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Measuring Tools Liquid Measuring Cup – Made of glass or plastic. Extra space at the top allows you to carry without spilling. Has a spout for easy pouring.

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1 Measuring Tools Liquid Measuring Cup – Made of glass or plastic. Extra space at the top allows you to carry without spilling. Has a spout for easy pouring. Dry Measuring Cups – Used to measure dry and solid ingredients. A basic set includes: 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup, and ¼ cup. Measuring Spoons – Used to measure small amounts of dry and liquid ingredients. Most sets include: 1 Tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, and ¼ teaspoon.

2 Knives Utility Knife – All purpose knife used to cut and slice many foods. Paring Knife – Used to peel, cut, and slice small fruits and vegetables. Bread Knife – Has a serrated or saw tooth edge that makes cutting bread and cake easy. Boning Knife – Has a strong tip and narrow, flexible blade to make it easy to separate meat or poultry from the bone.

3 Slicing Knife – Used to slice meat and poultry. Chefs Knife – Used for cutting, chopping, and slicing. Kitchen Shears – Used for tasks such as cutting dried fruit, parsley, or chives, or snipping the skin from poultry. Peeler – Used to remove thin outer layer from vegetables. Knives & Other Cutting Tools

4 Other Cutting Tools Grater – Used to shred cheese, potatoes, and carrots, and to grate citrus peels and nutmeg. Cutting Board – Comes in a variety of sizes. Protects the counter or table while youre cutting.

5 Mixing Equipment Pastry Blender – U-shaped wires capped with handle. Used to cut fat into flour for making pastry dough. Whisk – Flexible wires held together by the handle. Used to blend, stir, and beat. Sifter – A container with a blade that forces dry ingredients through a fin wire screen. Used to get rid of lumps or to mix dry ingredients thoroughly. Mixing Spoons – Used to mix, beat, and stir. Can be made of wood or plastic. Mixing Bowls – Can be made of glass, plastic, or metal. Often sold in sets of different sizes.

6 Cooking & Baking Tools Utility Fork/ Meat Fork – Has long, strong tines that aid in lifting, carving, and turning various cuts of meat. Meat Thermometer – Used to measure the internal temperature of meats and poultry. Tongs – Used to turn foods or to transfer them to another container. Slotted Spoon – Used to lift solid pieces of food from cooking liquid or sauce.

7 Cooking & Baking Tools Ladle – Used to spoon soup or stew. Colander – Used for draining liquid from foods such as cooked pasta. Rubber Scrapper – Has a flat, flexible blade. Used to scrape batter from containers. Also used to fold ingredients into one another. Rolling Pin – Used to roll out pastry, biscuit, or cookie dough.

8 Cooking & Baking Tools Pastry Brush/ Basting Brush – Used to brush sauces or glazes on food. Straight Edge Spatula – Has a long, flexible blade with straight, dull edge. Used to level off ingredients when measuring, and frosting baked foods. Turner – Use for turning foods such as eggs and pancakes, and to remove food from baking sheets. Wire Rack/ Cooling Rack – Used as a place to cool cookies and other foods.

9 Cookware for the Range Saucepan – Have one long handle. Come in various sizes, usually with covers. Used for cooking foods on top of the range. Pots – Have two small handles and are generally larger than saucepans. Used for cooking foods on the stovetop, but some may be put in the oven. Skillet – Also called frying pans. More shallow than a pot or saucepan. Used for browning and frying foods. Wok – A pan designed for stir-frying. Deeper than a skillet. angled sides are wider at the top than the bottom.

10 Cookware for the Range Steamer Basket – Used for steaming foods such as vegetables. It is inserted into the saucepan to hold the food above boiling water Double Boiler – A two-part saucepan for gently heating delicate foods without burning them. Boiling water in the lower compartment heats food in the upper compartment. Casserole Dishes – Covered or uncovered containers used for baking mixed dishes. Usually made of heat resistant glass, pottery, or ceramic. Roasting Pan – Shallow pan used for roasting meat and poultry. Has a rack on the bottom to keep meat and juices separate.

11 Baking Pans Cake Pan Pie Pan Muffin Pan Loaf Pan Baking Sheet/ Jelly Roll Pan

12 Small Cooking Appliances Toaster Oven – Can toast, bake, and brown small amounts of food. Electric Skillet – Can fry, simmer, steam, roast, and bake. Has a temperature control. Crockpot – Cooks foods at a low temperature over many hours. Allows for safe cooking all day while youre away.

13 Mixing and Cutting Appliances Blender – Used for blending and liquefying foods. Can also grate, chop, and mince. Food Processor – Used to slice, grate, shred, chop, grind, and mix a variety of ingredients. Can also be used to knead dough. Mixer – Mixes and beats ingredients. Comes in hand-held and stand models.

14 The Right Tool for the Job? 1._____________________- Peeling, cutting, and slicing small fruits and vegetables. 2._____________________-Shredding cheese. 3._____________________- Cutting fat into flour. 4._____________________- Stirring ingredients together. 5._____________________- Whipping cream. 6._____________________- Lifting solid pieces of food from a cooking liquid.

15 The Right Tool for the Job? 7. _____________________- Stir-frying vegetables and small pieces of meat. 8. _____________________- Draining liquid from cooked pasta. 9. _____________________- Scraping batter from containers. 10. _____________________- Serving soups and chili.

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