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Kitchen Equipment.

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1 Kitchen Equipment

2 Cutting board Protects the counter when using knives.

3 Cookie sheet Baking flat foods in the oven

4 Cooling racks Cooling Baked goods

5 Grater Shreds foods

6 Dry Measuring Cups Measures dry ingredients

7 Measuring Spoons Measure small amounts

8 Liquid measuring cups Measure liquids

9 Pastry blender Used to cut fat into small pieces in flour

10 Rolling pin To flatten foods

11 Pastry brush Used to spread butter, BBQ sauce, etc.

12 Peeler Remove the skins from fruits and vegetables

13 Sifter For putting air in flour Getting lumps out of flour
Mixing ingredients DO NOT WASH IT!

14 Tongs Lift and turn hot or messy foods

15 Metal spatula Level dry ingredients, spread, or frost
*Also called a Straight-edge Spatula

16 Rubber scraper Scrape bowls and measuring cups

17 Ladle Serve liquids

18 Vegetable steamer Cooking food using hot air or steam

19 Electric mixer: Beating and mixing

20 Colander Draining liquids

21 Meat thermometer Test the internal temperature of meat
The only way to be sure meat is cooked through

22 Turner Lift, turn, and serve

23 Whisk Beating liquids Getting lumps out

24 Saucepan Cooking liquids on top of the stove

25 Frying pan or Skillet Cooking flat foods on top of the stove

26 Supply Tray Carry supplies

27 Chef’s knife Wide blade: chop and slice vegetables and other foods

28 Serrated or Bread Knife
Cut Breads without squishing

29 Paring knife Small knife used peel and cut small foods

30 Wooden Spoon Mix and stir, especially hot foods on the stove

31 Slotted Spoon Drain foods

32 Mixing Bowls Mixing, serving and storing

33 Muffin Pan Baking muffins and cupcakes

34 Egg separator Separate the yolks and whites of eggs

35 Double Boiler 2 part saucepan for gently heating delicate foods without burning them. Boiling water in the bottom pan heats food in the top pan.

36 Roasting Pan Shallow, used for roasting meat & poultry.
Usually has a rack on the bottom to keep meat separate from its juices

37 Caring for Equipment Do not put hot pots and pans into water
Do not put electrical equipment in water Wipe off all equipment Wash and dry thoroughly!!! Do not soak wood items or some metal items

38 Kitchen Equipment

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