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Kitchen Utensils Utensil a hand-held, hand- powered tool used to prepare food.

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1 Kitchen Utensils Utensil a hand-held, hand- powered tool used to prepare food

2 Measuring Utensils equipment that will help you correctly put accurate amounts of ingredients listed in a recipe a set of instructions used to prepare a food product

3 Dry Measuring Cups also referred to as graduated measuring cups a set has 1/4, 1/3, ½ and 1 cup measures flour, sugar, and semi solid ingredients 14

4 Liquid Measuring Cup measures milk and oil have two sizes— 1-cup and 2-cup; use size appropriate for amount measuring 37

5 Measuring Spoons measures small amounts come in sets of ¼, 1/2 and 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon 22

6 Straight Edge Spatula Also called a narrow spatula used to level dry ingredients in dry measuring cups and measuring spoons 15

7 Kitchen Thermometer used to measure temperatures of some foods different thermometer used for meats, candies, and deep fat frying 5

8 Kitchen Timer used to measure cooking and baking time 25

9 Cutting Utensils Used to divide foods into smaller pieces or to cut open cans and packages

10 Paring Knife used for small cutting jobs trims vegetables and fruits 26

11 Chef’s knife used to chop, slice, dice, and mince 38

12 Serrated Knife has a sawtooth edge used to slice bread and tender vegetables 16

13 Peeler used to thinly peel carrots, potatoes, and apples 17

14 Hand Held Can Opener used to open canned foods 27

15 Grater grates cheese shreds cabbage slices potatoes 21

16 Kitchen Shears used to open packages used to snip herbs cuts soft foods 36

17 Cutting Board used to protect counters when cutting foods clean after cutting each food usually made of plastic; wood is difficult to clean 32

18 Mixing Utensils Used when combining ingredients

19 Mixing Bowls holds ingredients being mixed 35

20 Kitchen Spoon Mixes, bastes, and stirs Also referred to as a “wooden” spoon Not made of wood because cannot be cleaned completely 29

21 Rubber Scraper also called rubber spatula used for folding used to clean the sides of mixing bowls 4

22 Rotary Beater has a crank that is turned used to beat, blend and whip not often used today some call it an “egg beater” 23

23 Sifter Used to add air Removes lumps from dry ingredients 41

24 Wire Whisk Used to beat, blend, and whip 43

25 Cooking Utensils Used to handle food during cooking

26 Kitchen Fork holds meat and poultry for slicing turns meat while cooking 6

27 Turner also called a wide spatula used to flip flat foods (hamburgers, eggs, pancakes) 33

28 Tongs used to turn bacon, chops, and other foods while broiling or frying lifts some foods for serving 1

29 Ladle used to serve punches, soups, and stews 13

30 Other Kitchen Utensils Commonly found in the kitchen Perform a variety of helpful tasks when preparing food

31 Strainer used to separate solids from liquids drains canned foods from liquids 11

32 Slotted Spoon used to remove foods from cooking liquids 24

33 Can/Bottle Opener used to open canned foods 12

34 Colander used when rinsing fruits and vegetable drains cooked foods such as pastas 40

35 Rolling Pin used to flatten dough into a thin, even layer used when making pies and cookies 7

36 Cookware Refers to pots and pans used on top of the range (stove)

37 Saucepan used for a variety of cooking chores should have tight-fitting lids 39

38 Double Boiler a small pan that fits inside a larger pan used to cook delicate foods food is cooked by the heat from the steam from the water below 3

39 Skillet also called a frying pan used for frying, pan broiling, and braising 18

40 Dutch Oven (Pot) Used to cook large pieces of meats, soups, and stews on top of the range 42

41 Bakeware Refers to items that are used in the oven

42 Square Layer Cake Pan used to bake square layer cakes, coffee cakes, and bar cookies 20

43 Round Layer Cake Pan used to bake round layer cakes 2

44 Baking Sheet also called a jelly roll pan used to make sheet cakes, rolled cakes, and bar cookies 19

45 Muffin Pan used to bake muffins and cup cakes 28

46 Cookie Sheet used to bake cookies and some breads 34

47 Pizza Pan used to bake pizzas 31

48 Pie Pan used to bake pies 10

49 Cooling Rack allows air to circulate around baked goods causing them to cool faster and more evenly 9

50 Covered Cake Server used to store cakes and keep them fresh and moist 8

51 Tube Cake Pan used to bake angel food, chiffon, and sponge cakes 30

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