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Fleet Management Solutions

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1 Fleet Management Solutions
GO Series Vehicle & Asset GPS Tracking and Dispatching Based on the issues you mentioned, we’re going to take a look at the GO Series GPS tracking and telematics system. It offers a lot of flexibility for mid to large fleet customers but it is used by single vehicle fleets as well. It allows you to start with the basics of GPS tracking and grow into the telematics data. Deployment is a stepping stone process from simple vehicle tracking, to telematics, to custom reporting, to data integration. We’ll cover all 4 steps in our presentation so you have a relative idea of why several of the largest fleets in the world use this platform. What we are going to review is EXACTLY what you will see in your account today. It will continue to change and evolve because development is never done. Just imagine the information reflecting what you do, in your area and how it can impact your business. Our team will help you get started with the basics and be there for you as you move to the more advanced features. Our goal is to make you self sufficient and facilitate integration of the data into other aspects of your business to improve your ROI. Are there any questions before we get started?

2 Why Fleetistics? About Fleetistics - GPS Tracking Since 2001
Finding the right partner About Fleetistics - GPS Tracking Since 2001 Industry first MyFleetistics Portal Enterprise-class program management One place to manage all resources Can include 3rd party services Consolidates: Support, Training, Notifications, Industry News, Orders, Service, Analytics and more FleetView© - Free – 1 click access Training Weekly webinar for all customers Fleetistics.TV video library online Onsite available (optional) Learning Management System (LMS) Experience 13+ years in the industry Experience with up to 5,500 unit fleets National deployments Service after the sale Services Staffed installation technician Experience support staff Project management Fleetistics has been in the GPS truck tracking business since 2001, it is what we do. We are not a software, tire pressure, leasing or some other company first and GPS second. We are a GPS tracking and telematics company first and integrate with almost any system that can receive standard XML data. This means we are focused on your ROI and support for this product and have become experts. We provide both live tracking and passive tracking solutions depending on the needs of the fleet operator. Fleetistics recognized early on that selecting the right tracking system is only the first step in realizing your maximum ROI. To help customers achieve the maximum ROI potential Fleetistics was the first to implement several key positions in support of our fleet operators. Our experience and resources are vast and Fleetistics can help the smallest to the largest fleets track their cars, trucks, equipment and trailers.

3 4 Pillars Productivity Safety Compliance Green
Stop duration Dispatching Route efficiency Sales calls On-time service Safety Speeding Harsh braking Reverse Seatbelt Accident reduction Compliance CSA Route adherence Company driving policy City vehicle use policies Law Green Lower carbon footprint Reduce idle Improved maintenance Lower RPMs The GO Series addresses four key aspects of fleet management that have a huge impact on overall company performance. The GO Series 1. increases productivity by eliminating personal business on company time, monitors route efficiency, increases sales calls, streamlines dispatching (optional) and ensure service standards are reflected in service times and durations. 2. It improves safety by monitoring seatbelt use, and lowering speeds. It also reduces risk by slowing vehicles down, reducing miles driven and monitoring driving habits. Driving profiles can actually help prevent accident by understanding who likes to harsh break and jackrabbit start. 3. It ensure routes are followed as given, provides data on driving policies such as seatbelt use and reverse driving. 4. The GO series will assist in reducing your carbon footprint by minimizing idle time, improve maintenance and result in fewer wasted miles driven. Improvements in these areas have obvious other benefits such as lowering fuel expenses but almost any tracking system can do this.

4 Customer Considerations
Know your needs Getting Started Define your Top 3 Issues to resolve Define your “must have” features 1. Ex: Productivity 2. Ex: Engine fault codes 3. Ex: Mileage for employee POV reimbursement Know your “like to have” features Understand your return on investment Define success Understanding and defining your issues is essential before you begin your search for a live tracking system. You will see many variations of tracking devices and knowing your issues will enable you to match the right solution for the lowest investment. Limiting your list to the top 3 most important issues and another 3-5 “like to resolve” issues will enable you to make a decision. A list of too many issues will result in paralysis by analysis and you may miss your ROI 5x over before settling on fleet management system.

