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5-3: The Spread of Judaism

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1 5-3: The Spread of Judaism

2 Standards H-SS 6.3.3: Explain the significance of Abraham, Moses, Naomi, Ruth, David, and Yohanan ben Zaccai in the development of the Jewish religion. H-SS 6.3.5: Discuss how Judaism survived and developed despite the continuing dispersion of much of Jewish population from Jerusalem and the rest of Israel after the destruction of the second Temple in A.D. 70. E-LA: Reading Clarify an understanding of texts by creating outlines, logical notes, summaries, or reports.

3 Judaism Language of the Discipline
Judge: usually a warrior or a prophet who could inspire an army of volunteers to defend their land. Exile: separation from one’s homeland. Diaspora: the communities of Jews living away from their ancient homeland. Synagogue: meeting place.

4 Jerusalem After the death of Joshua, leadership was centralized
For two centuries the Israelites suffered many attacks One of their biggest enemies included the Philistines who has settled along the Mediterranean Sea In times of distress the Israelites rallied leaders called judges Judges usually remained in leadership in times of peace, but it never carried on to their descendants.

5 Judaism (Input) There were two well-known judges
Deborah and Ruth The judges ended when Saul became the first king of Israel. One of King Saul’s first fighters was David David was a young shepherd musician from Judah After Saul died, David became king.


7 Judaism (Input) David captured Jerusalem and made it his capital of the kingdom. The city was the center of worship David donated land and goods to religious leader and extended his kingdoms borders. David was also known for writing many beautiful psalms that you find in the book of Psalms. David’s son Solomon was known for his great wisdom. Solomon built the great temple in Jerusalem. His wise sayings are in Proverbs

8 Judaism (Input) South- Solomon continued to rule here.
After Solomon died, the kingdom was divided into North and South. North overrun by Assyrians Hebrews forced into slavery South- Solomon continued to rule here. Known as the kingdom of Judah. The name Judaism comes from Judah. The Southern kingdom was defeated by Babylonians, then defeated by Persians. Solomon’s temple was destroyed.

9 Judaism (Input) Jews were taken to Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem into exile. People began to return to their homes and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. The Diaspora Exile was a turning point in Jewish history. Jews were now all in the Middle East away from their homeland, also known as Disapora. After being away from their homeland, Jews began to get together and worship in synagogues. They would pray, read, and discuss the Scriptures.


11 Judaism (Input) Judah later became part of the Roman Empire
The Romans attacked Jerusalem and destroyed the temple. Jewish learning remained however due to the help of Yohanan ben Zaccai. Judaism continues to be practices today. More than 5 million Jews live in the U.S. There are several branches, but the Bible is a legacy that has become classic world literature.

12 Checking for Understanding
1. The first king of Israel was A. Moses B. Saul C. Jacob D. David Answer B.

13 Checking for Understanding
2. What was Solomon known for? A. having great wisdom B. receiving the Ten Commandments C. being a great warrior D. being a prophet Answer A.

14 Checking for Understanding
3. Why was the synagogue so important to the Jews during the Diaspora? A. even in foreign lands, Jews could practice their faith. B. it gave them a way to travel to their homeland C. they could buy and sell goods there D. because Ms. Graham said so Answer A.

15 Guided Practice and Independent Practice
5.3 Worksheet RC side #1 and 2 Independent Practice 5.3 Worksheet RC- complete the rest of side 1 Homework Note-Taking Guide Practice (backside of worksheet)

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