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Fleet Management Solutions GO Series Vehicle & Asset GPS Tracking and Dispatching.

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1 Fleet Management Solutions GO Series Vehicle & Asset GPS Tracking and Dispatching

2 Finding the right partner Why Fleetistics? About Fleetistics - GPS Tracking Since 2001 Industry first MyFleetistics Portal – Enterprise-class program management – One place to manage all resources – Can include 3 rd party services – Consolidates: Support, Training, Notifications, Industry News, Orders, Service, Analytics and more – FleetView © - Free – 1 click access Training – Weekly webinar for all customers – Fleetistics.TV video library online – Onsite available (optional) – Learning Management System (LMS) Experience – 13+ years in the industry – Experience with up to 5,500 unit fleets – National deployments – Service after the sale Services – Staffed installation technician – Experience support staff – Project management

3 4 Pillars Productivity, Safety, Compliance, Green Productivity Stop duration Dispatching Route efficiency Sales calls On-time service Safety Speeding Harsh braking Reverse Seatbelt Accident reduction Compliance CSA Route adherence Company driving policy City vehicle use policies Law Green Lower carbon footprint Reduce idle Improved maintenance Lower RPMs

4 Know your needs Customer Considerations Getting Started Define your Top 3 Issues to resolve Define your “must have” features 1. Ex: Productivity 2. Ex: Engine fault codes 3. Ex: Mileage for employee POV reimbursement – Know your “like to have” features Understand your return on investment Define success

5 Start small, grow big Features you can grow into Enterprise Level – Customizable Equipment – Modular design with IOX expanders PTOs, Garmin dispatching, HOS, Dickey John spreaders String IOX expanders build custom equipment solution – Plug & Play $0 installation, 0 lost time – Accelerometer to improve driving habits – Engine fault and status data from OBD, J1708, J1939 – Less expensive Base Mode or Pro Mode Enterprise class architecture – Groups and security clearances – API + SDK = Systems Integration

6 Security User Security Clearances Limit access to data with security clearances Use defaults or make custom profiles Ex: Regional managers sees entire region and branches but not other regions or division Groups allow for large number of user assignments Hide menus based on security clearance Original View

7 Control access by user permission Feature Rich User Experience Flexible “Enterprise” Data Customizable management dashboard Access account online Email alerts & reports Spanish, French, English, Japanese Maintenance tracking & reminders Hours of Service for CSA compliance

8 1 second log rates Featuring ExacTrax © Fastest logging available, standard! Highest Resolution Available Featuring ExacTrax © 1 second log points! 15+ second update rate Super-detailed route history 4 Map Options – Bing – Google – OpenStreetMap – GIS ExacTrax © Hyper Logging

9 Flexible Viewing Compare Report to Map Detailed Review of Days Activity Map display of report information

10 For enterprise class organizations Flexible Zone System Robust Zoning Used to create exceptions such as zone entry or exit Expire by date Customize by fleet Import address as lat/long or address from.csv or.xls Custom draw polygons Customer zone from import Draw polygons for accurate zoning

11 Dispatching leads to route compliance and efficiency Route Compliance Stay on Schedule Plan and save a route Compare planned route to actual route traveled Identify missed service windows Best for fixed or static routes Not intended to be a dynamic routing system

12 Flexible Reporting Standard or Customized Reports Popular service manager level report Row for every trip during the day View by device, driver, route

13 Customize Reports Data How You Want It Modify standard reports in Excel Insert logo or create new formulas, charts, graphs Save and upload back into MyGeotab Access controlled by user group

14 Customer Visit Data Time at Customer’s Location View time spent at customer location Date & time of arrival, time of departure, stop duration Validate billing Confirm service level Reduce callbacks & allowances Used to verify billing

15 Fleet performance data Manage Risk Senior Management Review High level overview to spot unwanted driving behavior – Can be emailed to management group daily, weekly or monthly Senior management report – Refer issues to local manager who will use Trips List report for details Speed Bands Stop Duration Bands Looking very good! Not good Fleet utilization data

