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1 I have some money. I don’t have any money. Do you have any money? I have no money..

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1 1 I have some money. I don’t have any money. Do you have any money? I have no money..

2 2 No one Nobody Nowhere Nothing Someone Somebody Somewhere Something Anyone Anybody Anywhere Anything Everyone Everybody Everywhere Everything..

3 3 There is no one in the kitchen. It’s dark. I can’t see anything. The house is empty. Nobody lives there.. Everybody needs friends. Is there anybody in the garden?

4 4 Complete the sentences with some / any / every / no components 1-John is blind. He can see She is in prison. She can’t go He doesn’t know about the story.. nothing anywhere anything

5 5 4-Jack has a bad memory. He can’t remember I’m lonely. I’ve got to talk to.. anything. nobody

6 6 Today is Sunday. There isn’t in the office. What did you say? Do you know Linda? Yes, knows her. You are right you say is true.. What’s wrong? I’ve got in my eye.. anybody Nothing. everybody something Everything

7 7 Use must when you think it is necessary or very important to do something. I You We They He She It must go.stop,write..

8 8 The windows are very dirty. I must clean them. I must go to the bank now. She is a very interesting person. You must meet her. Your mother has guests. You must help her. I have an exam tomorrow. I must study..

9 9 Mustn’t (must not) I mustn’t do it = It is important not do it. It is a bad thing to do. I must hurry. I mustn’t be late. I mustn’t forget to phone Özlem. You mustn’t smoke in the class-room..

10 10 Have to / Has to I We You They He She It have to has to work go..

11 11 My eyes aren’t very good. I have to wear glasses. Volkan starts work at He has to get up at What time do you have to get up tomorrow morning? Does Hakan have to work on Saturdays?. It’s late. I have to go now.

12 12 Needn’t (need not) It is not necessary to do it. Needn’t = don’t have to I You We They He/She/It needn’t +V1..

13 13 I needn’t clean the windows. They aren’t dirty. You needn’t go to the bank. I can give you some money. Today is Saturday. We don’t have to go to school. It is sunday tomorrow. She needn’t get up early. You needn’t cook dinner. We are going to a restaurant..

14 14 Fill in the blanks with must/mustn’t/needn’t 1-You have got a new blue shirt, so you buy another. 2-This is a secret. You tell anybody. 3-She is ill. She see the doctor. 4-We take an umbrella. It’s not going to rain. 5-We pick the flowers in the park.. needn’t mustn’t must needn’t mustn’t

15 15 6-I’m not ready yet but you wait for me. You go now and I’ll come later. 7-We hurry. We haven’t got much time. 8-Children ride their bicycles in the city streets. 9-His car is very fast and comfortable. He buy a new one. 10-She knows everything in this lesson. She study. needn’t must mustn’t needn’t

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