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Using this Guide you can: -Learn how to apply online for Housing at Biola University -Select and change Meal Plans and Flex Points -See Billing Charges.

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1 Using this Guide you can: -Learn how to apply online for Housing at Biola University -Select and change Meal Plans and Flex Points -See Billing Charges for Housing and Dining Updated October 25, 2010 by Heidi Herchelroath, Housing Manager

2  Login to “MyBiola” (

3  Go to the Student Tab, and log-in to “My Housing”

4  Select “ApplyOnline” if you wish to apply for Biola Undergraduate Housing.ApplyOnline  Select “MyHousing” if you wish to see your Housing Assignment, Roommate Information, Meal Plans, Campus Mailboxes, and Billing Charges.MyHousing

5 * Prior to Applying, remember :  Read the Housing Handbook. The Contract on the Housing Application holds Students to the Housing Handbook Rules.  All Freshmen and Sophomores are required to live on campus (see Housing Handbook for exceptions.)  If you live on campus in a Residence Hall (not an Apartment), you are required to have a Meal Plan with 10 meals or more per week.  Housing rates are based on the number of students in the room. Read the Housing Handbook for more specific information!

6 Select Application Read & Agree to Contract List Personal Preferences List Living Preferences (optional) Submit Application

7 To Apply Online, select the Application you wish to apply for. Applications will only be available during certain times of the year. Check the Biola Housing Website to get application dates!

8 If you need HELP during the Application Process there is a toolbar on each page which lists helpful information.

9 The next screen you will see is the Housing Contract. Please read carefully through this contract, especially the Rates and Rules sections. When finished, select “I agree” at the bottom of the page.

10 Also on the Housing Contract page is a drawing of possible Bed Configurations. Take note of what Bed Configuration you prefer- you will be asked to provide this on the next page of the application. Which style do you want?

11 Fill in your Personal Preferences and Contact Information. Do not leave any answers as “N/A” to allow for the best possible roommate match.

12 For students who have special needs for their housing situation (based on psychological, emotional, or medical conditions.) This is merely an OPTIONAL REQUEST and does not guarantee any room type. All official special accommodations need to be made through The Learning Center.

13 Handicapped Accessible rooms, Air Conditioned rooms, or Gender-Specific Buildings are living preference options you can request.

14  For “Hall Gender” the options are: “C”= Co-Ed Building (not floor) “F”= All Female Building “M”= All Male Building  For “Handicapped Access” the options are: “Shower/RR Counter”= Apartment roll-in shower with wheelchair accessible counter “Sink in Room”= Wheelchair accessible sink in dorm room “Tub Room Next Door”= Room next to a restroom with tub in (usually a public, not private, restroom)

15 This is the final page of the Housing Application, which indicates you have submitted an application. Follow the instructions on the page (under “NOW WHAT”?). Instructions will vary from application to application, so please read them carefully! Housing Deposit Information New Students: Pay the $250.00 Housing Deposit to the Admissions Office NOW if you have not already done so- it may impact your chance for an assignment! Returning Students: Pay the $250.00 Housing Deposit to the Accounting Office NOW if you do not have a Housing Deposit on your Student Account!

16 On “MyHousing Overview” you can: Add/Change Meal Plan and Add Flex Dollars View Billing Summary for Housing/Dining View Housing/Dining Information

17 On Personal Preferences, you can update information on your Housing Application by typing in new information, then selecting “Submit My Personal Preferences”.

18 To add a Meal Plan click on “Select a New Dining Plan”. To add Flex Points click on “Purchase Dining Points”.

19 You can view a summary of your Meal Plan and Flex Point Selection on this page. If you are a resident living in a Residence Hall, you must have a Meal Plan with 10 Meals per week or more.

20 Any Billing Transactions billed to your Student Account for Housing or Dining will show on this page. To get an official summary of your Student Account, please contact: Accounting Office (562) 903-6000 x.4760.

21  For “MyHousing" technical difficulties: Beth Braley (562) 903-6000 x. 5813  For Housing Assignment info: Undergraduate Housing (Ashley Voelker, Housing Assistant, or Heidi Herchelroath, Housing Manager) (562) 903-6000 x. 5838  For Dining (Meal Plans or Flex Dollars): Carolyn White (562) 903-6000 x.5810

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