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Identifying Kitchen Utensils

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1 Identifying Kitchen Utensils
Ms. Cilurzo

2 Dry Measuring Cups Use: Measures dry ingredients
Ex: Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Solid Fats

3 Liquid Measuring Cup Use: Measures liquids Ex) Oils, water, milk etc.
Place on a leveled surface and check at eye level for accurate measuring

4 Colander Use: Strains Larger Quantities of Food Ex: Pasta, Vegetables

5 Wooden Spoons Use: Stirs hot foods Ex: Soups, Sauces

6 Pastry Brush Use: Used to brush sauce onto food, glazes on desserts, greasing cake pans, etc. Ex) egg wash for a golden brown color on pastries

7 Measuring Spoons Use: Measures smaller amounts of liquid and dry ingredients Ex) sugar, salt, flour, vanilla etc.

8 Whisk Use: Beats, whips, stirs, and mixes food
Ex) Used to scramble eggs

9 Tongs Use: Picks up salad, turns chicken, hot dogs, etc.

10 Rubber Scraper Use: Scrapes sides of bowls, folds in egg whites or whipped cream

11 Pastry Blender Use: Mixes and cuts fat into flour

12 Turner Use: Flips burgers, turns pancakes, eggs, etc.

13 Pasta Spoon Use: Picks up and drains water from pasta

14 Can Opener Use: Opens lids on cans safely.

15 Garlic Press Use: Crushes garlic by pressing garlic cloves through the fine holes on the garlic press.

16 Peeler Use: Peels vegetable and fruit skins.
Ex) carrots, potatoes, apples, etc.

17 Spatula Use: Levels dry ingredients, spreads icing on cakes

18 Slotted Spoon Use: Spoon used for straining. Ex) pasta

19 Sauce Pan Used on top of a stove for heating food and reducing sauces.

20 Sauté Pan/Frying Pan Use: For foods that needs to be stirred, scrambled, or flipped over as it cooks in a small amount of butter, oil, or liquid.

21 Egg Separator Use: Separates egg whites from yolks

22 Pizza Cutter Use: Cuts pizza into uniform slices

23 Ice Cream Scoop Use: Scoops Ice Cream

24 Paring Knife Use: Small knife that is ideal for peeling.
Ex) Removing seeds from fruits or vegetables, chopping herbs

25 Utility Knife Use: a utility knife is between a chef's knife and paring knife in size. Medium size knife used to chop meat and vegetables

26 Bread Knife/Serrated Knife
Use: Cuts soft bread without crushing it. Serrated edges make it easier to cut.

27 Chef’s Knife Use: All-purpose large knife used to chop meats and vegetables

28 Grater Use: Shreds cheese and vegetables

29 Egg Slicer Use: Slices eggs into uniform pieces

30 Mixing Bowls Use: Mixing containers

31 Sifter Use: Combines dry ingredients by incorporating air and removes lumps for uniform texture. Ex) Flour, Cinnamon, Sugar, Powdered Sugar

32 Zester Use: Obtains zest from lemon and citrus fruits.

33 Melon Baller Use: cuts melons into uniform pieces

34 Apple Slicer/Corer Use: Removes core from apples and cuts them into uniform pieces

35 Cutting Board Use: Protects counter when cutting, Base of all cutting.
Ex) Meats, Fruits, Vegetables.

36 Pizza Pan Use: Flat pan used to bake pizza

37 Rolling Pin Use: Stretches and rolls dough, such as pie crusts, cookies, and biscuits

38 Cake Pan Used to bake cakes into different shapes

39 Muffin Tin Used to bake muffins and cupcakes

40 Pie Plate Used to bake pies

41 Loaf Pan Used to bake bread and cakes into the shape of a loaf

42 Meat Fork Use: Fork used to pick up meat

43 Kitchen Shears Use: Snips string, dough and cuts vegetables and meats. Only used in the Kitchen.

44 Potato Masher Use: Breaks up/Mashes solid foods
Ex) Mashed potatoes or applesauce.

45 Meat Tenderizer Used to tenderize slabs of meat in preparation for cooking the meat.

46 Griddle Use: Used for large quantities of foods like fried eggs, hamburgers, pancakes, and omelets that must be turned to cook on both sides.

47 Wok Use: High heat cooking Ex) For stir-frying.

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