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All Room Selection is Online via MyHousing within on the College Life tab Your Username & Initial Password was provided in your MSC Acceptance Letter.

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2 All Room Selection is Online via MyHousing within on the College Life tab Your Username & Initial Password was provided in your MSC Acceptance Letter Your MAVzone username is normally the first letter of your first name followed by the first seven letters of your last name. To look up your username, go to the Campus Directory and use the search function. Your username is the text in front of the @ in your email address. Trouble? Call the IT Help Desk, 970.248.2111.

3 To Be Eligible to Set Up a Roommate Group or to be added to a Room Selection Lottery When you apply for housing, you MUST submit: 1 – Housing Application 2 – Housing & Dining Contract (signed by a parent/guardian if you are under 18) 3 – Housing Deposit If any of these items are missing or incomplete, you will not be added into Roommate Selection or any Room Selection Lotteries. Your friends might be able to add you as a roommate, but your status will read Student Ineligible.

4 D ECIDE WHERE YOU WANT TO LIVE  Plan for at least a 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd choice. For example…  1 st choice: Tolman Single - If there aren’t any left…  Do I go for a Tolman Double or a Pinon Single?  2 nd choice: Pinon Single  What if they are all taken as well?  3 rd choice: Tolman Double C HOOSE YOUR ROOMMATES AND / OR SUITEMATES !  Review the Roommate Selection Guide  Set up your “Roommate Group” (if you have one) starting February 1  Make sure everyone in your group has mutually requested each other so that you have a “fully matched” group before the earliest lottery time.  Make sure you all agree on a plan!  Which building, who goes in which room type within the suite, etc.


6 Roommate Groups: February 1 – June 30 Starting February 1, set up your roommate groups via MyHousing. You’ll want to finalize your roommate group prior to the earliest lottery time in your group. 1 ST L OTTERY : April 14 – April 30 Students who apply for housing before April 1 are assigned start times within the first lottery. Students are notified of their lottery time mid-March. 2 nd Lottery: May 9 – June 30 Students who apply for housing after April 1 are assigned start times within the second lottery. Room Change Lottery: May 9 – June 30 Every student who chose a room can participate and change rooms as often as they like. Roommates cannot be pulled in; each student must complete their own room change.


8 To set up your roommate group, go to the Room Selection menu and click Roommate Selection Please see the Roommate Selection Guide for more information on setting up your roommate group ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS

9 Make sure you read and understand the contract. Your online agreement to the contract is legally binding. When you click on “Room Selection”... If you haven’t signed a Housing & Dining Contract you will be asked to accept the contract before continuing in the process. ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS

10 Search for your roommates here. If your roommate does not currently live on campus or has not applied for housing, you will not be able to add them yet. As soon as you add a roommate, that student will receive an email notification on their MSC email account. ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS

11 Remember: You must have a fully matched group before you can choose a room! You can see which roommates are unmatched in your roommate group ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS

12 CHOOSING A ROOM When your lottery is activated it will be RED on your Overview page. Once your lottery is active you can view all available rooms before Your Start Time. Go to the menu on the left Hover over “Room Selection” Click “Select a Room/Suite” to VIEW or SELECT a room. You won’t be able to select a room until Your Start Time begins.

13 If you are eligible for more than one lottery at the same time, you will need to select the lottery in which you want to participate. Remember, once you participate in one lottery, you will be removed from the other lotteries! “Roommate Selection Only” is not a room selection lottery. CHOOSING A ROOM

14 Depending on your lottery (and how many rooms are left), you may have an opportunity to filter by Specific Hall. To see all rooms across campus, just leave this filter as (any) and click “Find Available Rooms” CHOOSING A ROOM

15 Floor Plan: Click Floor Plan to view the layout of the rooms on that floor. Floor plans are also available on the Housing website,, just click on Residence Halls or Apartments then on the link to the individual building. List of Available Rooms Select Room: Click Select Room to place just yourself or to place you and one roommate (if it is a double with two open beds). Select Suite: Look at the Suite # then at the Rooms within that Suite. You can see how many doubles and/or singles are open within a suite to make sure it works for your group.

16 CHOOSING A ROOM Once you hit Submit Room Selection, this will be your permanent assignment for the upcoming academic year (as well as the permanent assignment of any roommates you place). Remember, there are no room changes until the Room Change Lottery. Now that you have selected your suite, simply place each mutually requested roommate into the rooms of the suite. Make sure you place your friends in the spaces you agreed on!

17 CHOOSING A ROOM FINAL CONFIRMATION Here is the screen you will see once your room selection is complete. You and your roommates will receive an email confirmation on your MSC accounts. All information will be immediately displayed on your MyHousing Overview. If you do not see this screen or your info on MyHousing Overview, please contact the Housing Office right away.

18 Your new assignment will show up on your MyHousing Overview immediately. CHOOSING A ROOM


20 o If you have a total of four people in your roommate group, you will only be shown suites & apartments (if eligible) where there are at least four available spaces o Males will be shown male rooms o Females will be shown female rooms o Non-freshmen will be shown apartments If you feel you should be eligible for a room type that you do not see displayed, please call or email the Housing Office and we will determine your eligibility. 970.248.1536,



23  You might wonder how compatibility matching will work since you are picking the room and learning about your roommate after.  MSC and other schools have found that traditional roommate matching works in some cases, but very often a match that looks good on paper does not make a perfect roommate pair. There are several variables:  Often students fill out lifestyle preferences based on how they want their roommate to be – not their true lifestyle (ie – a messy student may want a very neat roommate )  Sometimes the student is not the one filling out the application and the person acting on their behalf does not know the student as well as they think!  Lastly, as intuitive as we try to make our questions, there is always margin for error in interpreting the answers.  The most successful housing assignments are made by empowering the student - allowing the student to see all available rooms and choose the best room for them!



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