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Spontaneous Sponsoring

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1 Spontaneous Sponsoring

2 “Sponsoring is the Unselfish Act of Sharing a Fantastic Opportunity!”

3 Control What You Can Control
Control What You Can Control! Don’t focus on things you have no control over!

4 You Can Control Your Beliefs Your Bookings
Your Core Message at Your Parties How You Bring People Into Norwex “You control everything you think, say and do!”

5 “Your Dominating Thoughts Will Determine Your Actions”
Product Savings Or Business Opportunity?

6 Don’t Presume Something Unless it Leads to Prosperity for Both You and the Prospect!

7 Great Opportunity Abundance Mentality
Your Belief Good Deal Lack Mentality Customers want a deal, they won’t purchase retail. If I don’t sign her someone else will. She won’t want to hold presentations. She might not have the money to get started Great Opportunity Abundance Mentality Customers Want Income If she can’t work the business she’ll be a great customer. She can earn the extra income she wants holding presentations. This is such a minimal investment to begin a business

8 Understand Your Thinking Why do you believe what you do?
Your past experiences Your programming a. Reticular Activator b. You have given your brain instructions of what to look for.

9 “If You’re Not Proud of What You Have to Offer, Why are You in Business? Why Should the Business Opportunity be Good for You and Not for Others?” Karen Phelps

10 “There Are No Limitations To The Mind Except Those We Acknowledge
“There Are No Limitations To The Mind Except Those We Acknowledge! Both Poverty And Riches Are The Offspring Of Thought!” Napoleon Hill

11 Your Most Valuable Sponsoring Tool! Your Guests “SEE YOU EARNING!”
Your Bookings Your Most Valuable Sponsoring Tool! Your Guests “SEE YOU EARNING!”

12 Your Consultants duplicate you and YOUR BUSINESS MODEL.
Lead by Example Your Consultants duplicate you and YOUR BUSINESS MODEL.

13 Weekly Activity Why is it important?
Avenue to Recruit Avenue to Train

14 Core Message at Your Presentation
Easy Business Opportunity that can be the solution to their problem. “If your boss offered you the opportunity to work a few extra hours for $150 would you find the time?”

15 How You Sponsor People into Norwex
You can set the standard for the type of consultant you want! Business Builder or Customer You never know what someone is willing to do until you ask!

16 Sponsor Consultants Who Will Sell and Watch Your Earnings Explode!
“You need to learn to sell and duplicate the system.” Robert Kiyosaki Sponsor Consultants Who Will Sell and Watch Your Earnings Explode!

17 2009 DSA Annual Meeting Maya Angelou – “God put a rainbow in the clouds so that in the worst of times you will have hope. You can be a rainbow for others. ” John Maxwell – “You can help people live their dreams. What are you doing to develop others?” Suze Orman – “You can help people pay their bills. People don’t trust their paycheck will be there tomorrow.”

18 Sometimes you have to get desperate to get serious
Sometimes you have to get desperate to get serious! I hope you are desperate to make your Norwex business better than it has ever been!

19 Your message begins as soon as you start your presentation!

20 All Eyes and Ears are On You!
Guests will watch what you do Guests will listen to what you say Guests will do what you ask them to do

21 Your “I Story” or “Your Why” Helps You Create a Connection
Plant Your “I Story” or “Your Why” Helps You Create a Connection

22 Attitudes are Contagious
Be an example of how the product or service really works. "Walk it, don't just talk it." Believe in what you do so much that it's contagious. Obnoxious people love to share about themselves. Contagious people love to learn about others. Zig Ziglar often says, "People more attention pay, to what you do than what you say."

23 Fertilize Questions to Involve the Guests:
“Imagine what would happen if you had an extra $1,000 per month in household income, what difference would that make to your family’s lifestyle?” “Has anyone ever offered you a job where you could earn $75- $100 per hour with no college education?” It would be wonderful to be debt free and be able to take a paid vacation every year, wouldn’t it?

24 Water with the “Sponsoring Game”
Part One Prepare 8 Envelopes numbered 1- 8 (decorate with stickers) Place an index card with the corresponding numbered question in each envelope Have 8 more index cards with the answers Distribute one envelope to first 8 guests

25 Sponsoring Game Part One
Question “How much would it cost to get started?” How soon can I move up into a leadership position? What type of training would I receive? Would I be required to work a certain amount of time? Answer Would you believe you can join Norwex for only ______? You can move into a leadership position _____. The best, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. The best part of having your own business is you set your own hours.

26 Sponsoring Game – Part One
Question 5. What are the perks? 6. How much money can I earn? Answer 5. Would you believe right now we are working on ___? There are always prizes you can earn. 6. That’s a great question! It’s totally up to you! We average ______ per party. Plus you can earn extra income as a leader!

27 Sponsoring Game Part One
Question 7. What do you like most about your job? 8. When do I get paid? Answer 7. I love __________________. 8. Fill in the answer

28 “Sponsoring Game” Part Two
Provide Each Guest with a contact card or index card Instruct Guest to complete her information Ask Guests Questions

29 Sponsoring Game Part Two
“I let all of you ask me questions, now I have a few easy questions for you. Will you please answer these questions on the back of your Card?”

30 Part Two “Do you work full time or part time outside the home, are you a stay at home mom, student or retired? If you had an extra $1,000 or more a month what would you do with it? Would you save, shop, take a vacation, pay off credit cards?” Based on what you heard here tonight, what would be the best thing about having your own home based business with Norwex?

31 Part Two 4. If I could show you how you can earn an extra $1,000 per month would you like to find out more, Yes or Maybe? 5. Who do you know who is fun and outgoing and loves to have parties? Write down her name and number (offer a bonus if she books) 6. Who do you know who is fun and outgoing, loves people, needs extra cash or you think would be good in the business? Write down her name and number (offer a bonus if she joins when qualified)

32 Sponsoring Game Collect everyone’s completed cards and draw for a small prize (must answer all questions to win)

33 3 Opportunities to Sponsor Your Hostess
Hostess Coaching – “Have your ever thought about doing what I’m doing?” Follow Up Call – “Have you thought any more about doing what I’m doing?” Closing the Presentation– “You watched what I did and you saw how easy this was, do you realize had you done this presentation this evening you could have earned $200?”

34 Zig Ziglar always says, “You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” As soon as you begin to focus on how you can help other people rather than how other people can help you… your recruiting will soar!

35 THANK YOU! Karen Phelps

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