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Sajjad Haydar Contact Media Manager:

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1 Sajjad Haydar Contact Media Manager: 021-35485017 0333-3356877


3 Attention: Entrepreneurs/ Managers
Dear Business Persons The aim of “Too Thinkers” is to improve the efficiency and overall performance and enable professionals and students to understand the process and the value of management in the respective organizations that is why we are going to circulate our first bi-monthly management base E-magazine “Portfolio” which will be circulated to more than 8000 organizations and expected readers would be more than 50,000 initially and thereafter its circulation and readership will increase gradually. If you desire to introduce your organization through our magazine then send to us the following information together with your company’s logo. You are assured that your introduction will not only cater the students and prospective employees needs but also help you in getting business from other organizations. Define your organization briefly? (Including, company’s name, Year of establishment, Nature of Business or type of company, core business, Product Range, Brand Names) Provide Management functional Organogram, No of employees in each department with their ranks, Describe the functions of each department and how they coordinate with each other. What is your total annual turnover? If you are a manufacturer what is your production capacity? Do you have any office abroad? Or you are the franchise holder of any international company? Do you have any company maintained outlet or service centre? Please specify. What do you want to be in next 5 years? And what is the position of your organization? What is your bench mark, your organizational vision, mission and objectives with goal setting Why should customers buy your products or hire your services? Is there any difference between you and others Who are your major competitors? What is the procedure of recruitment in your organization? What kind of benefits do you offer? do you give training to your employees? What kind of training, on the job, in house, or through external training institutions. What kind of challenges do you face in the business sector? Could you please provide us SWOT analysis of your company? Is there any opportunity for the new comers in this sector? Describe the functions and responsibilities of each department in your organization separately? Any other business related information which you would prefer to share with us. Your company introduction with all these information will be Free of Cost but comes on first come first basis otherwise Charges would be Rs. 5000/= for introduction So send us on or call Sajjad Haydar (Manager HR and Media)


5 About us. Recruitment Product Selling:
It is not easy to hire right & Competent personnel in just some formal interviews. Hiring the best one is the hardest core task of any organization. We at The main We are going to develop a distribution set up where we will provide fresh and young blood and will impart on job professional training by selling and distributing potent products through different channels into the potential market. Will help you in all functions of recruitment. Over one thousand skilled and unskilled qualified and educated employees are listed in our portfolio and they are still increasing. We can provide you a complete and verified history of these employees. Training and Development: By giving a comprehensive training in core areas of management we will develop a strong team of competent employees who will meet the challenging organization needs. Their designed management tools will help in increasing productivity of every individual and establishment. Thus all eminent professionals, working in various reputable organizations will share their experiences, ideas and needs with prospective employees. Advertising Many small enterprises do not have any marketing person and may not be ready to bear extra marketing expenses especially at the early stage of business. We are ready to provide them effective marketing tools with the help o new blood at a very competitive price. We deal in all kinds of print materials and all sorts of print and electronic media. We also welcome those organizations who need a comprehensive marketing research in any field of business. For Details, Please contact Office # 614-A, West Land Trade Centre, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Baloch Colony FlyOver, Karachi. , About us. The main objective of establishing Kaizen man d is to bring continuous improvement in all areas of everybody’s life. As we know that changes in the world are occurring at an accelerating rate. Every day is different from previous day, continuing today’s strategy is risky; so is turning to a new strategy. we know that nations, organizations and individuals who anticipate and effectively embrace change, survive and prosper. While those who fail to do so risk their survival, prosperity and growth. is engaged in the business of Recruitment, Advertising, Publications, Product Selling and Training and Development. Our aim is to support small & medium enterprises especially, as well as large industrial and commercial establishments in areas of their business needs.


