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We are one of the emergent Offshore Staffing (Recruitment) and IT Consultancy firm, We can help you reduce your recruitment cost and time by 65%. We have.

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2 We are one of the emergent Offshore Staffing (Recruitment) and IT Consultancy firm, We can help you reduce your recruitment cost and time by 65%. We have expertise in providing a range of professional Recruitment services to staffing and consultancy firms in the US. These include full Life-cycle of Recruitment Process and Dedicated Recruiter for respective client. We combine speed, efficiency, flexibility, professional service, and lower cost with the latest technology to furnish the best candidates for your firm.  Quality of output is ensured by implementing continuous improvement procedures, which measure recruiter's performance and other characteristics, such as response time. Benefits with our Recruiting Process : Quick turnaround time A large group of candidates meeting your requirement Regular status reporting Candidate quality and skill check before interview

3 Gathering Requirements from client or from VMs Prepare Job Description Searching Candidates Managing Responses Short-listing candidates Telephonic Interview of Candidates Sending Qualified Resumes Follow-up till placed

4  You save about 65% of your present cost; yet avail faster quality services.  You now don’t have to contribute towards Employees benefits such as Medical Insurance, Pension/401K Plans, Social Security, and Life Insurance etc.  Due to the Time Zone privilege, our employees can search resumes during India daytime and you will have searched resumes available in advance before you reach your office next morning. This will result into a lot quicker Turn around time.  Save the time spent, effort & expenses reviewing inappropriate & unqualified candidates.  Save the time and hiring costs associated with bringing on new employees such as advertising, interviewing, insurance and benefits.  You can directly reach Aseem Infotech’s managers before, during, and after normal working hours.

5  Submitting only Quality Resumes  Increase Client’s Resume Data-bank  Daily or weekly conference call to know about work status.  Confidentiality of Clients  To list few domains, where our Recruiters placed candidates (IT, health – care, Finance, Banking, Hospitality, Bio-Scientific, Bio-Informatica, Retail, Construction, brokerage/trading, Telecom, Government)


7 Gathering Bench Consultant’s / Candidates’ Resume from client Our Sales Team (Recruiters) Will Market them at as high rate as possible Market your Consultant’s Resume to Direct Client or Preferred Vendor

8 Aseem Infotech has been successfully providing IT Consulting and resource augmentation services to a number of businesses and has established its reputation as a vendor who can provide the right resources as per clients’ requirements. Aseem Infotech's teams of experienced recruiters strive to maintain strong relationships that have repeatedly delivered timely results.

9  Aseem Infotech has a proven record of quality recruitment practices for which we first ensure that we have the best of the talents in the recruiting team.  Every person in the recruitment team spends his time in understanding the exact requirements of the clients and shortlists possible set of candidates with the endorsement of peers.  Then these short listed candidates are evaluated in terms of Domain expertise, team building intent, leadership and loyalty.  With these as pillars of the recruitment model, Aseem Infotech has continuously been successful in hiring the best of the talents.

10 The candidate sourcing and screening process is very challenging; often, there are too few qualified candidates for open positions, but an abundance of irrelevant resumes. Recruiters end up sifting through resume after resume when their time would be better spent cultivating passive candidates and performing other strategic recruiting functions. Recruiters are poring over resume details, tying up valuable time that could be better spent "closing" candidates that are a glove fit. Optimize: Leveraging numerous channels, tools, and methods, Aseem Infotech helps you identify a more refined, targeted pool of candidates for your job profiles and takes the sourcing process to the next level; it is ideal for the client who seeks a recruiting partner who will initiate the candidate "vetting process" in addition to identifying prospects. Additionally, Aseem Infotech Employees are trained to distinguish resumes based on requirement definitions through numerous illustrative examples. Once resumes are received from sourcing searches, they are ranked, categorized and prioritized. Sourcers go to the highest-ranked resumes first for further processing. Other resumes are saved. Future searches are always run on saved resumes before additional web searches are executed, optimizing the speed and cost of searching.


12 Aseem Infotech’s Employees are selected after rigorous round of Group Discussion, Technical Round, Communication Tests and Personal Interview. The Quality prevalent in each Aseem Infotech’s Employees are :  Excellent Communication Skills (English)  Pro-Activeness and Self-Confidence  Responsible and Responsive  Learning Capability and Persistence  Dedicates, Hard worker as well as Smart workers  Trained to Western Cultures, Traditions and Religions

13 The selected candidates undergo a 4-6 weeks of technical Training before they are ready to hit the floor for Recruitment:  We Provide training to Recruiters for excellent results, communication skills and are professionally trained in the recruitment process

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