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Starter for 10 Unit 12: Twitter Transform IT SFT12_Twitter.

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1 Starter for 10 Unit 12: Twitter Transform IT SFT12_Twitter

2 What’s it all about Twitter is a platform for micro-blogging, or posting short messages to let people know what you're doing. These short messages are called tweets, and can contain anything from what you had for lunch to the meaning of life, as long as you say it in 140 characters or less. When you choose to follow another Twitter user, you see their tweets on your home page. Likewise, when Twitter users follow you, they can read your tweets. It's a bit like Facebook without all the extra photos and applications.

3 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter Why use Twitter? Many individuals use Twitter to share information with friends. Some businesses also use Twitter to pass on important information about deals, specials and events. Some also use Twitter to spread the word about projects and events.

4 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter How to get started Twitter is free, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up for an account: 1. Simply go to the Twitter web site (, click the Sign up now button, and follow the instructions to set up an account and learn how to use 2. When you’re choosing your username, be mindful that it’s how people will find you and follow your updates, so choose something that your friends can remember. 3. If you’re making your account public, be cautious about sharing your personal information, such as your first and last name, unless you’re willing to let anyone read your updates.

5 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter How to get started

6 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter What next? It’s pretty straightforward: 1. Log in 2. Edit your settings 3. Find people to follow 4. Post updates

7 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter Log in 1. Once you’ve created an account, simply go to the Twitter home page and sign in to get started. 2. You'll be able to teach yourself how to use Twitter at this point.

8 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter Edit your settings 1. When you start using Twitter, you can put as little or as much information as you’d like into your profile. 2. You can enter your first and last name, URL, short one-line bio and location. 3. People use your information to find you, so if you want old friends and family to be able to search for you, be sure to include your first and last name.

9 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter Find people to follow 1. Twitter provides users with a handy Find People tool to help you find and follow your friends. 2. Try typing their first name, last name or Twitter username, if you know it. 3. You can also enter your e-mail information to search for contacts who might be registered Twitter users. 4. When you find someone you want to follow, click on the Follow link under their icon. You’ll then see that person’s Twitter updates on your homepage when you login.

10 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter Post updates Twitter is a micro-blogging website, and half the fun of the platform is posting updates for people to read and follow. Learning how to use Twitter is simple. When you have something to say, click in the text box under the “What are you doing?” prompt, and type up to 140 characters that you’d like to share with your followers. It's fun to join the Web 2.0 social media scene. You’ll be surprised what you can say in 140 characters or less.

11 Transform IT SFT12_Twitter Dos and Don’ts when Tweeting: Do be careful about what you post. Do not post anything rude, malicious, libelous, offensive or embarrassing.

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