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Is anybody there? indefinite pronouns.

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1 Is anybody there? indefinite pronouns

2 INDEFINITE PRONOUNS Indefinite pronouns refer to things or people without mentioning what or who they are. Is anybody there?

3 INDEFINITE PRONOUNS THING BODY / ONE Everything Everybody Something
Anything ( ? ) ( - ) Nothing For THINGS BODY / ONE Everybody Somebody Anybody ( ? ) ( - ) Nobody For PEOPLE WHERE Everywhere Somewhere Anywhere ( ? ) ( - ) Nowhere For PLACES

4 Because the word “no” is negative in meaning; you should be careful
NOTE: Because the word “no” is negative in meaning; you should be careful With your sentences. e.g. Nobody is here. (The sentence is negative in meaning but it is structurally positive.) e.g. Nobody isn’t here.(This is not a comman use.)

5 INDEFINITE PRONOUNS The pronouns ending in "-body" and "-one" refer to people, and those ending in "-thing" refer to things. The pronouns ending in “-where” refer to places. PEOPLE THINGS PLACES someone/somebody something somewhere AFFIRMATIVE + anyone/anybody/ no one/nobody anything/nothing anywhere/nowhere NEGATIVE -

6 NOTE! If you use an indefinite pronoun beginning with "no-", you must not use another negative word in the same clause You do not say "There wasn't nothing". ! Somebody, something and somewhere can be used in questions when we are making an offer or when we expect an affirmative answer.: Eg. Would you like something to drink? **Anybody, anything and anywhere can be used: 1)after if in positive sentences; 2)with negative words (hardly, never, without, seldom, rarely etc.); 3) In positive sentence meaning “It doesn’t matter how/what/which etc: Eg. If anybody knows the answer, raise your hand. I hardly go anywhere these days. You can buy anything you want.

7 indefinite pronouns Circle the correct form.
1 My teacher was angry because anybody / nobody was listening. 2 What should I wear to the restaurant? Anything / Something – it’s very informal. 3 You seem to have a lot of work. Do you want somebody / nobody to help you? 4 Where should we go on vacation this year? Anywhere / Nowhere – we don’t have the money for vacations.

8 1. Rewrite the sentences using anything, anybody, anyone.
a) There was nobody at home when I phoned. _____________________________________ b) There was nothing in the pantry from last year. _______________________________________  c) Mary listens to no one. d) I have got nothing in my bag. e) He likes nobody.

9 Rewrite the sentences using nothing, nobody, no one.
2E.g.: There isn´t anything in the cupboard. There is nothing in the cupboard. 1. There isn´t anyone at school. 2. I don´t have anything to drink. 3. I don´t know anybody in neighbourhood. 4. I don´t have anything in the fridge.

10 Choose the correct answer:
.   a) Who did you meet at the party? I met _______ ( something/ no one) b) The fridge is empty. There´s ________ in it. ( nothing / anything) c) I´m going to tell you a secret. Don´t tell ______ ( anybody / someone)

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