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Team Restoring Wellness Business Basics

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1 Team Restoring Wellness Business Basics

2 4 E’s Please Embark Enlighten Educate Empower

3 Embark… Begin your Young Living journey
Use the products on your self and your family Read up on their many uses Find ways to replace items in your home with the oily alternative Practice using them in your daily life

4 Resources we recommend…

5 …Enlighten… Share with your friends and family…or whoever will listen!
Share stories People remember stories Show them how the oils have changed your life Explain ways they could change their life Every person counts!

6 …Educate… Host a class to teach those you have enlightened or connect them with someone else who can do a class for them Do NOT enlighten someone and leave them to figure this out on their own Stay in touch and be a help Answer question after question and show them how to find the answers for themselves Be there to support along the way as they embark on their journey (mentoring)

7 Mentoring Program Proverbs 1:5 Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance. Anyone who is interested in growing their Young Living business and teaching classes can sign up to be mentored.   Mentoring will include: -Teaching 1 class for the person -Co-teaching a class with them -Sitting in on a class they teach if they want -Help with structuring their down line -Encouragement and motivation towards reaching silver in 6 -Available to answer questions relating to the business side of YL Once a person reaches the rank of Silver then they are available to be a mentor to someone in their down line. 

8 …Empower! Once you have introduced someone to oils and you have educated them on how they can be used you have now empowered them to make better decisions for their family. This is why we do what we do! Our goal is not to create a million dollar dynasty…our goal is to change lives Those who place business first always fail.

9 Team Restoring Wellness
A group united together with a common goal of learning and educating others on Young Living essential oils, God’s Medicines. A group with a mission to restore wellness, find purpose, and spread abundance. A supportive environment where there is no judgment. Every person comes from a unique situation and past. Every single member counts. A group of educators that are committed to sharing without limiting themselves to their own down lines and who welcome opportunities to share with their cross-line “oily cousins”. A group committed to sharing ideas and encouraging fellow members. A team made up of many individuals, families, and businesses with the common goal of learning and growing together.

10 Structure Matters Once you have started enlightening others and empowering them it is time to look at how you structure you down line Duplication/Replication is KEY. It can make or break your business The structure I have built for our team I learned from my up line mentors. It took them from distributor to Royal Crown Diamond in 8 years. It has taken me from Distributor to almost platinum in 2 years. It works. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel!

11 Compensation Plan

12 What does it mean? PV- Personal Volume
Many products sold by YL have a personal volume amount assigned to them. The volume of products that are purchased are reflected in PV. PV is one of the requirements for ranking in the compensation plan, and it accumulates throughout each commission period. OGV- Organizational Group Volume OGV is the entire sales volume of an organization. This can be determined by calculating the sum of the PV of all the distributors and customers within a particular organization. OGV accumulates throughout each commission period.

13 Who’s who? Enroller Sponsor Responsible for introducing a member to YL
Earns Bonuses Short term help, short term bonus (sometimes) The person you are placed under in an organization Earns Commission Long term help, long term commission

14 Getting Paid for Sharing
Bonuses Getting Paid for Sharing


16 1-8% 3-5% 9-4% 27-4% 81-4% Total: 479% 1-8% 3- 5% 13-4% 19-4%
Green= GOOD STRUCTURE RED= WEAK STRUCTURE Aim for replication! This will give you a firm foundation. You make the most money from levels 3+

17 Building a down line Intro Classes
Home meetings, one-on-one, webinars, teach for your down line Expos, health fairs, etc Blog posts, you tube videos, social media Be the product

18 Income potential is HUGE!
Average income per MONTH for each rank Star $73 Senior Star $261 Executive $617 Silver $2,335 Gold $6,527 Platinum $15,721 Diamond $32,003 Crown Diamond $57,300 Royal Crown Diamond $106,432 *see income disclosure statement

19 Being Self-Employed…Taxes & More
Write-offs Keeps receipts for EVERYTHING Find a good accountant or CPA Be a giver Look into becoming an LLC or Corporation Protect yourself = DON’T PRACTICE MEDICINE If it were me…, I have used…, My friend did…, etc

20 GOALS! Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robbins

21 Setting Goals Dream BIG!! Goals are important
They give you something to aim towards Short Term, Long Term, Lifelong Prioritize Expand your thoughts… Dream BIG!!

22 A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
Building Leaders A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. John C. Maxwell

23 Find another you…or 4 of you.
Build a strong structure You should constantly work to replace yourself Find 4 people who want to learn and lead Teach them to find 4…and so on…replication. Believe in your 4 and teach them and motivate them to do the same…one person believing they will get four creates…You – 4 – 16 – 64 – ,024 and so on.

24 Be Available I built my business on being available
Doesn’t mean not having boundaries Answer questions and educate You can give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

25 Be Supportive…Get Support
Support the people under you Know your upline so you can get support Complaints go up praises go down

26 Focus on Changing Lives

27 My Story By Bill & Codie-Lynn Kahler
Healed my son (Embark) People saw the change and wanted to know how and I felt guilty not sharing. So I shared. (Enlighten) Once I had a few people I started teaching classes (Educate) Made myself available (Empower) Grew my business into a strong organization that is changing lives

28 What’s your story?

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