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Fall Conference 2012 Lexington, Kentucky

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1 Fall Conference 2012 Lexington, Kentucky
Social Media & the DAVA Fall Conference 2012 Lexington, Kentucky

2 What is “Social Media”? “Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals.” ~ Wikipedia 2012 What that really means – introducing and using enhanced forms of communication that is geared to reach people all over the United States, and even all over the world.

3 Social Media & the DAVA As a part of the strategic planning committee, the DAV Auxiliary initiated the use of social media as a way of spreading the word about the organization, and keeping members involved. The two primary social media products used by the DAV Auxiliary is Facebook & Twitter.

4 The “Do’s” of Social Media
Do – connect with your friends, family, and colleagues that are registered users Do – connect with organizations that are established within that social media site Do – be mindful of what you post. Once its public, even if you delete it, its always public. Do – be careful of your tone when you make comments to people and groups Do – be considerate

5 The “Do Not's” of Social Media
Don’t – accept friend requests from strangers Don’t – overshare your information, personal or otherwise – everything on social media can be public one way or the other Don’t – make posts that are threatening, unkind, or may cause hurt or harm to others Don’t – share your password with anyone Don’t – click on links that just don’t “look right” – While social media is designed to be very safe, there are also unsafe people out there trying to get viruses spread to unsuspecting people

6 What is “Facebook”?
“Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.” ~

7 More on Facebook… Facebook is free to all members. To sign up, you will need to: Use your first and last name Use a valid address Create a password Supply your gender Supply your date of birth

8 Facebook & the DAVA There is one official DAV Auxiliary Facebook page. It looks like this:


10 How do you get to this page? There are two options:
Go to the link: In Facebook, Search for “Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary”

11 How do you “LIKE” us? In order to get updates from the DAV Auxiliary via Facebook, you’ll need to LIKE us (even though we’re sure you already do ) To do this, once you’re on the DAV Auxiliary page by following the links on the previous slide, you’ll want to click the “LIKE” button: Once this button says “Liked” – you’re done!

12 What does the DAVA Do on FB?
The DAV Auxiliary posts on Facebook regularly. We include a mixture of important updates, did you know questions, trivia, and even discussions on the various programs. The DAV Auxiliary posts pictures from various events, and shares updates on special events that other members have participated in or hosted. Most importantly, the DAV Auxiliary brings its members, and friends, together to learn more about the organization, and how we can each fulfill the mission of the DAV Auxiliary.

13 What is “Twitter”?
“Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Simply find the accounts you find most compelling and follow the conversations.” ~

14 More on Twitter Twitter is free to all members. To sign up, you will need to: Use your first and last name Supply your address Note: Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to pick a “username” – this will be used for navigation purposes throughout Twitter, so be sure to use something you’ll remember and people can use to find you

15 Twitter and the DAVA There is one official DAV Auxiliary Twitter page, and it looks like this:


17 How do you get to this page? There are two options:
Go to the link: In Twitter, search for DAVAuxiliary

18 How do you “Follow” Us? In order to get Twitter updates from the DAV Auxiliary, you’ll need to “follow” us. To do this, once you’ve followed the links on the previous page to find the DAV Auxiliary, you’ll want to click the “follow” button. Once this box says “following” – you’re done!

19 What does the DAVA do on Twitter?
The DAV Auxiliary tweets updates on twitter regularly. The “tweets” include information on upcoming events, did you knows, and trivia. The DAV Auxiliary tweets important articles related to disabled veterans and their families, that followers may find interesting and helpful. The DAV Auxiliary invites all followers to “re-tweet” their updates and allow even more people to learn about the organization.

20 DAV Auxiliary E-Newsletter
The DAV Auxiliary now offers an electronic newsletter to be ed to anyone interested. In order to sign up for this , you’ll need to visit the DAV Auxiliary website at

21 How to sign up – There are two options:
Click on the following link: On the DAV Auxiliary homepage, click “Join List” From there, you’ll be required to enter your address, as well as answer a few questions! It’s that simple!

22 What information is available in the e-newsletter?
The e-newsletter will include information on upcoming events, important information about the DAV Auxiliary projects and programs, as well as include articles from National Officers and Chairmen. Signing up will also include you in a monthly of the DAVA Headquarters News. You can also find a copy of headquarters new on Facebook, Twitter, and the DAV Auxiliary website. NOTE: The e-newsletters does not replace the monthly DAVA Headquarters News.

23 Thank you for joining us
Any questions? Thank you for joining us

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