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Ancient Roman Fashion & Beauty

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1 Ancient Roman Fashion & Beauty
By Jonathan & Zico

2 High - Ranked Men The Toga
The toga was the national garment of Rome, only male citizens were able to wear the toga. The toga was made of a large woolen cloth cut with both straight and rounded edges; It was not sewn or pinned but rather draped carefully over the body on top of the tunic. The large over fold in the front of the body was called a sinus, and part of the material under this was pulled up and draped over the sinus to form the umbo. The back of the toga was pulled over the head for religious ceremonies. The toga was worn often during state occasions. Consuls and senators wore a toga edged with purple. Some roman senators wore white toga’s that were ten m long. Some emperors togas were made entirely from either purple or black cloth. Black togas, though, were usually only worn in times of mourning. The color of the toga was significant, marking differences in age and status. The Toga

3 Plebians & Slaves The tunic was worn by plebians (common people), herdsmen and slaves was made from a coarse dark material. The tunic worn by patricians was made from white wool or linen. Magistrates wore the tunic Augusticlavia, and senators wore a tunic with broad strips, tunica Laticlavia. Military tunics were shorter than those worn by civilians. The clothing that the Roman slaves wore were very dirty and was mostly made out of rags.It was made up on of a two piece tunic. When the slaves wore their clothing they had only one piece of clothing which they had to were over and over again and the clothing of the slaves will be very dirty and smelly.

4 Married Women At the time of her marriage, the Roman woman donned the stola, a long, sleeveless tunic, frequently if not always suspended at the shoulders from short straps, which was worn on top of another tunic. It is probable that the stola was typically made of undyed wool. The stola was a symbol of marriage, and by the late Republic all women married according to Roman law were entitled to wear it. Not all did, of course, since it was not a particularly fashionable or flattering garment, but wearing the stola was a way for a woman to publicly proclaim her respectability and loyalty to tradition.

5 Footwear Footwear also defined a person's position in society.
Women wore closed shoes that were either white, green or yellow. Men wore sandals. Patricians wore red sandals with an ornament at the back. Senators wore brown footwear with black straps which wound round the leg to mid-calf, where the straps were tied. Consuls wore white shoes, and soldiers, heavy boots.

6 Women Hairsttles Women, in Rome, just as in any other civilization to this day, wore far more elaborate hairstyles than their men. Young women simply gathered their hair into a bun at the back of the neck, or coiled it into a knot a the top of the head. Married women's hairstyles were more complicated. False hair, wigs, hair lotions and dyes were all known to the Romans

7 Jewellery Early Roman jewelry resembled Greek and Etruscan jewelry, but Roman styles eventually developed. The Romans were fond of coloured stones such as topaz, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Pendants, especially cameos in gold frames, were popular.

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