7 Rate of Advertisement:
Size 9.5 x 12.7 cm = Rs. 3,000/= Additional per = Rs. 25/=


9 18-Km, Op. Sufiabad Stop, Ferozpur Road, Lahore
M/s Charag Din & Co. was established in 1870 by our forefather in Lahore as private company for the Manufacturing of Furniture, supplying to the British Army and Private Sector. It offers a wide choice for Modern and Customized Office Furniture. We are providing comprehensive manufacturing solution to a diverse range of special client in corporate sector. 18-Km, Op. Sufiabad Stop, Ferozpur Road, Lahore Phone: , Fax:





14 Deputy Training Manager Company: National Foods Ltd.
360 Degree Feedback Having thought through the above concerns, the feedback is then obtain through a combination of questionnaires, focus groups and one-on-one interview sessions, etc., based on the behavior, skills, knowledge, or competencies under assessment. The responses sought could be qualitative or quantitative and the ideal result would be a 360 Degree Assessment Report for the manager as well as the organization. Does it light your fire? If your new role affects your passion, think twice about it. Make sure that the expectations are clear, so that there are no ambiguities about your future role. Picture your future and evaluate whether this promotion is one step towards it. Books, like people, age, preserving a rare book or a manuscript, which you cherish because it belonged to your grandmother, or because you are an avid collector, requires special attention. Humaira Ahmed Senior Consultant for Learning and Training Development Paper must be protected from dampness, which encourages mildew and fungi to develop and the formation of brown spots known as “foxing”. The paper must also be protected from becoming too dry as that cause brittleness. Does it suit your lifestyle? Sometimes, promotions come with a price such as relocation, extra hours, extensive travelling, etc. people have obligations; aging parents, new born babies, under-age siblings, etc. if the promotion comes with expectations that you know you cannot meet, don’t sign the deal. Company: Engage HR Rarely do we hear an employee talk about his or her performance appraisal being fair and transparent. In fact, even organizational leaders would agree that the process whereby a line manager reviews the performance of an employee, on a one-to-one basis, is highly subjective. To ensure anonymity, confidentiality and unbiased feedback, an organization should partner with an experienced external consultant to guide and carry out the 360 Degree Feedback process. Exposing old books and manuscripts to strong lighting turns the pages yellow and brown. Direct sunlight will cause blue leather to fade and become dull green, and red leather will turn brown, especially along the spine. Many people shelve their books in glass cases, away from brightly-lit windows or damp exterior walls. As a result, organizations are increasingly opting towards obtaining a 360 Degree Feedback for their leadership teams. The objective is to provide leaders with practical insight into how their peers, subordinates and other stakeholders perceive them. This multi-rater process is known to increase self-awareness and encourage self-development in a manner that cannot be achieved through the routine performance management system. A direct outcome is also an improvement in team effectiveness as the manager gains input on how they lead and contribute in teams. However, it is important to note that in all cases, research shows that for 94% of the manages, the feedback results is significant changes only when it is followed by coaching and specific statement of goals. Is there a job fit? Acknowledging poor job fit does not mean you have a defeatist attitude. It simple means you are not ready yet. Talk to your boss about this . Do your own SWOT analysis, write your development plan and get your boss’s input as well. Regular dusting reduces grime and safeguards against destructive insects attacking antique volumes. The “silver fish” that appear with dampness devour leather, buckram and paper. Wood warms in a bookcase will occasionally attack your books. When to Say No to a Promotion Who’s your boss? Find out the kind of person you new boss is. Flexibility is a good thing but if you can predict a personality clash coming your way, quietly say no. Samrah Ibadat Deputy Training Manager Company: National Foods Ltd. Taking proper care of your rare books means that you will be providing pleasure for your family for generation to come. If you do decide to decline a promotion, plan on how to say no in a way that your strategic intent is not confused with lack of ability or people skills. Put the right message across in a way that will go in your favor and will also benefit your organization. A promotion is a defining moment in every professional’s life, invoking feelings of genuine joy. However, it can also bring mixed emotions of anxiety and risk. Initiating a 360 Degree feedback process, however, is not a simple task. Multiple considerations have to be taken into account, such as: Who will sponsor this process and how will the organization communicate the need to all involved? Risk-taking is a positive tool for success. New positions drive people out of their comfort zones. Nevertheless, sometime being promoted may not be the ideals thing. Preserving Rare Books Is the organizational culture open enough, thus ensuring a “safe” environment? Tasneem Akram Before you are swept off your feet, ask yourself a few key questions: Who will receive the feedback and how will it be used?