5 Features you can grow into
Start small, grow big Enterprise Level – Customizable Equipment Modular design with IOX expanders PTOs, Garmin dispatching, HOS, Dickey John spreaders String IOX expanders build custom equipment solution Plug & Play $0 installation, 0 lost time Accelerometer to improve driving habits Engine fault and status data from OBD, J1708, J1939 Less expensive Base Mode or Pro Mode Enterprise class architecture Groups and security clearances API + SDK = Systems Integration The GO Series offers a module design that allows the fleet manager to customize which modules are needed based on the needs of the entire fleet or specific vehicles. This flexibility is unique and needed in mid-large fleet operations.

6 Hide menus based on security clearance
User Security Clearances Limit access to data with security clearances Use defaults or make custom profiles Ex: Regional managers sees entire region and branches but not other regions or division Groups allow for large number of user assignments Hide menus based on security clearance Setting up the GO Series starts with defining user groups roles and security clearances. Setting up groups and who can view and edit these groups is part of the implementation process unique to the GO Series. Our training group will teach you how to do this so you can quickly manage changes and not rely on others to do it for you when they have time. Original View

7 Feature Rich User Experience
Control access by user permission Flexible “Enterprise” Data Customizable management dashboard Access account online alerts & reports Spanish, French, English, Japanese Maintenance tracking & reminders Hours of Service for CSA compliance Enterprise class fleet management is different than small to mid size fleet management. The GO Series offers a variety information and options for the modern manager, all designed to deal with the unique nature of larger organizations. The data provided is beneficial to many areas of a company such as legal, HR, operations, sales, maintenance, purchasing, dispatching, etc. Having as many departments represented as possible early on will only increase the value throughout the organization and increase your ROI.

8 ExacTrax© Hyper Logging
Featuring ExacTrax© 1 second log rates Fastest logging available, standard! ExacTrax© Hyper Logging Highest Resolution Available Featuring ExacTrax© 1 second log points! 15+ second update rate Super-detailed route history 4 Map Options Bing Google OpenStreetMap GIS Exactrax is the term we use to represent what we know to be the most accurate and detailed route logging available at every second for about the same prices as other systems. It is truly hyper logging. If accurate data is important or critical this is the only system on the market today to deliver it at our price points. Once the data is logged it is transmitted when the vehicle changes speed and direction. This can be every few seconds when driving in a city or every few minutes when on the open highway. When the update is transmitted the cellular network, the data points collected along the way are updated when the map refreshes online.

9 Flexible Viewing Compare Report to Map
Map display of report information Detailed Review of Days Activity With multiple map and report views, the GO Series enables users to easily visualize the report data on the map. You can also go full screen map or report view. The map uses symbols to quickly help you visualize important events such as stop points and exceptions. Hovering your mouse over any point reveals the details of that data point for a fast and convenient review.

10 Flexible Zone System Robust Zoning Customer zone from import
For enterprise class organizations Robust Zoning Used to create exceptions such as zone entry or exit Expire by date Customize by fleet Import address as lat/long or address from .csv or .xls Custom draw polygons Draw polygons for accurate zoning Customer zone from import The GO Series enables users to create a variety of zone types and import large numbers of zones from a csv file. Importing zones takes the work out of dealing with hundreds or thousands of customer locations. “Hand drawing” or creating zones by hand only takes a few seconds and offers great flexibility.

11 Route Compliance Stay on Schedule Plan and save a route
Dispatching leads to route compliance and efficiency Stay on Schedule Plan and save a route Compare planned route to actual route traveled Identify missed service windows Best for fixed or static routes Not intended to be a dynamic routing system

12 Flexible Reporting Standard or Customized Reports
Popular service manager level report Row for every trip during the day View by device, driver, route Standard reports such as the Trips History shows every place a vehicle went, stopped, drove, and how long each event took. It is the most popular report among field service managers as is shows the productivity of the fleet at a glance. The report can quickly be exported to a map view were zones can then be added if needed.

