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Effective Methods of Birth Control

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1 Effective Methods of Birth Control
Contraception Effective Methods of Birth Control Effective Methods of Birth Control

2 What are some reasons for
Abstinence Means choosing NOT to have sex It is the ONLY method that is 100% effective It is your right to be in control of your body and say NO What are some reasons for choosing abstinence? Reasons for choosing abstinence: religious beliefs, to avoid unwanted pregnancy, STI prevention, etc…

3 Male Condom A latex sheath that is rolled over an erect penis
Acts to prevent direct genital contact and the exchange of genital fluids Should be used in combination with a spermicide (97-98% effective). Alone (85% with perfect use)

4 Male Condom (cont’d) Advantages Disadvantages
They are your BEST protection against STI’s Easily accessible and inexpensive Do not need prescription No hormonal changes May help to avoid premature ejaculation Disadvantages Reduced sensitivity Must be stored & handled properly (expiry date) Can slip off or break Latex allergies Should be used with a spermicide for better protection

5 Female Condom A disposable polyurethane pouch, shaped like a round, upside-down baggie Placed in the vagina before sex (a new condom should be used for each act of intercourse) Prevents direct genital contact & exchange of body fluids 79-95% effective Never use with a male condom

6 Female Condom Advantages
It's the only contraceptive controlled by girls that protects against pregnancy and STI’s Can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex Can be used for anal sex Do not need prescription No hormonal changes

7 Female Condom (cont’d)
Disadvantages Some girls may have trouble inserting it correctly May make a ‘rustling’ sound during sex (add lubricant on inside) More expensive than male condoms ($3 each) Need to plan ahead Hangs outside the vagina (unappealing) May slip out or break

8 Spermicide Contain ingredients that disable sperm
Available in various forms: sponges, creams, jellies, tablets, foams, film and suppositories Very effective when used with a barrier method (condom) 82% effective when used alone (perfect use)

9 Spermicide (cont’d) Advantages Disadvantages Easily accessible
In-expensive Does not contain hormones Do not need a prescription Can be used by women who smoke or are breastfeeding May provide some lubrication Disadvantages No STI protection Needs to be used in combination with another form of birth control Can be messy Need to plan ahead Possible irritation/allergy May have to interrupt sex to apply

10 Emergency Contraception
Emergency methods of birth control used when sex was unplanned or forced, or the birth control method failed (condom broke, missed pills) Reduces possibility of conception Can be taken up to 5 days (120 hours) after unprotected sex 75-98% effective (the earlier, the better)

11 Birth Control Pills “The Pill” is the most popular method of birth control Pills contain estrogen & progestin Taken daily to prevent unwanted pregnancy Come in 21 or 28 day packs Progestin-only pills also available 99.7% effective (perfect use) Work by: Suppressing ovulation (no egg released) Thinning the lining of the uterus (egg cannot implant) Thickening cervical mucous (difficult for sperm to penetrate)

12 Birth Control Pills (cont’d)
Advantages Very effective Regulates menstrual cycle Reduces menstrual flow Reduces cramping Reduces acne & hirsutism Decreases risk of ovarian & endometrial cancer Reduces risk of PID Completely reversible No interruption of sex Disadvantages No protection against STIs Possible side effects (nausea, bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, break-through bleeding) Need a prescription Must remember to take pills around the same time every day Increases risk of blood clots Cannot use if over age 35 and a smoker

13 Transdermal Patch - EVRA
A hormonal birth control patch that is worn on the skin (99.7% effective) The patch continuously delivers estrogen & progestin through the skin Works the same way as the birth control pill Apply one patch/week for 3 weeks, then no patch on 4th week

14 Where to Wear the Patch

15 Transdermal Patch (cont’d)
Advantages Effective & reversible Once a week Regular, lighter periods Less PMS and cramping Reduced risk of cancers Less ovarian cysts and benign breast conditions Disadvantages No STI protection Less effective if over 198 lbs (90 kg) Possible side effects (breast tenderness, BTB, headaches, nausea) Risk of blood clots Possible skin irritation Need a prescription Patch may fall off (less than 2%)

16 Vaginal Ring - NuvaRing
A flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina and stays there for 3 weeks The ring releases estrogen & progestin that are absorbed through the vagina into the bloodstream Works in the same manner as birth control pill 99.7% effective (perfect use)

17 Vaginal Ring (cont’d) Advantages Disadvantages
Effective and reversible Once a month Makes periods more regular, lighter Does not interfere with sex Similar benefits as the birth control pill (acne, cancer, cysts, etc.) Disadvantages No STI protection Possible side effects from hormones (spotting, nausea, headache, etc.) Need a prescription Ring may fall out (uncommon) May cause vaginal discomfort or irritation

18 Depo Provera A hormonal method of birth control that contains progestin only (no estrogen) Given by injection every 3 months (12-13 weeks) 99.7% effective (perfect use) Works by: Suppressing ovulation (no egg released) Thinning the lining of the uterus (egg cannot implant) Thickening cervical mucous (difficult for sperm to penetrate)

19 Depo Provera (cont’d) Advantages Disadvantages Only 4 times a year
May stop having periods Can be used by people with estrogen sensitivity Can be used while breastfeeding Reduces risk of endometrial cancer Improves symptoms of endometriosis Effective & reversible Disadvantages Causes decrease in bone density No STI protection Delayed return of fertility Need a prescription Need to see doctor/nurse for injections Possible side effects (irregular bleeding, weight gain, headaches, mood changes)

20 Female Sterilization “Getting your tubes tied”
A surgical procedure to permanently block the fallopian tubes Prevents sperm and egg from meeting 99.5% effective

21 Male Sterilization Also called “vasectomy”
A surgical procedure to permanently block the vas deferens Stops sperm from being released into the man’s ejaculate, so the egg cannot be fertilized 99.9% effective

22 Myths & Realities A girl can’t get pregnant if she doesn’t orgasm.
A guy can’t get a girl pregnant if he doesn’t orgasm. The birth control pill is effective as soon as you start taking it. Withdrawal is an effective method of birth control if the male has good self-control. Sperm that has been deposited in the vagina 2 days before ovulation are incapable of fertilizing the egg. Douching after intercourse will help to prevent pregnancy.

23 Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
The most common date-rape drug is not rohypnol – it is….. Drug facilitated sexual assault may happen a lot more often than we think Most sexual assaults are committed by a person the victim knows or trusts Most victims are women between the ages of 16-24

24 Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
What can you do to protect yourself? See next slide for safety tips.

25 Safety Tips Watch for signs that your drink has been spiked (tastes or looks weird, feeling giddy, drowsy, light-headed or way “too drunk”) Limit how much alcohol you drink Avoid punch bowls Watch your drink Be wary of opened drinks offered to you Use a buddy system

26 Final Remarks BE PREPARED! Protecting yourself against STI’s and pregnancy is a shared responsibility Know your partner’s sexual history Alcohol & drugs can impair your decisions If you think you might have sex, make sure you have condoms… and know how to use them correctly! Irresponsible choices you make now can affect your health, and the health of your partner, for a long time Not protecting yourself is a HUGE RISK

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