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Mrs. Knicely 2014-2015. One Truth, One Lie Before we begin discussing expectations and class rules let’s play a little warm up activity with you. Each.

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1 Mrs. Knicely 2014-2015

2 One Truth, One Lie Before we begin discussing expectations and class rules let’s play a little warm up activity with you. Each student will stand and introduce themselves. Then the student will tell one thing about themselves that is true and one that is not true, a lie. We will try to guess which is true and which is not true.

3 “Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” -Martin Luther King Warm Up: Read the quote. Think to yourself “how does this relate to my life?.” Then, “how does this make me feel?” Write AT LEAST three sentences. Welcome to the FIRST day school

4 We are the Wolf Pack!

5 Team Wolf pack Teachers Language Arts: Ms. Maurer Math: Science: Mrs. Knicely Social Studies: Ms. Simpson

6 1. Respect me, your classmates, and yourselves 2. Be in your assigned seat unless I give you permission to move. 3. Follow all instructions & procedures 4. No eating or drinking, except water 5. Keep to yourself Rules

7 1. Reminder of the rules in the class 2. Warning 3. Change in seat/second warning 4. Silent lunch 5. Call home/Morning detention 6. Administrative referral Consequences

8 Respect means: Silence and attention while I’m speaking Trying your best Polite, supportive language Clean classroom ALWAYS speaking in English so that EVERYONE can understand you! Respect

9 When the bell rings Do not ask to leave your seat while I am instructing. In Your Seat

10 Do what I tell you to do, THE FIRST TIME Do it promptly If I have to tell you again, that will be a consequence. Following Directions

11 If I give you an instruction and you argue with me, you will earn a consequence. No Back Talk

12 No food or drink except water No cellphones or music players Follow the dress code Southwest Middle School Rules

13 The following may result in me calling the administration and writing a referral immediately: Fighting or attempting to fight Verbal fights Swearing at me or other students What I Will Not Tolerate

14 Procedures let us learn Procedures make our lives easier What are some examples of procedures in your life? Procedures

15 WHAT/WHY? Listen quietly. I explain WHAT the procedure is and WHY it will help. HOW? I tell you HOW to do the procedure. I model it. PRACTICE!!! We will PRACTICE together until we are able to do the procedure correctly. Procedure for Learning Procedures

16 What?: What we will do to start every day Why?: Get the day started right by quickly engaging our brains Question: Who has a morning procedure? Procedure – Entering the Class

17 How? 1. Enter class ON TIME 2. Sit in your ASSIGNED seat QUIETLY 3. Be seated when the bell rings 4. Take out a pencil and your notes and begin the WARM UP 5. Place your homework where I can see it, if you have homework Procedure – Entering the Class

18 Practice – Entering the Class

19 Before the bell rings Be seated in your assigned seat, otherwise you are considered tardy Sharpen pencil if needed Take out notebook and start warm-up Record any homework listed on the board Remain quiet!

20 WHAT? My time to instruct with absolute silence. WHY? You, your classmates, and I need silence to learn and teach HOW? Eyes forward, mouths closed, listening attentively, taking notes. Procedure: ON THE ROCK

21 1. Line up at the door in a single file line 2. Listen for instruction 3. No talking while in the hall way 4. No pushing or touching 5. Stay to the right side of the hall Hallway Procedure

22 1. All students in assigned seats. 2. Silent. 3. All together clean the space around seats. 4. Do not get up from your seat until you are dismissed Procedure for Leaving Class

23 Practice – Leaving Class

24 Restroom Procedures Not allowed first and last 15 minutes of class unless it’s an emergency Must raise hand and ask permission Fill out a restroom pass Go directly to the restroom and directly back

25 Fire Drill & Lockdown procedure Fire Drill Remain calm & quiet Line up in a single file line at the door behind Mrs. Knicely Exit to the parking lot Listen to Mrs. Knicely! Lockdown Remain calm & quiet Gather in the corner of the room near the lab prep room Sit on the floor and remain quiet Listen to Mrs. Knicely!

26 Homework Make sure you have your name, subject/period, and date in the right hand corner of every homework assignment Assignment name on the top, center of paper If you miss a day of class, it is your responsibility to make up the assignment, notes, quiz, or lab you may have missed You have 1 week to make up a lab 1 Day for missed assignments

27 Lab Procedures You will be placed into groups In each group you will have a job Group manager, supplies manager, recorder, safety manager, & clean up Listen and follow all procedures Keep the noise to a minimum Stay with your group members Clean up when done Any student who does not follow the rules will be asked not to participate in the lab activity

28 Class Schedules Advisory/ Homeroom……8:45-9:15 1 st Period……………………9:20- 2 nd Period…………………… 3 rd Period …………………… 4 th Period……………………. 5 th Period (learning lab).. 6 th Period (electives)…..

29 Lunch Make sure to bring your lunch with you, we do not have time to go back to the room We walk single file on the right side of the hall to the cafeteria – no pushing! No talking in the hall, no excuses! While in the lunch room sit at table 2 Stay in your seats, keep the noise down Two people will stay to wipe down the tables at the end of lunch. Line up single file by the door to go back to the room

30 Restroom break after lunch We will stop at the restrooms on our way back from lunch You are to remain quiet in the halls – no horseplay! Only go to the restroom if you have to, you have three minutes to go Get back in line and wait for the rest of the class to finish

31 Questions?

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