13 Customize Reports Data How You Want It
Modify standard reports in Excel Insert logo or create new formulas, charts, graphs Save and upload back into MyGeotab Access controlled by user group Truly customizable reports means you build from a base report using Microsoft Excel pivot tables. After customization is complete you save the report back to your account and it becomes available for other users. Many GPS tracking companies claim customized reports but that really means being able to pick a date range or vehicles to be displayed. You don’t get the flexibility of being creative in Excel. This helps refine the data to what is most important to a customer’s fleet operation.

14 Customer Visit Data Time at Customer’s Location Used to verify billing
View time spent at customer location Date & time of arrival, time of departure, stop duration Validate billing Confirm service level Reduce callbacks & allowances Zones enable the tracking and reporting of time spent at customer locations. Customer visit data is extremely important to meet delivery windows, verify hours billed and validate job costing. Reduce the number of callbacks, allowances and cancellations by verifying on-time and quality of service.

15 Fleet utilization data
Manage Risk Fleet performance data Senior Management Review High level overview to spot unwanted driving behavior Can be ed to management group daily, weekly or monthly Senior management report Refer issues to local manager who will use Trips List report for details Speed Bands Stop Duration Bands Looking very good! Not good The Risk Management report is a favorite of senior manager since it provides a 10,000 foot view of overall fleet operations, efficiency and productivity. It can be customized to create a driver score card based on your priorities. Remember that what is important to senior management is important to others in the organization. If the data is not part of regular reviews, like any other line item on the P&L, it won’t provide you an ROI. Fleet utilization data

16 Easy to understand and adjust
Manage by Exception Save time, deal with exceptions 2-Part Exceptions Easy to understand and adjust Extensive customization of exceptions to generate meaningful data Match exception to distribution list Distribute to one or many users Flexible to meet unique needs Large fleets know GPS automobile tracking requires viewing information by exception, not in mass. No operations or fleet manager has time to view track data on 2,000 vehicles. Exceptions filter the information and distribution lists determine who receives it. Once configured it allows the management of large amounts of data.

17 Summary of Exceptions Manage by Exception Alerts or summary reports
Exception reports summarize the exceptions generated by the system for review in a single view. The report can also be exported as a pdf or Microsoft Excel document. It can also be added to the dashboard or ed on a scheduled basis.

18 Any Data, Any Where API - Application Programming Interface
Foundation of Data Any Data, Any Where API - Application Programming Interface API enables custom data integration Industry standard methodology Integrate data with other programs such as work order management system The API and SDK give the customer control over data integration. Fully integrated solutions offered by one vendor have advantages but it also creates a critical vulnerability. Once you implement a fully integrated solution, one vendor now controls a significant portion of your company. Prices can change, services can increase or decrease, annual support fees may go up, etc. The cost for you to break away from this type of relationship is generally costly in cancellation fees as well as time and productivity lost switching to another provider. Our API and SDK give you, or your consultants, the control to move and use data as you want. If you don’t like us or another vendor, you can find a new one without changing the entire infrastructure of your company.

19 GO Equipment Modular Flexibility GO unit plugs into
Not all equipment is equal Modular Flexibility Equipment Modular design with IOX expanders PTOs, dispatching, HOS, driver ID (NFC) 3rd party hardware integration available String IOX expanders build custom equipment solution Plug & Play $0 installation, 0 lost time Less expensive Base Mode or Pro Mode Accelerometer & driver feedback buzzer alert driver Driver feedback buzzer Engine fault and status data from OBD, J1708, J1939 Battery voltage updates & warnings HOS & DVIR options GO unit plugs into OBD, J1708, J1939 port The GO Series has a modular design that allows you to mix, match and daisy chain optional components together to form a custom equipment platform. Each component starts with an IOX cable that connects to another IOX cable and eventually to the unit through the side port. This enables customers to customize the system as future needs change or for certain vehicles. Note: Some items only available with telematics service

