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Family Planning Methods

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1 Family Planning Methods

2 Abstinence The only method that is 100% effective.
+ It protects you from STDs and pregnancy. - You may feel like you are missing out on sexual experiences.

3 Birth Control Pills A hormonal method
A pill taken daily that contains artificial hormones and prevents pregnancy. - Does not protect against STDs -Side effects are: mood swings, blood clots, nausea, weight gain, and irregular menstrual bleeding. 98-95% effective $20-$50 a month + simple and easy to use + Less bleeding and cramping during cycle + Less chance of PID - Must remember to take it - Not good for women who smoke ( over 35 )

4 Hormonal Injections Hormonal method
Hormones given through a shot by a physician monthly or once every three months May cause irregular bleeding Up to 99% effective

5 Nuva Ring Hormonal method
Flexible doughnut shaped ring inserted into the vagina where it releases hormones Doesn’t protect against STD’s SIDE EFFECTS: - Irregular menstrual bleeding - May cause mood changes - May cause blood clots - May cause vaginal infections $ $45.00 A month

6 Implant Hormonal method
Implant that can be worn for up to five years (Previously known as Norplant) Becomes effective within 24 hours of implantation Thickens your cervical mucus creating a barrier for sperm Benefits of Implants: Offers continuous protection against pregnancy for 5 years Women who are breasting feeding can safely use Norplant Side Effects and Complications: headaches/ migraines Anxiety Weight gain Menstrual irregularities Increases in acne

7 Hormonal Patch Hormonal method
Thin patch placed on fatty tissue for three weeks each month + 99% effective Possible Side Effects: - Mood swings, blood clots, nausea, irregular menstrual bleeding, and weight gain

8 Spermicide Hormonal method
Foams, creams, gels and suppositories may cause allergic reactions 72% effective Should be used with a condom, diaphragm, or cervical cap + no major health complications + easy to use and carry + may use only when needed - can be messy - may irritate - no protection against HIV

9 Rhythm Method Hormonal method Also known as the calendar method
53 – 80% effective Largest side effect… PREGNANCY You must chart menstrual cycles on a calendar This is a Natural Family Planning Method

10 Cervical Mucus Hormonal method Also called the ovulation method
Women takes sample of her mucus everyday for a month Six days before ovulation, mucus is affected by estrogen and becomes clear and elastic. - Failure rate is 20% per year - Requires effort and work + 97% effective + free + Can be stopped at any time + Helps women to be aware of their cycle

11 Basal Temperature Hormonal method
a woman is instructed to take her body temperature, called her basal body temperature the woman takes her temperature with a specialized basal body thermometer and marks results on a graph or chart She also notes the days of menstruation and sexual activity $10-$12 - Failure rate of 15% but as low as 2% per year for perfect users - Requires effort and work + 98% effective in preventing pregnancy + Free + Can be stopped at any time + Helps you to be aware of cycle

12 Condom Male Covers the erect penis A barrier method
86% to 97% effective + Price is affordable + no major side effects concerns + Reduces the spread of STD’s - some men are allergic to latex - those with spermicide may cause irritation

13 Female Condom A barrier method
A thin sheath or pouch worn by a women during sex Helps to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases 79% to 95% effective 17 cm (6.5inches) length Barrier method $6.50 a pack Woman could experience reaction or allergy to latex

14 Cervical Cap SIDE EFFECTS + A barrier method
+ Blocks the sperm from entering the uterus by covering the cervix + Protection against pregnancy $30 – 50 SIDE EFFECTS - May irritate vagina - Strong odors or vaginal discharge - Allergic reaction (rare) - Could cause Toxic Shock Syndrome

15 Diaphragm Side Effects: A barrier method
Keeps sperm from entering the uterus Can be washed and reused Doesn’t protect from STD’s Cost about $30-50 Should be replaced every two years Side Effects: may irritate vagina Allergic reaction Possible risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome + can be used only when necessary + few health problems

16 IUD - Intrauterine Device
A barrier method Placed into the uterus by a physician to prevent pregnancy Last one – ten years 99.2%-99.9% effective Doesn’t provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS $ + always in place, less chance of tubule pregnancy - increase bleeding and cramps SIDE EFFECTS: Menstrual cycles may become more painful Possible risk to future fertility Increase risk of infections

17 Withdrawal A barrier method
Involves removing the penis before ejaculation Objective is to keep the sperm from entering the vagina Pregnancy could occur anytime that the penis and the vagina come in contact Doesn’t protect against STD’s or pregnancy Withdrawal is not an effective way to prevent pregnancy Natural Family Planning Method

18 Permanent Methods of Family Planning
There are two methods of permanent methods of family planning: Vasectomy Tubaligation

19 Vasectomy This is a permanent procedure due on a man.
Sperm are not expelled after this procedure. No STD protection 100% effective is male follows doctors orders and returns for follow up visits

20 Tubaligation Permanent procedure performed on a woman.
Eggs can no longer get to the sperm. 100% effective

21 What is your decision? Abstinence solves all the major problems needed to make life more productive until you are ready to make these life decisions. No STD protection

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