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How to Survive 2 nd grade! Are you ready?. Give Me 5 Procedures You may hear me say, “Give me 5, Give me 10” or see me put my hand up. You should: Stop.

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1 How to Survive 2 nd grade! Are you ready?

2 Give Me 5 Procedures You may hear me say, “Give me 5, Give me 10” or see me put my hand up. You should: Stop what you are doing Look at me Listen Put your hands up (so I know your listening) Wait for directions Let’s practice!

3 Some other things you might hear me say to get your attention… “Ready to rock?” You say “Ready to Roll” Bump-bada-bump bump You say “Bump, Bump” (and clap) 1, 2! You say “Eyes on you!”

4 Morning Routine Greet Mrs. Robledo Unpack your daily folder Hang up your backpack Get a new pencil, if needed Morning work Pledges

5 Where do I put stuff? Backpacks on hooks (please be patient and share) Daily folders go in the red basket Pencil exchanges Morning work will be given soon, otherwise work in your WIP folder on any unfinished work Notes? give to Mrs. Robledo

6 What can I bring to school? Healthy snacks and water. We will have snack time usually around 9:40. Daily folder each day Toys are not allowed (will be taken up until the following Friday) Hats/caps are only allowed at recess

7 Let’s see what we’ve learned... Let’s play... Mrs. Robledo Says!

8 Coming to carpet... Push in chair quietly Find a spot next to someone who will make good choices Sit criss-cross applesauce Hands in lap, listening to speaker Cannot use restroom or water while sitting on the carpet listening to instruction

9 Line up, line up! Line up in number order Give the person in front of you enough room If you know you are towards the back, please back up to give people room! Hands behind back (hippo tails or wings) not in pockets

10 Hallway Procedures Walk on the right side of the hallway Line leaders listen to teacher to “stop” or “go ahead” Zipped lips! Other classes are working Let’s try our best to get those compliments for “Pop Points”!

11 Bathroom Procedures When you may go Signals (1 finger for drink, 2 fingers crossed for bathroom) Bathroom passes are different this year! (cards) Please do not dilly dally (GO, FLUSH, WASH, LEAVE)

12 Pencil Procedures You don’t have to ask, just get a new pencil if you need one! Put your old pencil in the “Please Sharpen” can Pencil Sharpeners will sharpen, no one else should be sharpening pencils

13 Turn In Procedures If work is COMPLETELY done, Highlight your name Turn in work to the basket in a neat way

14 Class Jobs Change weekly Some jobs are for 2 weeks If someone’s absent? What do the jobs mean? What do I have to do? What happens if I don’t do my job?

15 Star Chart Everyone starts out on Star Student (blue) If I see GREAT behavior, I might move you up or ask you to move to Shooting Star (silver) At the end of the day, if I see a student showing AWESOME behavior, they move to Super Star (gold)

16 Super Star If you earn a Super Star, you get a positive note sent home to your parents! You can choose to use it for a reward like: Computer time No homework Friday lunch with Mrs. R. And more!

17 Behavior Tally Chart 1 st warning (no tally) You have a chance to fix your behavior. 2 nd warning (tally) Write in reflection pad and record on chart, move clip. (walk 2 laps at recess) 3 rd (another tally) Fill out “think sheet” to go home for parents to sign, put clip on Mrs. R’s desk (walk 4 laps at recess) 4 th might have to have a “tune-up” or referral with the principal.

18 Good news!!! You are the one who makes the choice! You can always turn your day around! If I see that you have really tried to turn your day around, I’ll write your parents a note explaining it. You can even move up or be Shooting Star if you really try hard to learn from your mistakes.

19 Chips in the Bucket... Find your number, put your chip in the bucket when Mrs. R asks you to What can I earn chips for? Good behavior Helping a friend or the teacher Participating in class Completing homework

20 Treasure Chest On Fridays, Mrs. R will shuffle the chips and pull 5 names out of the bucket. These people will get to choose a prize from Treasure Chest! You can pick a pass, 2 small items, or a big item. If you have had a “think sheet” for the week, you cannot win Treasure Chest that week.

21 Hippo Tickets You can also earn hippo tickets for a lot of the same things you earn chips for. Usually, I let you choose if you want to put in a chip or hippo tickets. It’s up to you! Hippo Ticket drawings are on Friday mornings. Your tickets go into the 2 nd grade bucket and there are 2 winners.

22 Pop Points Our class can earn Pop Points from any adult in the school. Mrs. R. might also give Pop Points, too. Has to be earned (not free!) Can be: Compliments from walking in hallway Nice clean-up or line-up

23 Pop Points For every 25, we earn a class reward. The first 25 pop points, we will have “Barefoot Day”. After that, we vote on a class reward. It could be “PJ day”, “double recess”, “lunch in the courtyard”

24 We will go over our Daily Folder and dismissal at the end of the day today...

25 Don’t worry...I know it’s A LOT of information, but we will go over and over it. Practice, practice,’s the only way to get better.

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