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Authorized Dealer.

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1 Authorized Dealer

2 GEOTAB Overview Considered to be one of the top 5 enterprise solution providers in the location-based services industry, Geotab has created a reputation for: End-to-end solution provider device design/manufacture through software Enterprise grade, scalable software Patented GPS recording system accurately captures trip distance and events Engine diagnostics and sensor data Zones/geofences combined with exception events Access data – web hosted or on client network Driver specific as well as vehicle performance reporting Software that is simple to use with User-defined access to tools Over units installed in North America As a platform, our solution is the choice of leaders: UPS, Pepsi Business Solutions Group/FritoLay, PHH Arval Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

3 GEOTAB Measures to Manage Time Maintain Miles Safety Fuel Green

4 Interpreting Events GPS (Date/Time/Locate/Traffic) Vehicle Health
(voltage, seatbelt, engine) G Force (accel, hard brake, impact) 8 Inputs (directional, front door, stop arm) Garmin MDT (status (EVIR), canned messages, event) 4

5 Leaders Act on Measurement
Platform Specifications GO4 Fleet Enterprise Platform GO5 June 2010 Leaders Act on Measurement Time

6 Device Health

Geotab base recording systems have expansion capability to integrate with devices such as bar code wand scanners, or engine diagnostics connectors. CHECKMATE software is written with open architecture for integration with third party software programs in administration and maintenance. For example, GEOTAB has written a custom user interface that displays Symbol Handheld data on the Checkmate View Trip screen.

8 Locate Where vehicles parked last night

9 Zone Zone around Depot site enables reports on late
departure and other events regarding vehicle use

10 Activity Summary Last weeks’ summary activity data

11 Risk Summary Report Last week’s risk management summary data

12 Unique Safe and Green Scorecard
Driver Safe and Green Score report – for last week’s driving based for pilot vehicles. Below are the configurable weight factors that contribute to risk and green cost.

13 Set Expected Hours Work times set enable activity during
and after hours to be monitored

14 Exception Events Exception event wizard allows rules to
be created and distributed by or popup – shown is a rule that will display a windows popup to a dispatch user if bus fails to leave the depot

15 Event Rules Combine Sensors Exception event
reinforcing driver training surrounding speed and auxiliary switches (you can connect up to 8) – this examples is a event that would flag events where the door was open and the bus was driven faster than 5 mph for longer than 5 seconds

16 Event Distribution

17 Exception Events

18 Driver Interaction Geotab’s platform allows you to choose what vehicles and what driver interactive sound alerts will be activated. Alerts are activated over the air and can be enabled remotely. Idling, RPM, Braking and Speed are common

19 Driver Interaction Driver ID Keys
Driver ID Keys and Memory Keys are optional and can be interchanged with GO Key, RF and GO Live systems. It’s easy to record driver-specific information. The GEOTAB key is inserted into the Geotab key housing in the vehicle, which logs the key ID. The key is then removed. The driver is now taking responsibility for the trip. If configured to download trip information, the key can be used to extract the trip data from the GEOTAB GO unit. Keys can also be used to recover data from the Geotab accident memory buffer that stores 100 minutes of second-by-second resolution GPS data.

20 Engine Maintenance Features
Fully featured software for access to access the data record should an event occur that requires 1 second resolution examination

21 Zones Flexibility Fully supported zones creation and summary report of time in each zone type (depot, school)

22 Standard Report Suite Standard driver and vehicle reports

23 Notification Rules Exception events and scheduled reminders are supported

24 Administration Tools A complete software support suite including user-specific login, security clearance and database management is included

25 Custom Reports Schedule Delivery
In addition to standard reports, each report is unlocked to allow you to create and save your own report templates in MS Excel within the application. Your report templates are based on one of the data features with Geotab standard reports

26 User Defined Dashboards
Shown is the new software release’s custom dashboards

27 GARMIN VALUE-ADDED The platform has been Garmin authorized for dispatch messages/status update by drivers

28 Mobile Field Management
Supervision Mobile Field Management New mobile application in June/July launch will allow smartphone with internet browsers to access activity

29 Set Fleet Objectives Health-based Maintenance, keep mileage records on all assets Reduce PMs to longer distance and consumable maintenance based on oil/coolant condition Remote vehicle diagnostics Centrally schedule vehicles located anywhere for maintenance based on vehicle faults or health condition Reduce spare vehicles – lights, straights, trucks & trailers Less than 1% spares Validate or challenge vehicle repairs under warranty Focus on fuel savings and fuel efficiency Focus on carbon footprint

30 Contact Us For More Information
Authorized Dealer Contact Us For More Information Mailing Address: 14320 Interdrive E. Houston, TX Authorized Dealer Contact Phone: (440) (281) Facsimile

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