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Basics: Getting Started Uploading and Sharing Videos on YouTube. Basics: Getting Started Uploading and Sharing Videos on YouTube. 1.

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1 Basics: Getting Started Uploading and Sharing Videos on YouTube. Basics: Getting Started Uploading and Sharing Videos on YouTube. 1

2 What is YouTube? YouTube is a popular video hosting service where users can view, share, organize, rate and upload videos. Can be used for personal communication or for business. YouTube you will find a wide variety of user-generated video content including:  movie clips, TV clips, music videos, video blogging and short original videos 2

3 Why use YouTube? Free and Fast and Fun! Stay connected with friends View videos, movie previews, listen to music, ect. Keep track of the videos you have viewed Upload and share your family videos 3

4 4 This Session Will Cover: Setting up a YouTube account Editing your Channel Updating your personal profile and changing privacy settings Adding friends Uploading videos Sending and receiving messages Subscriptions How to Favourite a video Setting up a playlist

5 Setting up a YouTube account Required information: ◦ Full Name (or display name!) ◦ Username ◦ Password ◦ Email Account ◦ Captcha ◦ Agreement with Terms of Service Username is what you use to login and it becomes your YouTube address ( 5

6 Creating a YouTube account 6 When creating a username make sure you can remember it Use the “Check Availability” link to see if the username is free to use 1.

7 7 1. On the next page this box will show up. Fill in the information.  Make sure your password is easy to remember. This is a CAPTCHA, designed to make sure you are a human, not a computer program. Type these characters Here Once you are done, go to your email and verify your account.

8 Navigating Your YouTube Page 8 Note: You can always return to your account page by mousing over your user name and clicking “Account” To find videos to watch use the search box Mouse over “My Account” to access: Inbox Favorites, playlists and videos Subscriptions Address Book My Channel Account Settings Statistics

9 This is your Channel 9 To change/edit the look of your channel. To get to your channel click on your username

10 Editing your Channel 10 Change the title of channel Change the colour and theme of your channel Change the features are shown on your channel Always remember to click save.

11 Creating a Playlist: 11 A playlist allows you to group and combine different videos, so you can play them continuously. 2. On the next screen, mouse over “new” and click on playlist Finally, when the “New Playlist Title” box pops up fill it in… 1. To Create a new playlist mouse over your username in the right hand corner and click on Playlists Clicking on playlists will take you to the page below….

12 12 Search for a video here… Once you find a video: 1. Click on “Playlists” 2. Select which playlist you want to add the video to (do this once the playlist drop box pops up) Playlist drop box Creating a Playlist Continued…

13 Subscribing to a Channel, Adding a friend, and Sending a message 13 Subscribe to someone's channel to see follow them and see which videos they add to their favorites or when their next video comes out. Adding a friend if you find someone interesting you can add as a friend or you can go to: Sending a message to have a private conversation. Blocking if a person is spamming or being rude you can block them.

14 Finding friends 14 If you know your friends’ Channel name you can search for it and add them as a friend once you are on their Channel. To find a friend’s channel type in their name, click the Channels button and click “search”. You can also go to to add a friend by username or email address.

15 Your Inbox 15 Click on the envelope to get to your inbox. Create a new message, you can send and share videos with a friend. You can send videos you uploaded yourself or ones that you have favourited In the menu you can check your inbox, look at the messages you have sent, the comments you have give and received, friend invitations, and video responses.

16 Editing your Profile 16 Move your mouse over your username and then clicking on Account. And you will End up here. In “Overview”. These tabs link you to various settings, for your Channel/homepage, Profile, Privacy, Etc. We will only be showing you profile and privacy.

17 Your Profile 17 You can Change your picture, where you live, jobs you’ve had, education and interests Various things you can change and edit on your YouTube Account Remember to save once you are done.

18 Privacy Settings 18 These are the settings you can modify for the level of privacy you would like. Remember to save once you are done.

19 Uploading a Video 19 1.Click on Upload in the right hand corner. 3.After clicking on the upload video button you will be taken to the window. Find and select the video you with to upload. Click on Open and Upload your video. 2.You come to this page. So Click Here!

20 YouTube Security and Privacy Never share your password with anyone If you forget your password, you can retrieve it by using the secret question feature You might receive junk mail (advertisements) – do not open or reply to this mail or provide any information about yourself through junk mail No one should ever ask for your personal information (SIN, credit card number, bank information). No stranger should ever ask for money through messaging—no matter how sad or lucrative their situation sounds, it is a scam. Make sure you only enter your login information into YouTube's site… Your browser address bar should always say If you think your account has been compromised (someone has learned your password), change your password. 20

21 Signing out is important! Always remember to sign out or log out of your YouTube account – especially on a public computer! If you do not sign out, someone could view your videos, read your messages, or send messages from your account. 21

22 Questions? Contact Edmonton Public Library: Website: Phone: 780-496-7020 Email: Thank you! An EPL library card is required You have 60 minutes of Internet access/day which can be used for YouTube. You can not upload your videos, unless you brought it in on a portable drive. Our staff can assist you with using YouTube. However, if you have not yet learned how to use a mouse or a web browser, our ability to assist you will be limited, and we recommend you acquire these skills before learning to use this social networking website. 22 Using YouTube at EPL

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