16 Save time, deal with exceptions Manage by Exception 2-Part Exceptions Extensive customization of exceptions to generate meaningful data Match exception to email distribution list Distribute to one or many users Flexible to meet unique needs Easy to understand and adjust

17 Alerts or summary reports Summary of Exceptions Manage by Exception

18 API - Application Programming Interface API enables custom data integration Industry standard methodology Integrate data with other programs such as work order management system Any Data, Any Where Foundation of Data

19 Not all equipment is equal GO Equipment Modular Flexibility Equipment – Modular design with IOX expanders PTOs, dispatching, HOS, driver ID (NFC) 3 rd party hardware integration available String IOX expanders build custom equipment solution – Plug & Play $0 installation, 0 lost time – Less expensive Base Mode or Pro Mode – Accelerometer & driver feedback buzzer alert driver – Driver feedback buzzer – Engine fault and status data from OBD, J1708, J1939 – Less expensive Base Mode or Pro Mode – Battery voltage updates & warnings HOS & DVIR options GO unit plugs into OBD, J1708, J1939 port Note: Some items only available with telematics service

20 Prevention is cheaper than a settlement Preventing Accidents One Lawsuit Saved Provides ROI Same accelerometer found on Wii © game controller Clearer picture of driving behaviors Improve safe driving habits before an accident Detect slow or high speed accidents Monitor harsh braking and swerving Only available with telematics option

21 Engine fault codes and status data OBD, OBD/CAN, J1708, J1939 Telematics is an optional service & not all codes are available for all vehicle makes and models Fleet Maintenance Management

22 Less time diagnosing, more time fixing Efficient Maintenance Status Data & Fault Codes

23 Preventative maintenance on time, on schedule Keep the Fleet Rolling Maintenance Reminders Basic fleet maintenance Reminders Based on days, hours or miles Customize for your fleet Review report Send mileage to your maintenance program with API service

24 Receive fault code alerts Look Into the Future Keep Trucks Rolling Status of vehicle systems – Battery voltage – Engine coolant – Fuel level input Ex: 65.5% – Throttle position Fault codes Odometer VIN Battery voltage drop

25 Final Thoughts You cannot manage what you cannot measure Your two most expensive resources are unsupervised 95% of the day – Field workers & Fleet vehicles ROI is faster than any tools purchased lately <90days No decision is the most expensive decision… call today!

26 Buyers Guide Make a better decision 50 of the most important questions to ask potential technology partners In Microsoft Excel so you can enter data by vendor as collected Overview of key factors in finding the right GPS & telematics solution and partner Designed for honest evaluation – not specific to Fleetistics Download Here Buyers Guide - 50 Key Questions

27 Display your fleet on your website Simple code provided for you Includes device name and comment field details Free with 5 minute refresh rate FleetView

28 Other Services Value-Added Services Display vehicles on your website using Dispatching and two-way messaging Hours of service Implementation Project Management GPS Program Management Onsite Training Custom report writing

29 Dynamic data Android OS integration 3 rd party hardware Managed IT Services Small business specialists Office365 Remote IT services Cloud data services Other Services

30 Yes, it can be done Dispatch, Text, Navigate Get Rid of Expensive Cell Phones! Two-way messaging Driver navigation Job dispatching – Optional service Canned or Free Form Messages

31 Communication Flow Easy to Use Messaging Message received Message options Quick message or status Message list Message Response GPSFS

32 Efficient compliance with fewer staff DOT – CSA Compliance Electronic Driver Logs – Hours of Service Electronic Driver Logs Don’t get fined Web based Track drive time Track time remaining Hours driven – Optional service

33 So easy, even I can do it Driver View Driver Overview & Status Android tablet. Optional service for additional equipment and monthly service fee.

34 Call us: (877) 467-0326 Thank you. End of Presentation

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