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Created by Amber Craddock, Kylee Stone & Caleb Truette.

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1 Created by Amber Craddock, Kylee Stone & Caleb Truette


3 Creating an Account Go to You will see a screen that asks you to login or sign up for a free account. Click on "Sign Up," which will take you to a registration screen. The form will ask you for your full name, email address, a password and your birthday. You'll also have to type in a series of letters and numbers for a security check as well as check a box saying that you understand and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Click the "Sign up now!" button when you have completed the form.\ Facebook will then send you a conformation email. When you get the email, click on the link in the email to confirm that you did in fact register for a Facebook account. You will then be logged into Facebook.


5 Finding & Adding Friends After you confirm your registration, Facebook takes you to a screen where you can use your email account’s address book to find people you know. To use this feature you must enter your email address and password. You do not have to use this feature.

6 Finding & Adding Friends (cont) Search for your friend’s profile using the search bar at the top of your profile. Find the person you know and click on the "Add as Friend" button to the right of their profile name. A friend request will be sent to that person. Once they confirm that they actually are friends with you, they will show up on your friends list.

7 Finding & Adding Friends (cont) If they ACCEPT the request they will be added to your friends list. This allows you to see their profile, pictures, status update and send application requests. If they DENY your request, they will not be added to your friends list. Depending on their profile settings you may not be able to see their profile, pictures or status updates. If a person is not on your friends list you can not send them application requests.

8 Finding & Adding Friends (cont) If you get no results, check to make sure you didn’t misspell or use a former name. If not, you can try searching by that person’s email address if you know it. There is also a co- worker/ classmate search link below the search box you can click to narrow your search down to co- workers/ classmates that you may already know of. There is also an advanced search option to narrow down the results of your people search. This is helpful if you are searching for someone with a common name like “Joe Brown”.

9 Finding & Adding Friends (cont) After you have started a Facebook profile, Facebook generates a “People You May Know” section. It is located in the top right hand of your news feed screen. It takes the people that some of your friends have in common. You do not have to send these users friend requests.

10 Privacy Settings YOU CAN CONTROL WHO VIEWS YOUR PROFILE! To personalize your privacy settings, move your mouse to the top right corner where it says “Account”. Let your mouse hover over “Account” and a menu will appear. Click on Privacy Settings. This will take you to a page where you can choose who can view your status updates, profile information, birthday, photos and contact information. You can choose to make this information available to everyone, friends of friends, friends only or other. The “other” option is that no one can see that information.

11 How to Add a Profile Picture Go to your homepage Left side of the screen, go to edit profile Click on profile picture Upload a picture or remove picture OR Take a picture (using your phone or if you have a camera on your computer) You can then crop the picture so the focus is on the part of the picture you want Then the picture will post to your page

12 How to Add Photo Albums Go to your homepage Left side of the screen, go to Photos Then it takes you to the photos, go up to the top and click on “upload photos” Select photos from your “my pictures” Create album Name of album Location Who you gets to see your album: friends only, friends of friends or networks, friends & networks, friends of friends, or edit to make it to your personal preference Click publish now Have the options of tagging people or adding a captions Then save changes

13 Facebook Terms Applications these are programs you can use on Facebook, these include games like Farmville and Café World, entertainment, “causes” where you can support any cause like Breast Cancer Awareness or Ending Child Abuse. Application Requests people who use Facebook applications, especially games, will send you request to use the same application. With game applications, people want you to play the same game so you will be able to send them gifts and help them out.

14 Facebook Terms (cont) Wall the part of your Facebook profile that you share with other users. Your friends can also post on your wall. News Feed when you log into your Facebook, your news feed will be the first thing you see. This is where the status updates of all your friends and fan pages will be available to you. Notifications Facebook will notify you when someone sends you a friend request, comments on your status, posts to your wall, sends you an application requests or comments on a friend’s status that you also commented on.

15 Facebook Terms (cont) Status Updates you can let people know how you’re feeling, what you’re doing or just say something funny. The “Like” Button you can let people know you like what they post of Facebook by clicking their “like” button. This allows you to let people or places with fan pages let you know you support them. Poke there is a “poke” button on every Facebook members profile. This does nothing but tell the person you “poked” them if you click on it.

16 Facebook Terms Albums where you store and organize your photos on Facebook. Tagging when you “tag” a picture, you are saying that the person in that picture is either you a friend. When people view this picture they will be able to identify the people in it. Uploading taking a photo or video and putting it on you Facebook profile.

17 Facebook Terms (cont) Fan Pages TV shows, movies, businesses, actors, musicians and other public figures will have a fan page. You can go to their page, click the like button, and then their updates will show up in your news feed. Privacy Settings this allows you to decide you sees your Facebook profile, photos and information. Friend Request people will send you a friend request so they can view your profile and you can view theirs. You can either accept or deny the request. You can also send a friend request to other Facebook users.

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