16 Our Company Our Business Solution Success Stories
The successful implementation of our security systems has helped numerous companies in increasing their efficiency and productivity. Our team of experts analyze business needs to accomplish projects as per requirement and to the complete satisfaction of our esteemed customers. Some of our successful projects have been realized for: The Telecommunication Sector In view of the critical nature of the business, our ever-vigilant team ensures minimum downtime. Monitoring Service All sites are monitored round the clock to ensure safeguard of the premises from intrusion, fire threat or a medical emergency. In case of an alert, our Mobile Response Force is immediately dispatched. Additionally, Police 15 Response and other concerned authorities are also notified. We have apprehended several felons who were stealing fuel to run bus fleets as well as gangs who stole battery banks for UPS. Access Control Systems Access to all sites is remotely managed through our Central Monitoring Station. Quick Access to authorized personnel is remotely provided as and when required. We have increased uptime and therefore revenues have significantly increased. Monthly Reporting           A door access report by name of person, place, date and time is generated on a monthly basis. A list of visitors at sites is compiled on a monthly basis for senior management review. Industrial & Commercial Sector Monitoring Service All sites are monitored round the clock to ensure safeguard of the premises from intrusion, fire threat or a medical emergency. In case of an alert, our Mobile Response Force is immediately dispatched. Additionally, Police 15 Response and other concerned authorities are also notified. CCTV Surveillance CCTV systems with back-up recording and simultaneous viewing serve as a deterrent to crime and at the same time increases efficiency and productivity. Glass Shield In lieu of the current situation prevalent in the country, companies have enhanced their security and have added another level of protection for their premises and people by making the glass exteriors ballistic and shatter-proof. Our Company Established in 2003, Protection One is a subsidiary of ABM Investment and specializes in providing integrated security solutions and services with the most extensive range of superior quality security products. The company is responsible for the implementation of several security solutions that reflect a mix of cutting-edge technology, unrivalled expertise, exceptional reliability and dependable service. Our Business Securing one’s business has become highly imperative now than ever before. A secure business is your assurance of ultimate success. It is our belief that an efficient and effective security solution not only protects your business, but helps in augmenting it. We, at Protection One are ceaselessly and diligently occupied in providing protection to numerous business organizations and homes in our country. Our innovatively designed security solutions •        Integrate CCTV, access control  and intrusion and fire alarms •        Are monitored through our CMS and any remote site of client’s choice. •        Alerts are backed-up by our Mobile Response Force – the largest after the local police. No matter how intricate or complicated your security needs are, you can rest assured that we will come up with a solution that will promise you total peace of mind. We offer a vast array of products and services by virtue of which we provide one-window solutions for our esteemed customers. Utilizing revolutionary technology, tools and techniques, we provide security solutions that include   Electronic Security   Video Surveillance   Access Control Solutions   Emergency Notification Systems   Physical/ Manned Security   Specialized and Integrated Solutions   State-of-the-art Central Monitoring Station is operational round the clock to ensure your safety.   All alerts are backed-up by our Mobile Response Force - The largest mobile force after the police   in Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. No matter how intricate or complicated your business security needs maybe, you can rest assured that we will come up with a solution that will promise you total peace of mind.

