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Kitchen Equipment.

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1 Kitchen Equipment

2 Colander Used to drain liquid from solid foods

3 Cookie Sheet Also called a baking sheet
To bake cookies or other foods on

4 Cooling Racks To cool baked goods on

5 Custard Cup Hold small amounts of measured ingredients until ready to use in lab. Bakes custard

6 Cutting Board Used to protect counter tops and table tops when cutting foods

7 Dry Measuring Cups Used to measure dry ingredients

8 Liquid Measuring Cup Used to measure liquid ingredients

9 Measuring Spoons Used to measure small amounts of liquid, dry, or solid ingredients

10 Metal Spatula To level off dry ingredients when measuring

11 Mixing Bowls Used to mix ingredients in

12 Muffin Pan To bake muffins or cupcakes in

13 Paring Knife To peel or pare fruits or vegetables

14 Pastry Blender To blend or “cut-in” flour and fat to make a pastry dough

15 Pot Holders / Oven Mitts
To protect hands from hot pans Pot Holders

16 Rubber Scraper / Spatula
Used to scrape the sides of a bowl or dish Used to “fold in” delicate ingredients

17 Sauce Pan To cook or boil liquid foods
Long handle, deep pan with a lid

18 Skillet To fry foods in Shallow, long handle pan

19 Tongs To lift or turn food

20 Turner or Flipper Used to turn or flip foods

21 Peeler Used to thinly peel the skin off of vegetables or fruits

22 Whisk To beat or create air in a mixture

23 Wooden Spoon Used to stir, beat, or mix with
Protects hands from heat transfer when cooking hot items

24 Electric Hand Mixer A plug in appliance used to beat, mix, cream or blend ingredients

25 Cooking Pot To boil or cook large amounts of liquid foods
Two short handles

26 Pastry Brush To spread butter or sauces on food

27 Strainer (Seive) Used to strain solid from liquids
Used to sift flour or other dry ingredients

28 Grater To shred or grate food

29 Baking Pans / Casserole Dish
9x13 and 8x8 To bake square cakes, desserts, or casseroles

30 Loaf Pan Rectangular metal or glass pan for baking cakes, breads, and meatloaf.

31 Round Baking Pans To bake layers of cakes

32 Pie Pan Shallow dish/pan, used to bake pies in

33 Rolling Pin To flatten dough or crush food to make crumbs

34 Egg Separator To separate the yolk from the white of an egg

35 Tray Used to carry supplies back to lab

36 Kitchen Shears To open food packages or cut foods
Very sharp and stronger than scissors

37 Flatware Utensils we eat with that are not made of silver

38 Ladle Used to remove liquid or liquid foods from pans

39 Can Opener To open the tops of can foods

40 Pizza Cutter To cut pizza slices

41 Standard Mixer Kitchen Aid
Plug in appliance used to mix, beat, blend, or combine Used for cookie dough, cake batter, or bread dough

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