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Monitor. Manage. Maintain.

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1 Monitor. Manage. Maintain.

2 Car Connection What is it?
Car Connection is a consumer focused OBDII solution that provides companies a platform to build customer retention programs through value added services. Location Based Services (LBS) Tracking Retail Services Vehicle Health Diagnostics Maintenance Alerts Driver Safety Restrict Cell Phone Use Safety Alerts Automatic Crash Notification Driver Scoring Driver Coaching Risk Mitigation Services (UBI and PAYD)

3 Car Connection Vehicle Location
Track your vehicle’s location online or from a smart phone Safety Zones Teenage, elderly parent monitoring Analytics provide GPS location Rate of speed Direction the vehicle traveling - in real time Vehicle is Tracked Automatically Every 5 Minutes when driving Every 60 Minutes when parked

4 Car Connection Lot Spot™
Vehicles location is stored within the Car Connection App. The app provides walking directions to where your vehicle is parked using Google® walking navigation.

5 Car Connection Safety Zones
Allows the user to set a Geo-fence (virtual perimeter) for certain locations. The user will be alerted if the vehicle has entered and/or exited the specific area. Get notified when child has driven farther then they are supposed to. Get notified if aging parent has driven outside specific boundary (5) Zones available Enter and Exit Notification

6 Car Connection Driver Scoring | Coaching
Uses advanced algorithms to determine a “driver score” based on driving habits and mileage. Uses this data for coaching of a teen driver to make them a better driver This unique “driver score” could also be linked to participating insurance companies to obtain a discount or used for the consumer to shop the insurance market, the UBI Play!

7 Car Connection Vehicle Safety Alerts
Using OBD messaging and the on board 3-Axis accelerometer to determine unsafe driving. Car Connection will provide a vehicle safety alert based on: Automatic Crash Notification Maintenance Issues Speeding Alerts Notification if the device was pulled from vehicle Towed or Stolen Vehicle Notification

8 Car Connection Cell Phone Restriction
Upgradable service A smart phone app for Android™ and Blackberry® - limits the permissions on the phone when driving Parent or admin have ability to set permissions online

9 Car Connection Vehicle Health
Provides a vehicle health report based on diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) through the OBD port. Check engine light turns on = notification sent thought text or Can be used to assist in the repair of a vehicle through informed knowledge Ability to search the specific DTC through the website to determine the most likely cause

10 Car Connection Fuel Economy
Utilizing the driving habits of the consumer to provide tips on how to save fuel based on the following information: Idle Time Fast Acceleration Hard Braking

11 Car Connection Stolen Vehicle Notification
Monitors the vehicles location: Every 5 minute while ignition is on Every hour when ignition is off Car Connection will notify the user if the vehicle has been towed or moved from its location without the Ignition turned ON.

12 Car Connection UBI (Usage Based Insurance)
Why Car Connection works for UBI: Insurance provider creates program without having to invest/manage in its own device Marketing partnerships with retailers and wireless carriers to drive volume / participation / retention We add value-added services What is the status of our programs?

13 Car Connection Web UI

14 Car Connection The Future of Telematics
 Apps, Apps, and more Apps Car Connection is the “Platform” that will enable applications to be added in the future Audiovox App Garage Leveraging the data from the vehicle and OBD device to drive Social networking, productivity, etc. Innovation will drive the category - plan to allow 3rd party app developers access

15 Car Connection The Future - How Do We Get There
Creation of an App developer SDK (software developer kit) - Provides the necessary information to integrate - Drive innovation through sponsored Hack-a-thons - App developer conferences The evolution will include a sister module that includes: - LTE / 4G based - Wifi - Bluetooth Additional Bluetooth OBD products - UBI market - Distracted driving

16 Car Connection Category Strategy
Create a platform that can be used on multiple verticals: Retail UBI market New Car Dealer (CRM | Lot Management) International Fleet Distracted Driving

17 From Consumer to Specialist with...

18 Car Connection Consumer Application

19 Car Connection Fleet Application

20 The “12v Specialist” Solution

21 Car Connection PRO Introduction of Link
Data Port Built-in Antenna OBDII Connector Dual-Color Status LED

22 Car Connection PRO Monitor. Manage. Maintain & Control
Focused INSTALLED brand for the 12 volt specialists All the features of Car Connection... plus the ability to add Remote Start & Security. ...all from your smart phone with the addition of the Link port

23 Car Dealer version of Car Connection PRO

24 Platform to build CRM programs through value added services
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Providing car dealers“Real Time” information on the vehicles sold Diagnostics Maintenance Alerts Key Mileage Alerts Recall information Vehicle report generation Direct Marketing | Coupon-ing Campaigns Lot Management Services (LMS) – Protecting car dealer’s inventory Tracking Boundary Alerts Battery notification

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