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Kitchen Utensils.

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1 Kitchen Utensils

2 Cooling rack: Used to cool off baked goods

3 Muffin Pan: Used to bake muffins or cupcakes

4 Square Cake Pan: Used to bake cakes or bar cookies

5 Jelly Roll Pan: Used to bake Foods

6 Cookie sheet: Used to bake cookies, etc.

7 Slotted Spoon: Used to lift food out of liquid

8 Dutch Oven: Used for pot roasting

9 Saucepans: Used to cook foods in liquid

10 Skillets: Used for pan frying or sautéing

11 Strainers: Straining foods and beverages

12 Colander: straining coarse foods from liquid

13 Wooden Spoon: Used to stir hot foods like sauces

14 Liquid Measuring Cups: Used to measure liquid ingredients

15 Dry Measuring Cup: Used to measure dry or solid ingredients

16 Rubber Scraper: Used to scrape down the side of a bowl

17 Sifter: Used to sift flour

18 Whisk: Used to beat air into ingredients

19 Rotary Beater: Beating icing, eggs, batter, etc.

20 Measuring Spoons: Used to measure small amounts of dry, solid, or liquid ingredients

21 Metal Spatula: Used to frost cakes, etc.

22 Rolling Pin: Used to roll out dough

23 Mixing Bowls: used to hold ingredients while you mix

24 Pastry Blender: Used to mix together solid fat and flour

25 Electric Hand Mixer: Used to mix batters or beat eggs

26 Peeler: Used to peel fruits & vegetables

27 Cutting Board: Used to protect the counter when cutting foods

28 French/Chef’s Knife: Used to mince or chop foods

29 Serrated knife: Used to cut breads or cakes

30 Paring Knife: Used to peel or cut fruits and vegetables, etc

31 Kitchen Shears: Used to trim fat off meat or trim pastries

32 Grater: Used to grate cheese or vegetables

33 Apple Corer: Used to take the core out from an apple

34 Can Opener: Used to open canned foods

35 Potato Masher: Used to mash potatoes or other cooked foods

36 Turner or Flipper: Used to turn foods like burgers or pancakes when cooking

37 Tongs: Used to lift hot foods

38 Kitchen Fork: Used to help carve meats, etc.

39 Dish Drainer: Used to drain dishes and utensils

40 Dish Pan: Used to wash dishes & utensils

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