20 Preventing Accidents One Lawsuit Saved Provides ROI
Prevention is cheaper than a settlement One Lawsuit Saved Provides ROI Same accelerometer found on Wii© game controller Clearer picture of driving behaviors Improve safe driving habits before an accident Detect slow or high speed accidents Monitor harsh braking and swerving Only available with telematics option The built in accelerometer, available with telematics package, detects G-forces created during rapid acceleration, rapid breaking or swerving. The GO Series uses the same accelerometer found in the Wii game controller making it sensitive to driver behaviors. One of our employees was actually tracking his daughter who was rear ended and pushed into the car in front of her. The insurance company of the driver that hit his daughter claimed it was her fault and wanted to settle with their insurance company. At the time they didn’t know she had a GO device in her car. When the data was presented it was immediately dropped and they paid the claim. Scale this up to a fatal accident in your company vehicle and think about impact it can have. Was the driver wearing a seatbelt? Was the vehicle speeding? Was the vehicle where it was supposed to be? Was there predictive driving behavior that could have prevented the accident? The data can help or hurt you so you have to use the data to change policies and behaviors. If you are at fault, a quick settlement is generally far less expensive than denying liability to start. Write the check and move on.

21 Fleet Maintenance Management
Engine fault codes and status data OBD, OBD/CAN, J1708, J1939 In 1996 vehicle manufacturers start to install a diagnostic port into all vehicles to allow mechanics to plug a computer into the vehicle and ‘read’ what was occurring in the engine. There have been many evolutions to the basic protocols for light and heavy duty vehicles since that time and every manufacturer is different. In 2008 the industry introduces CAN- ‘Central Area Network’ technology. The CAN is a computer network collecting and organizing communication in the vehicle. All of the vehicles systems communicate through the CAN bus making it the HUD for vehicle data. By accessing the data on the CAN multiple vehicle systems can be monitored individually or in correlation to each other Checkmate breaks the data from the engine down into three views: Summary Data-summarizes the fault activity Fault Data-details all of the faults the engine detects Status Data- Based on the firmware records information about what is going on in the vehicle Each type of data provides insight helpful for fleet maintenance. Data from oil pressure warning lights, engine coolant, seatbelt use, to transmission warnings can generally be found on the CAN. Telematics is an optional service & not all codes are available for all vehicle makes and models

22 Efficient Maintenance
Less time diagnosing, more time fixing Status Data & Fault Codes

23 Keep the Fleet Rolling Maintenance Reminders
Preventative maintenance on time, on schedule Maintenance Reminders Send mileage to your maintenance program with API service Basic fleet maintenance Reminders Based on days, hours or miles Customize for your fleet Review report Fleet maintenance is one of the biggest expenses in a company. Knowing what needs to be maintained and when can save a fleet operator a lot of money over the course of a year. Improved maintenance cycles also reduce down time making a vehicle more productive and profitable to operate. The ExtraTrax GPS logging method makes the GO Series the most accurate mileage system on the market, most of the time more accurate than the vehicles odometer after 30,000 miles or tire changes.

24 Look Into the Future Keep Trucks Rolling Status of vehicle systems
Receive fault code alerts Keep Trucks Rolling Status of vehicle systems Battery voltage Engine coolant Fuel level input Ex: 65.5% Throttle position Fault codes Odometer VIN Battery voltage drop Pending fault codes do not turn on the check engine light. Hard fault codes turn on check engine light. The number and type of fault code determines when the check engine light is enabled. A low battery notification can be ed to alert maintenance staff before a vehicle is needed for field service work. Collecting mileage has historically been a huge hassle for the fleet managers. Now they can get it sent automatically in a report conveniently ed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

