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DaZee Hotels (Management & Allied Services)

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1 DaZee Hotels (Management & Allied Services)

2 Mission Statement Dazee Hotels is committed to exceptional value in hotel management offering an unprecedented return in investments for independent hotels in Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia by focusing on low cost quality service to all stakeholders while maintaining the Dazee reputation, pride, ethics and standards.

3 About Us Independently owned and manged
Over 15 years experience in hotel management and hospitality industry Strong management team drawn from varied culture, background and specialisations Centralised Offices in Europe, Africa and Asia Strong corporate partnerships in several continents

4 How We Define Our Success
Focus on our core value of : “Striving to provide return on investments and increasing asset value for our clients through our pro-active management and low Operating costs.” Defines in no small measure our rating in our success story.

5 Management Strategies
We Achieve our success by breaking our services down into 6 key areas:- A) Centralised Management Services B) Constant On-going support and training C) Low Operating Cost D) Reasonable Management Fees E) Low Running Cost through Centralise Purchases F) Dedicated Team of Professionals

6 Our Methodology --------Delivery of Quality Product
Properties are assigned a Director of Operations who is responsible for the oversight of the property through our FRONT LINE MANAGERS ( General Managers). Consistent monthly on-site visit by Director of Operations to assigned properties at least once a month Constant management activity reviews and property appraisals Access to our own pool of experienced General Managers for distressed assets.

7 Our Methodology -------- Delivering Quality Service
Each DaZee property operates according to a set of policies and procedures defined by the company and in consideration of owner requirements and expectations. The policies of this manual are adapted to fit the needs of the hotel. Inspections and evaluations are based on these standards. Through consistent communication, DaZee makes sure ownership’s needs and requirements are adhered to in the operation of each property.

8 Our Methodology --------------- Financial Performance
Monthly financial statements compulsorily prepared by the Front Line Manager (General Manager) are reviewed by the Director of Operations. A monthly meeting or conference call is scheduled with the owner to review. Each Property operates under an annual budget prepared in advance of the operating year. All financial performances are measured against this plan. Monthly financial meetings and regular communication ensure each property are operated successfully and profitably.

9 Our Methodology ----Sales & Marketing
Work with regional areas to create sales and marketing objectives that are clearly defined for each revenue channel. An annual planned strategy created each year for all DaZee properties Monthly tactical review to ensure Property and Planned compliances. Promote upward mobility through personal development of all staff members. We look for quality individuals that are desirous to learn and be mentored by our core business developers. We encourage mutually beneficial business deals in order to build profitable long-term relationships. Aggressively marketing our properties locally, nationally and internationally using varied media to reach targeted audience Centralised web based reservation system Long Term Forecasting and Planning

10 Our Methodology ----Revenue Driven
From the date of handing over a finished property to Dazee our first priority is to drive up the revenue and reverse the operating cost All areas of the hotel including the Dazee signage are reviewed to ensure each asset is contributing its quota of our expected revenue Each of our front line Managers gains accolade and points based on the revenue generated and stars by the reduced operating costs Each Property is capped with overall performance and Front Line Managers (General Managers) receive awards based for the property based on caps gained.

11 Purchasing Manage purchasing and accounting systems for every hotel
Provides security on capital expenditure Offering centalised purchasing Reduced cost through group and negotiated purchasing deals Cost reductions obtained through our corporate partnerships

12 Human Resources DaZee offers Human resource amenities on all of our properties. This provides hotel owners and employees with human resources and administration benefits including Payroll Employee Screening Benefits Management New Hire & Recruitment Services HR advice line for General Managers DaZee works with each hotel to ensure employee satisfaction and proper management of all employee benefits. Access to a pool of our global workforce to cover any unplanned absences

13 Our Team Our team comprises one of the best within the ranks of our competitors and comprises of Architects Engineers Designers Financial Team Marketing Team Consultants who are experienced and have proven track records

14 Additional Services Devlopment and investment advice
Financial Support for renovation projects Access to Brand Identity

15 What will this cost me? All our costs are clear
We discuss our standards and establish an appropriate pricing We agree on the best possible pricing and agree on all terms For further information contact:

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