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Ancient Rome Fashions.

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1 Ancient Rome Fashions

2 Ancient Romans were considered very fashionable.

3 Women wore rings, bracelets, and broaches.
Children carried a lucky charm around their neck. They kept them safe inside of a pouch called a bulla.

4 The only jewelry worn by Roman men were rings
The only jewelry worn by Roman men were rings. If a man had good manners he would only wear one ring. Some men didn’t care about manners and would were up to 16 rings.

5 Men and women had different titles which meant they word different clothing.
You could tell how wealthy a person was by what their toga looked like.

6 Knight - White toga and tunic, purple bands and sandals
Senator - White toga, purple bands and boots

7 Magistrate - White tunic, purple toga, gold embroidery
High Rank - White tunic, purple tunic, gold embroidery

8 Poor people, shop-keepers, slaves and workers would wear a "Tunica" at all times.

9 Foot-wear The Romans wore leather sandals on their feet, always and everywhere, because it was comfortable and airy. They didn't know any other footwear like shoes.

10 The laurel leaf crown was worn by the Romans and it was a sign of victory.

11 Roman women wore there hair mostly in undo's.

12 Today Romans dress just like you. They were jeans and shirts.


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