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Highway to Revolution Of the British legislation that led to the American Revolution, which policy would you be willing to die for?

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1 Highway to Revolution Of the British legislation that led to the American Revolution, which policy would you be willing to die for?

2 Highway to Revolution Task: Research the events that led up to the American Revolution. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper from the point of view of a patriot. After all letters are completed, you will reply to a classmates letter from Governor Hutchinson’s point of view.

3 Highway to Revolution Proclamation Of 1763 Currency Act Of 1764 Sugar Act Of 1764 Quartering Act Of 1765 Stamp Act Of 1765 Virginia Resolutions of 1765 1765 Sons Of Liberty 1765 Stamp Act Congress 1766 Stamp Act Repealed Declaratory Act of 1766 1767 Townsend Acts 1770 Boston Massacre Table of Contents Continued

4 Highway to Revolution 1770 Repeal Of Townsend Acts 1772 Committees of Correspondence 1773 Tea Act 1773 Boston Tea Party 1774 Intolerable Acts 1774 Quebec Act 1774 First Continental Congress Table of Contents

5 Highway to Revolution  Proclamation of 1763 Proclamation of 1763 –All lands west of the Appalachians reserved for Indians.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists frustrated and thought this was an attempt to limit freedom

6 Highway to Revolution  1764 Currency Act 1764 Currency Act –Colonist forbidden to make paper money legal tender  Colonies Reaction –Colonist resorted to barter to bypass law

7 Highway to Revolution  1764 Sugar Act 1764 Sugar Act –Decreased duty on imported molasses in an attempt to stop bribes; put new taxes on indigo, sugar, coffee, wine and textiles. Violators will be tried in admiralty courts not local courts.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists furious

8 Highway to Revolution  1765 Quartering Act 1765 Quartering Act –Colonists must supply British troops with living quarters, bedding, food, beer, cider, and rum.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists reacted violently

9 Highway to Revolution  1765 Stamp Act 1765 Stamp Act – Required stamp tax on all legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, playing cards, dice, and all other printed material. Violators tried by Admiralty courts. newspapers  Colonies Reaction –Colonists burned tax collectors in effigy and tarred and feathered them.

10 Highway to Revolution  1765 Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions 1765 Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions – VA House of Burgesses pass resolution stating only they had the right to tax Virginians. First colonial legislature to stand up to Britain. Resolutions introduced by Patrick Henry.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists happy with Virginia’s stand.

11 Highway to Revolution  1765 Sons of Liberty Organized 1765 Sons of Liberty Organized – Patriotic organization led by Samuel Adams main purpose-to demonstrate against Stamp Act. They refused to do any business requiring stamps.  Colonies Reaction –Many colonists agreed with Sons of Liberty, but many felt they were too radical.

12 Highway to Revolution  1765 Stamp Act Congress 1765 Stamp Act Congress – Representatives from nine colonies meet to discuss action.  Colonies Reaction –Many colonies agreed not to import any British goods until the Stamp Tax was repealed.

13 Highway to Revolution  1766 Stamp Act Repealed 1766 Stamp Act Repealed – The Stamp Act was repealed largely in response to the colonies protests.  Colonies Reaction –Finally, the colonists were happy.

14 Highway to Revolution  1766 Declaratory Act 1766 Declaratory Act – Parliament affirms that it has the right and the power to make laws that bind the colonies in ALL cases.  Colonies Reaction –Again, the colonists are unhappy.

15 Highway to Revolution  1767 Townsend Acts 1767 Townsend Acts – Taxed paint, lead, glass, paper, and tea. Customs officials could search private buildings at any time. Accused were tried without a jury. New York assembly suspended because Quartering Act was not being followed.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists felt these acts violated all the rights they had as Englishmen and boycotted all taxed goods.

16 Highway to Revolution  1770 Boston Massacre 1770 Boston Massacre – On March 5, 1770 a group of colonists were taunting and throwing snowballs at British soldiers. Shots were fired. 5 killed and 6 wounded. Crispus Attacks was the first American killed.  Colonies Reaction –Fueled by Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty, the colonists were furious.

17 Highway to Revolution  1770 Repeal of Townsend Acts. –Lord North, first Lord of the Treasury urges Parliament to repeal all taxes except the tax on tea.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists were still resentful and the Sons of Liberty continued to demonstrate.

18 Highway to Revolution  1772 Committees of Correspondence Committees of Correspondence –Organized by Sam Adams to keep British atrocities in the public eye and to let the colonies know what was happening in other places.  Colonies Reaction –Many colonists were staying informed, many still did not care. Sam Adams

19 Highway to Revolution  1773 Tea Act 1773 Tea Act –Gives the British East India Tea Company a monopoly on tea in colonies, eliminates the middle man.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists were outraged, merchants closed out of trade, burned tea, and closed warehouses.

20 Highway to Revolution  1773 Boston Tea Party –Colonists dressed as Indians boarded 3 ships in Boston harbor and dumped the tea.  Colonies Reaction –This was the colonists reaction to Gov. Hutchinson’s order that ships could not leave until the tea was unloaded.

21 Highway to Revolution  1774 Intolerable Acts (Reaction to Tea Party) 1774 Intolerable Acts –Boston harbor closed until tea paid for. –Massachusetts constitution changed increasing governor’s power and banning town meetings. –New Quartering Act passed-all troops will be quartered in town. –Administration of Justice Act- British soldiers and government officials accused of crimes will be tried in Britain, not the colonies.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists began pushing for independence.

22 Highway to Revolution  1774 Quebec Act 1774 Quebec Act –Put land in Ohio River Valley into province of Quebec, can’t be used by colonists, provisions made to help Catholic Church.  Colonies Reaction –Surprise, the colonists were unhappy.

23 Highway to Revolution  1774 First Continental Congress 1774 First Continental Congress –Delegates from all colonies except Georgia attended.  Colonies Reaction –Colonists for independence involved.

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