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Customer Service & Customer Protection in MANSELL

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1 Customer Service & Customer Protection in MANSELL

2 Agenda The Importance of Customer Service
Legislation Protecting Customers & Employees After Sales Care Examples of Customer Service Customer Complaints

3 The Importance of Customer Service

4 Question: Why is Customer Service Important to MANSELL?

5 The Importance of Customer Service
Dissatisfied customers will go away Very often, they will switch to another provider without complaining Providing good customer service is the key to high customer retention Customer retention is at the heart of MANSELL’s strategy It costs a lot less to satisfy an existing customer than it does to win a new one

6 Legislation Protecting Customers and Employees

7 Question: Can you think of any legislation designed to protect Customers and Employees?

8 Examples of Legislation
Trade Descriptions Act 1968 Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 Safety Signs Regulations 1980 Data Protection Act 1998 Consumer Protection Act 1987 Sale & Supply of Goods Act 1994

9 Examples of Legislation
Trade Descriptions Act 1968 Makes it an offence for a trader to; provide a false trade description to any goods supply goods which have a false trade description make false statements about services, accommodation or facilities It is reasonably easy for MANSELL to follow this legislation as our clients tend to tell us, in detail, what they require In these circumstances, we simply need to conform to the specification. As a contractor, we do not generally develop and market our own products

10 Examples of Legislation
Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 Makes it law for employers to provide such things as; personal protective equipment reporting of accidents and dangerous occurrences first aid fire precautions lifting equipment MANSELL takes this law extremely seriously We have clear health & safety policies and regional health & safety managers All our staff receive the appropriate levels of training on health & safety

11 Examples of Legislation
Safety Signs Regulations 1980 Encourages the standardisation of safety signs Covers various means of communicating health & safety information; illuminated signs hand & acoustic signals (e.g. fire alarms) spoken communication MANSELL ensures it follows this legislation by having standard industry-recognised signs across all its sites and offices We ensure that these signs are maintained and that employees receive adequate training if a new sign is introduced

12 Question: What is the Data Protection Act - what does it try to achieve?

13 Examples of Legislation
Data Protection Act 1998 Contains eight Data Protection Principles. These state that all data must be; processed fairly and lawfully, and kept secure used only for specified and lawful purposes adequate, relevant, and not excessive accurate, up to date, & kept for no longer than necessary processed in accordance with the individual’s rights MANSELL states it’s Data Protection Policy on all forms which ask stakeholders for “sensitive” information Much of the work needed to meet the requirements of the DPA is common sense

14 Examples of Legislation
Consumer Protection Act 1987 Prohibits the supply of unsafe goods Makes it an offence to give a misleading price indication Clearly, the most important thing for MANSELL to achieve when attempting to comply with this legislation is a safe building MANSELL has numerous procedures for checking that suppliers and subcontractors are providing safe products and services which then ensure that our ultimate product is safe

15 Examples of Legislation
Sale & Supply of Goods Act 1994 Ensures that goods are of satisfactory quality Goods are defined of satisfactory quality if they “meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking account of any description of the goods, the price (if relevant) and all the other relevant circumstances The construction industry has a poor reputation for quality MANSELL carries out exhaustive checks throughout their construction projects to ensure that the end product is of satisfactory quality when handed over This process is known as “snagging”

16 After Sales Care

17 Question: What is After Sales Care?

18 After Sales Care in MANSELL
MANSELL provides most of its key customers with an after care service This involves giving the customer a dedicated telephone number where they can report problems and have the confidence that they will be dealt with quickly and efficiently We not only offer this customer care facility after a project is completed, but we also provide care during the project itself. Our site managers are encouraged to manage this. The majority of after sales issues are to do with quality (e.g. doors don’t shut properly)

19 Examples of Customer Service

20 Examples of Customer Service
Products MANSELL offers the customer almost limitless product range - we can carry out projects from £10,000 to £10,000,000 across all market sectors We attempt to provide the best quality and vet our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure they can meet our standards Staff We aspire to be the most admired construction provider in the UK and realise that this is largely dependent on the quality of our staff We use professional recruitment, selection, and training processes to try and ensure we have good quality staff

21 Question: How does the quality of our premises impact upon our relationships with Customers?

22 Examples of Customer Service
Premises MANSELL has spent a considerable amount of money over the last few years on a number of its major offices (e.g. Swaffham and Nottingham) We try to create environments which are both pleasant to work in and visit. Delivery We continually measure the performance of our suppliers to ensure that they are delivering on time every time We try and plan every job to the relevant level of detail at the beginning, to ensure that problems are eliminated and delivery is predictable

23 Examples of Customer Service
After Sales Care As mentioned earlier, we offer after care services for our major key clients we employ Customer Care Directors who are responsible for managing strategic relationships our Regional Managing Directors have customer satisfaction as their key measurement Advice as construction is a complex process, the advice we offer our customers is key our customers have to have the confidence that they are talking to competent people

24 Examples of Customer Service
Range of payment methods we offer our customers a whole range of payment methods to satisfy their needs we can be flexible and offer manual and electronic processes we are currently experimenting with xml payments with a key supplier New Technology we hold regular forums with our suppliers to assess new technological developments we often invite our customers along to these events to get their input

25 Customer Complaints

26 Question: How do you think MANSELL manages Customer Complaints?

27 Customer Complaints MANSELL treats a complaint from a customer very seriously The person tasked with dealing with the complaint will be dependent on the seriousness of the complaint Our site managers will deal with most customer complaints without any major problems However, we have a documented procedures in place for customers to follow if the complaint is more serious These procedures are aimed at giving the customer the right response

28 Customer Service & Customer Protection in MANSELL

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