17 Our Management Team Asif Baigmohamed Chief Executive Officer Lt Col (R) Rana Akbar General Manager Security Brig. (R) Rab Nawaz Khan Director Operations (North) Aamir Rana General Manager Operations (North) Abbas Haider General Manager Operations Naved Ahmed Ghauri General Manager Marketing Lt Cdr (R) Anwer Jamal Habib General Manager Al Safeena Head Office 107 C, 11th Jami Commercial Street, DHA Phase VII, Karachi. Phone:   Central Monitoring Station 48 B, Miran Muhammed Shah Road, MACHS, Karachi. Phone:   Regional Office North 100 B, Bollan Road, Wallayat Homes, Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi. Phone:                         Sales: ,  Customer Sevice:           Complaints: Protection One is the leading technology monitoring company in Pakistan. We make sure bad things do not happen to good people. We have two divisions. First is alarm monitoring where we monitor our customers for burglaries, medical emergencies, and fire. Second we sell unique high technology solutions for our customers. Our customers range from the top corporate companies of Pakistan , the government to small single family homes and industries Furthermore, we also ensure the safety of your people when on the move. We strengthen the windows and wind-screens of company vehicles assuring minimum injury in case of an accident. Financial Sector Monitoring Service Allocated branches are monitored round the clock to ensure safeguard of the premises from intrusion, fire threat or a medical emergency. In case of an alert, our Mobile Response Force is immediately dispatched. Additionally, Police 15 Response and other concerned authorities are also notified. CCTV Surveillance CCTV systems with back-up recording and simultaneous viewing serve as a deterrent to crime and at the same time increases efficiency and productivity. Access Control Systems Access to designated Strong Rooms is remotely managed through our Central Monitoring Station. Access to authorized employees after bank timings is remotely provided in emergency situations. Monthly Reporting A monthly strong room access report by name of person, place, date and time is compiled on a monthly basis for senior management review. Our Valued Clients In this age of technology driven business systems, a large number of businesses are looking for hi-tech Security Solutions to fulfill their needs. We believe in providing the highest quality products and unparalleled customer service and therefore have a long list of satisfied customers. We are providing security coverage to approximately 250 factories in Site and 200 in North Karachi as well as 10,000 other clients. The list includes some of the major exporters and multinationals.



MIANOOR ENGINEERING, as the name shows, began as the marketing operation of Ekomak Screw Compressors (Turkey) in Pakistan. Shahzad Sarfaraz (Mechanical Engineer) and Umair Mianoor (Textile Engineer) formed the company in Pakistan under technical guidance from Ekomak. We started the operation by selling small screw compressors to the Textile sector. Our objective was to provide round the clock service and uninterrupted compressed air supplies to our consumers. Focus has always been on Service, Service and More Service. To us, our customer base is the only asset we want to develop. In four years, we have Mashallah evolved into a growing company that has sold more than 200 compressors and other textile machines in the highly competitive Pakistan market. In 2006, we have Mashallah Partnered with the world renowned Fusheng group of Taiwan. We are now offering high pressure centrifugal compressors from Fusheng group. Also we offer Oil Free water lubricated compressors from the same group. We also offer Refrigerated Dryers and Piston compressors from our Chinese Principal Jucai. We now aim to be your Engineering Solution Provider. We have now enlarged our portfolio to include Ventilation, Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Forklifts, Material Handling Equipment and other industrial requirements. We Mashallah enjoy a sound customer base and a fully equipped service and marketing team. Our new workshop located strategically in Site, Karachi, offers a fully equipped workshop, sales center and warehouse. We have also expanded into the dynamic Punjab. We have a fully Functional team in Lahore with guaranteed backup from Karachi. With MIANOOR ENGINEERING, rest assured that you are in safe hands!!!! DEALS IN THE FOLLOWING · Screw Air Compressor (oil injected type ) FROM TURKEY & CHINA. · Piston type air compressors. FROM CHINA · Air dryers (0-16 bar) FROM CHINA · Line filters (0`16 bar) FROM CHINA · Air receiving tanks (12 ~50 bar) FROM CHINA / LOCAL MADE · High capacity exhaust fans / supply fans. FROM CHINA · Frequency inverters (0.5 ~300 HP) FROM CHINA · Diesel generators 5 kw to 1 MW. (new & used) · Gas generators 5 KW to 1MW ( new & used ) , MADE IN USA. · Air compressors maintenance service. · Generator maintenance service · Spare parts (for Air compressors & Generators) · Piping system · Engineering services. Please contact us for any of your above requirement. A.MUBARIK SHAIKH MARKETING MANAGER D-97, S.I.T.E, KARACHI CELL #