25 You cannot manage what you cannot measure
Final Thoughts You cannot manage what you cannot measure Your two most expensive resources are unsupervised 95% of the day Field workers & Fleet vehicles ROI is faster than any tools purchased lately <90days No decision is the most expensive decision… call today! Operating a fleet without GPS tracking is like running a company without a P&L. You don’t know where you have been or where you will be going. You are running blind and hoping for the best. People and vehicles are a major part of every service and delivery companies P&L. Investing in the tools to improve the ROI of these two assets quickly pays for the investment and saves for years to come. Paralysis by analysis is the #1 issue with companies considering truck tracking, equipment tracking or trailer tracking systems. In the time it takes many companies to make a decision they could have receive their ROI 2-3 over. Define your needs, investigate solutions and partners, make a decision and implement. We look forward to helping your company get the most from your investment and forging a strong partnership going forward.

26 Buyers Guide Buyers Guide - 50 Key Questions Make a better decision
50 of the most important questions to ask potential technology partners In Microsoft Excel so you can enter data by vendor as collected Overview of key factors in finding the right GPS & telematics solution and partner Designed for honest evaluation – not specific to Fleetistics Download Here

27 Display your fleet on your website Simple code provided for you
FleetView Display your fleet on your website Simple code provided for you Includes device name and comment field details Free with 5 minute refresh rate

28 Other Services Display vehicles on your website using
Value-Added Services Display vehicles on your website using Dispatching and two-way messaging Hours of service Implementation Project Management GPS Program Management Onsite Training Custom report writing

29 Android OS integration 3rd party hardware Managed IT Services
Other Services Dynamic data Android OS integration 3rd party hardware Managed IT Services Small business specialists Office365 Remote IT services Cloud data services

30 Dispatch, Text, Navigate
Yes, it can be done Get Rid of Expensive Cell Phones! Two-way messaging Driver navigation Job dispatching Optional service Canned or Free Form Messages Cell phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices typically cost $80 to $100 per month. For about $12 per month you can driver navigation, two-way text messaging and job dispatching. At a savings of $80 a month per vehicle the ROI on the tracking system is easily below 90 days in almost every situation. Messages can be created in the Checkmate application and used as default canned messages or created free-form when unique information is required. Messages can be sent to a device or a driver based on the dispatchers selection. One very unique capability of the Checkmate product is the systems ability to send a message to a driven even though the dispatcher may not know which vehicle the driver is in. Checkmate will find the driver in the fleet and deliver the information accurately. This is extremely important when drivers use multiple vehicles.

31 Quick message or status
Communication Flow Easy to Use Messaging Message received Message options Quick message or status GPSFS Response Message When a message is received an icon appears on the Garmin unit. The driver then goes to the message options desktop and then to the message list. The driver can select the message of interest for viewing. The driver can then quickly reply using a canned message or type out a reply. Note that the customer has the choice of activating Safe Mode so the device cannot be used while the vehicle is in motion. Message list

32 DOT – CSA Compliance Electronic Driver Logs – Hours of Service
Efficient compliance with fewer staff Electronic Driver Logs – Hours of Service Electronic Driver Logs Don’t get fined Web based Track drive time Track time remaining Hours driven Optional service The long-haul trucking industry has been maintaining driver logs on paper since they were required. Anyone in the trucking industry knows there were two sets of logs maintained by drivers. Now the Department of Transportation (DOT) is mandating driver logs move to electronic format in an initiative called CSA (Compliance Safety Administration) to combat driver log manipulation and to reduce accidents resulting from driver fatigue. The GO Series offers a DOT compliant electronic driver log for hours of service monitoring. The HOS data is available in the field for roadside inspections and at the home office for logistics management and dispatching personnel.

33 Driver View Driver Overview & Status
So easy, even I can do it Driver Overview & Status Electronic Driver Logs will be an integrated option in the GO Series in Q1 of The optional EDL service will also include two-way messaging making the solution a complete package for trucking companies. Android tablet. Optional service for additional equipment and monthly service fee.


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