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Compensation The Compensation Plan is the vehicle through which you access the DREAM.

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2 Compensation The Compensation Plan is the vehicle through which you access the DREAM.

3 9 Ways to Earn Direct Sales Profits Personal Customer Commissions
First Order Bonus Team Development Infinity Bonus STAR Bonus Program Lifestyle Bonus Program Team Commissions Diamond Global Infinity Bonus Diamond Rank Advancement Bonus

4 (1) Direct Sales / Retail Profits
Customers purchase products directly from you or your website You earn the difference between retail and wholesale costs. See example below: Direct Sales Profits You purchase box of coffee at wholesale for €30 You sell the same box to a customer at retail for €40 You make a €10 retail profit on the sale.

5 (2) Personal Customer Commissions
Earn on the volume created from your Personal Customer purchases Volume accumulated and paid monthly All volume counts for qualification and team commissions Customer Volume % Earned 10% 501-1,000 15% 1,001 + 20%

6 (2) Personal Customer Commissions
EXAMPLE: 2,000 in Customer Volume Customer Volume % Earned Volume X % 0-300 0% 300 x 0% 10% 200 x 10% 500-1,000 15% 500 x 15% 1,000 + 20% 1000 x 20% Total 2,000

7 Preferred Customer Program
Preferred Customers join for FREE Member pricing on AutoShip orders Retail Pricing if not AutoShip Preferred Customers receive a unique ID so they can enroll customers

8 Preferred Customer Program
Preferred Customers do not… Earn commissions Receive marketing websites Have Back Office Access Preferred Customers can participate in the 3&FREE Program

9 Get Your Product for FREE!
3 and FREE Program Share Javita with 3 friends who become Preferred Customers and receive your monthly product FREE FREE to be a Preferred Customer Enjoy member pricing But no income opportunity FREE Product is available for both Members and Preferred Customers Preferred Customers can share with their friends and get it FREE too!

10 3&FREE Program Members and Preferred Customers can get their AutoShip for FREE Maximum of 4 FREE boxes Small shipping and handling fee

11 3&FREE Program To receive FREE product
Members and Preferred Customers (PC) must all be on AutoShip Minimum of three PCs The total volume from your PCs must be 3 times or greater than your AutoShip

12 3&FREE Program A (Member) PC1 PC2 PC3 PC7 PC4 PC5 PC6

13 (3) First Order Bonus Bonus paid on a new Members first order
Paid weekly (Monday—Sunday) Join Pack Options First Order Bonus €85 €16 €420 €80 €480 €200

14 (4) Team Development Infinity (TDI) Bonus
Pays a €80 TDI Bonus for every €420 and €840 Business Pack Rewards and connects upline leaders who are working with their downlines to enroll new Members

15 (4) Team Development Infinity (TDI) Bonus
How do I qualify? Must join with a Business Pack (€420or €840) Must achieve a rank of Consultant or higher Based on your prior month “paid as” rank

16 Team Development Infinity (TDI) Bonus
How is it paid? Paid weekly with the First Order Bonus Follows the enroller tree to infinity Bonus is paid beginning with the first upline Consultant or higher Upline Member will be blocked by a downline Member of the same (or higher) rank Paid on the €420 or €840 join pack of any new Member Bonus amount is cumulative Team Development Infinity (TDI) Bonus Rank A B C Consultant €10 €90 Supervisor €30 €40 €120 Manager €20 €60 €140 Director €15 €75 €155 Diamonds €5 €80 €160 CHART LEGEND A=Rank-Specific Bonus B=Cumulative Bonus C=Bonus PLUS First Order Bonus

17 (5) STAR Bonus Monthly Bonus Pool consisting of 2% Europe CV
Earn points by enrolling New Members New Preferred Customers

18 (5) STAR Bonus How to Earn Points
New Member with a qualifying Business Pack (€420 or greater) 5 points New Member with a Starter Pack 2 points New Preferred Customer with a two box AutoShip 1 point Need 8 points minimum to qualify

19 (6) Lifestyle Bonus Program
How to Earm Qualify at Supervisor 15,000 in Total Volume Hold rank one additional month Must maintain or increase rank each month to receive the Lifestyle Bonus Lifestyle Bonus Rank Car Bonus Amount Supervisor €250 Manager €300 Director €400 Diamond €600 Black Diamond €800

20 (7) Team Commissions Leveraged income Residual Income Paid monthly
Based on your qualifying rank and volume Earn up to 15 levels deep 4% or 5% per level See Compensation Plan brochure for details

21 (8) Diamond Global Infinity Bonus
Monthly bonus 1% net local monthly commissionable volume Shares based on Rank Rank Shares Diamond 2 Blue Diamond 3 Royal Blue Diamond 4 Black Diamond 6 Royal Black Diamond 8 Crown Diamond 10

22 (9) Diamond Rank Advancement Bonus
Elite monthly bonus 1% of global volume Diamonds earn shares in the pool based on rank and team-building efforts Rank Bonus Diamond €8,000 Blue Diamond €16,000 Royal Blue Diamond €24,000 Black Diamond €32,000 Royal Black Diamond €40,000 Crown Diamond €80,000

23 J O I N N O W

24 Three Options to Join 2 boxes 14 boxes 32 boxes 2 boxes of coffee
Starter Pack €80 includes: Membership 2 boxes of coffee Personal website Back office suite Limited access to income and bonuses Business Pack €420 includes: Membership 14 boxes of coffee Personal website Back office suite Full access to bonuses 90% of business builders join with this pack Business Elite Pack €840 includes: Membership 34 boxes of coffee Personal website Back office suite Full access to bonuses

25 Start Getting Paid Today
Javita’s Roadmap for Success is your path to gifts and income Based on finding three people and then helping your people find three…it’s that easy! Three Steps: Enroll 3 and become a STAR Help your 3 enroll 3 and you become a STAR Builder Duplicate again and become a member of our Lifestyle Bonus Club

26 Javita’s Roadmap for Success
Step 1: Enroll 3 Become a STAR Est. earnings €300 Step 2: Duplicate 3x Est. earnings €800 + iPad Step 3: Duplicate 9x Est. earnings = €1,500 + Lifestyle Bonus

27 Long-Term Income Potential
Levels Members (Cumulative) Annual Income 1 3 (3) €240 Based on the Roadmap Huge potential leveraged residual income Six figure annual income potential at 6 levels Seven figure income potential at 8 levels Javita pays up to 15 levels What if you only achieved 10%, 20% or 30%? 2 9 (12) €720 €2,160 €8,100 €24,300 €72,900 €218,700 €656,100 €1,968,300 €4,723,920 3 27 (39) 4 81 (120) 5 243 (363) 6 729 (1,092) 7 2,187 (3,279) 8 6,561 (9,840) 9 19,683 (29,523) 10 59,049 (88,572)

28 Example - Small Steps to the Top
Share Javita with just one person per day That’s 30 exposures per month Enroll only 1 per month Duplicate this each month with your team In one year you will create an annual income of 200,000 euros

29 Javita Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed
Workable product inventory Proven Business Building System Personalized online tools FREE Back Office Business Suite Online Communication Center Organizational Reports Marketing Materials Leadership Training National Conference Calls Upline Team Support

30 Get Started Today Don’t let Javita pass you by…… Get Started Today!
Options to Get Started Become a Customer Become a Member Starter Pack (€80) Business Pack (€420) Business Elite Pack (€840)

31 Please get back together with the person who introduced you to Javita.

32 Just change your cup of coffee… and let Javita change your life.


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