23 Rate of Advertisement:
Size 9.5 x 12.7 cm = Rs. 3,000/= Additional per = Rs. 25/=



26 Employees Introduction
SULTAN ASHRAF is the name of a person who is looking for a job. His objective is to Look forward in an esteemed and well-established organization where he could utilize his maximum potential to provide quality work and sincere efforts for the betterment of the organization. He did M.A in international Relations and L.L.B. from Karachi University . He has an experience of 12 years as Media Manager in Paragon Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. Where his responsibility was Planning. Budgeting Buying, Package deals, Release work, material making Billing and self correspondence. He has a 4 years experience of work as MARKETING MANAGER in FORTE PAKISTAN (Pvt.) Ltd, where his responsibilities was making Marketing Strategies of Products, meetings with clients for business development, Tenders participation, Projects, coordination, Advertising and Event management. He is also capable of Administration and H.R works as he worked in Daman Equipments (Pvt) Ltd He was born on 15th Jan If there is any vacancy with you for him please contact The name of this guy is CHAN WAYS KHAN, he was born in 1986 and living in Quaidabad he wants to get a job in any organization.He did his matriculation from Abottabad in 2002 and after that he did his inter commerce from abottabad. He has a sufficient knowledge of Ms office, and inventory base software and retail software. he has been worked with Gulahmed Textile Mills for 5 years as a store incharge. His job description was arrangement of all kinds of packaging material and keeping their follow-up. He had also worked as an acting Branch Manager for Gul Ahmed Exclusive Stores.He had also performed HR officer role in Gulahmed Textile Mills You can contact him on this No – or        

27 Classified Ads Rate: Rs. 5 per word For Advertisement: Please contact:
Part-time computerized accounts book-keeping, monthly basis. To avoid losses due to mishandling. Call or SMS to Mr. Tariq we organizes birthday parties, funfair mela, school shows, companies events. Mega magic + illusion shows for concerts, for quality entertainment. Muzaffar we organizes magic show, juggling show, puppet show, tall man, cartoon, clown, face paintin, sp4 sound system, keyboardist, jumping castle, slide, Contact: Media scren from today leave boil water, leave bottle water, get natural mineral water at your home. Safe your health with safeguard water filter with a gift. Contact: good news: all court cases, civil/ criminal. Banking. High court/ supreme court petition or any other matters. Fees after completion of work. Contact: Prestige Enterprises , promote your business by introducing your services / products to 10,000 people daily via SMS. Buy SMS software and send 10,000 SMS per 1 paisa per SMS. Contact: , UK. USA. Australia, etc. short time left to Multi Consultants. Student visa, visit visa, immigration contact: , Dubai Islamic Bank offers car up to 5 millions Auto Loan Offer. Apply Alto, Cultus, Xli, Gli, landcruser, premio, city, civic, accord, shahzor Truck. Contact: welcome for Islamic car loan, mortgage/ home loan. Quick process. Easy installments. Just call also contact if you want to sell your loan car. Are you planning to launch a website for your business? Or Are you not satisfied from your present website? Call us Get free staff (like male/ female accountant, computer operator, phone operator, receptionist, office assistant, graphics designer, web developers. Our door clerk. Part time/ full time or any other staff related to the office) only against one call without any type of service charges. Please contact Sky Computerized Services B-52, Block-3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal , Karachi. Madam Kiran , , , we specialized in school, college, company, office & Fancy ties. For detail visit or call Cobet provides opportunity to have exclusive IELTS preparation in just 20 hours demo available on Saturday between 5 to 7 pm. For registration call The home choice offer 5% discount on Ariston Italian Kitchen items. Hobs Ovens, Washing Machine, Dish Washer etc call For Advertisement: Please contact: or send to

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