’  Penny Chang  Stalked with violent threats via email and killed

19 Intimacy Seekers  Motivation is to be with ‘true love’  Desire relationship of love  Reinterpret or oblivious to victim’s response  Many have delusional disorder;mentally ill, yes!  ‘a fixed false belief that can’t be shaken’  Erotomanic delusions

20 Intimacy Seekers  Robert Hoskins stalked Madonna  Broke into her property  Attacked body guards  Sent emails and letters  Madonna testified in trial  (Hoskins received the attention he sought by having her testify)  THE MATERIAL GUY in prison

21 Incompetent  Motivation is to get sex  Acknowledge victim’s disinterest but.. Have crude motivation to desire  Tend to have low IQ  Socially inept; may be ‘cave man’  Pleads  Friendly, trusting women often targets of this stalker type

22  Female to male stalkers are about one in four 1:4 Women stalkers are rare but tend to be of INCOMPETENT type

23 RESENTFUL  Desire retribution  Tell of persecution  Paranoid type diagnosis  Intend to frighten and /or distress victim  New Hampshire judge received picture of clock showing 5:20 with a note ‘this is when you’ll die’

24 Predatory  Serial sexual predator  Prepared for sexual attack  Stalk to study and observe  Well-planned; have equipment for attack and submission or torture  PARAPHILICS No warning or communications; are they really stalkers?

25  Threats Assaults  Rejected 71% 54%  Intimacy Seekers50 23  Incompetent32 27  Resentful 87 25  Predatory 33 50  Domestic violence in rejected type  Rejected often has warning signs  Progression of rejection in divorce, custody battles, loss of love, may increase in intensity

26  Rejected: legal sanctions, mental health support; risk reduction  Intimacy seekers: involuntary court order, impervious to legal sanctions, will do anything for love; victim must make legal  Incompetent: interpersonal and communication skills; often drop victim 1 for victim 2

27  Resentful: difficult to engage in treatment, court order for anger treatment, intervention dilemma (are we making this worse?)  Predatory: criminal justice containment and treatment for parafilia (sex offenders)

28  Usually incompetent or resentful  Identify type, account for individual  Ex intimates most lethal  Multidisciplinary team w/law enforcement  Tailor intervention Suggestion that ‘resentful’ type can include some terroristic threats /actions

29  POSSIBLY…  Disorder of attachment  Inability to ‘self- soothe’  Why more men than women, not known

30  Special Agent Ron Hazelwood, FBI  Each book written comes highly recommended

31  After episodes with a stalker, a victim’s life is often shattered. Many have to relocate, leave employment, suffer emotional trauma, or worse, even if the stalker is managed or contained by law enforcement. Ω

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