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Welcome to University Housing’s VIP Housing Application Tutorial.

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1 Welcome to University Housing’s VIP Housing Application Tutorial

2 Type in your address bar. When the screen loads click “Login” to enter Click Here to Login

3 At this time you can Login one of two ways by clicking on the corresponding tab: 1.Using your USC ID (SSN) / PIN Login 2.Using your My VIP ID / Password Login

4 Step 1: Enter your Social Security Number Step 2: Enter your PIN Step 3: Click “Login” Enter your Social Security Number Here Enter your PIN. If you do not know what your PIN is, click the link labeled “Help, I don’t know my student PIN.”

5 Step 1: Enter your VIP ID Step 2: Enter your VIP Password Step 3: Click “Login” Enter your VIP ID Here Enter your VIP Password. If you do not know what your VIP Password is, click the link labeled “Help, I don’t know my VIP Password.”

6 After you login to VIP, this page will appear BUT will have your name above the date and time of your login in the top right hand corner. Your name will appear on every page after this as well. From here, click the “PERSONAL” tab to continue. Click Here

7 From the PERSONAL menu, select the first option under the “Housing” section – “Housing Application for all Students.” Choose the correct semester and year that you wish to apply for and click the “SHOW ME” button to continue. Select Semester and Year, then Click the “SHOW ME” Button

8 This is the Housing Application. You MUST provide an email address and cell phone number for contact purposes. You will also need to select your student status and any special accommodations if needed. The next few slides will show different parts of this SAME application page. Enter your Cell Phone Number Here Enter your Email Address Here Select your Student Status Select any Special Accommodations

9 This is the SAME application page – we just scrolled down. Read the questions and answer them. Pay close attention to the Dining Services section, as well as the Roommate Preference section. Carolina Cash is optional. You may only enter up to $990. Select your Meal Plan If you have Preferred Roommates, Enter their Information Here Click Here to Continue

10 You must rank your preference of residence halls. Some halls may require a supplemental application. You can access these applications by clicking on “Residential Learning Communities” in the paragraph and submitting it online in a new window. One you have completed your preferences, click “Continue.” Click “Residential Learning Communities” to Complete any Supplemental Applications Click Here to Continue Rank all Residence Halls, Noting Which Ones Require Supplemental Applications If your Residence Hall selections require any Supplemental Applications, they will show here.

11 Make sure that all of the information on this page is correct. Remember to scroll down to verify the remaining information. Scroll Down Make sure that the Information on this Page is Correct!

12 This is the rest of the information that was displayed on the previous page. Remember to check all of the information to make sure that it is correct. If you have any special applications they will be displayed at the bottom of this page and you can check their status periodically here. You can also make any corrections by selecting “Update.” Once you are finished, scroll back to the top of the page. Make sure that the Information on this Page is Correct! Click “Update” to Edit Individual Sections

13 Once you have verified all the information, click the “Pay Now” button to submit your payment. Click Here to Pay

14 First, check to make sure the fees are correct. Then, select your card type and enter the card number and expiration date. When you are finished, click the “Pay by Credit Card” or “Pay by CarolinaCard” button. Click Here to Pay by Credit Card Enter your Credit Card Information Click Here to Pay by CarolinaCard

15 After you have submitted your payment, make sure that all your information is correct. Then, read the following contract agreement and check the boxes. When you have finished reading the contract agreement and checked all the boxes, click on the “Submit Housing Application” button. READ before checking the boxes!! Click this button to submit your Housing Application.

16 You are almost finished. Check the information one last time to verify it. If you see any other changes you can select the “Update” link in the individual sections to make those corrections. If you have submitted any special applications and they have been recorded they will display in the noted section Check all the Information One Last Time to Verify It Click “Update” to Edit Individual Sections This Section Shows your Supplemental Applications and their Status

17 If you decide later to cancel your application, you can click on the “Cancel Housing Application” button located on your original housing application on VIP. Click Here to Request an Application Cancellation

18 Select your reason for canceling with University Housing, and provide us with any additional information you feel we may need to know. Once finished, click “Cancel Application Request” to finalize your cancellation. Click Here to Cancel your Application Request Select your Reason for Canceling and type any additional information

19 Congratulations!! You have successfully completed your Fall 2009/Spring 2010 application for Housing at the University of South Carolina – Columbia Campus. Just a few reminders: You can only modify your application (online only) through May 1, 2009. Changes cannot be honored after this date. We can only honor requests for preferred roommates based on available spaces; this means that if space is not available for you and your preferred roommate in the same room or same residence hall, you may be assigned to separate rooms and/or buildings. Once your assignment is posted, the contract you accepted with your application is legally binding for two consecutive semesters of on-campus housing. Room changes can be requested on an on-going basis by accessing the Room Change Request Form online on VIP through the UCHOOSE program. If you would like to cancel your request for campus housing, you must submit a cancellation request online on VIP by accessing your original housing application. University Housing 1309 Blossom Street · Columbia, SC 29208 (803) 777-4283

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