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How to Select a Roommate (New Applicants)

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1 How to Select a Roommate (New Applicants)
After you’ve been accepted to the University and applied for on-campus housing, your MyHousing account will become active. MyHousing allows you to view your status, select roommates, and update preferences PRIOR TO the time a specific room assignment is made. From the Student Housing home page, click on MyHousing and log in using your myNMSU username and password.

2 MyHousing Overview The first page you’ll see is an overview, which includes your name, student number, and address as well as information on your housing assignment and RoomSync passcode. Near the bottom of the screen, you will see information on future roommate requests, including whether or not the requests are fully matched yet. The very bottom of the screen lets you know how long the roommate selection process is open.

3 Selecting a Roommate There are three options for selecting a roommate:
Option A: You tell us who you want to live with If you already know who you want to live with, you and your preferred roommate (and suitemates, if desired) need to log on to your MyHousing accounts and select each other. All students must be active housing applicants. Option B: RoomSync RoomSync is a facebook® application that allows you to search for and select a roommate that has similar likes and interests. A link to join your RoomSync group has been sent to your NMSU address. You can also find an access code to your RoomSync group in your MyHousing account. **After you find a roommate in RoomSync, you and your preferred roommate BOTH MUST log into your MyHousing account to select each other and make the roommate request official. Option C: We choose a roommate for you If you aren’t sure who you want to room with and you are not interested in RoomSync, we will select a roommate for you based on three criteria: 1) gender; 2) date of birth; 3) smoking preference. If you would like us to select a roommate for you, please send an to with your name and Aggie ID# to let us know.

4 How to RoomSync Click on the link that was sent to your NMSU account. Enter your facebook username/ address and password.

5 How to RoomSync Start filling out the Basic Information.
Make sure you are honest about your lifestyle preferences and interests. It will be much easier for you to find a compatible roommate if the info you relate is truly who and how you are!

6 How to RoomSync After you have completed the basic information, you will see this page. Now you can: Find roommates View your pinned roommates See suggested roommates View/change your preferences Click the “Find Roommates” button to start searching for your new roommate!

7 How to RoomSync RoomSync can help you: Browse all potential roommates
View suggested roommates Search for a potential roommate based on name, major or interests Post comments for everyone in the RoomSync pool to see The RoomSync pool will remain open until July 15th . New students are added on a regular basis so check back frequently! While you don’t want to rush through this process, you don’t want to let it drag out either. The sooner you select a roommate, the sooner you will be assigned to an actual room. Students without matching roommate requests on July 15th will automatically be assigned by Housing staff.

8 How to RoomSync Once you find a potential roommate, click the “Request Roommate” button. A window will appear allowing you to type a message to the person you are requesting. Press “Request Roommate” to send the official request and message.

9 How to RoomSync You will receive this message informing you that your roommate request is complete. Residence Halls You can select up to three roommates (one roommate and two suitemates). Apartments You can select one roommate if you will be living in a two bedroom apartment or three roommates if you will be living in a four bedroom apartment. The person you requested will receive this message at the address associated with their personal facebook account.

10 How to RoomSync When someone requests you as a roommate you will be notified in the Requested Roommates section. You can now accept or deny this request. Press the Accept/Reject link. Helpful Hint: Don’t get disheartened if your request is rejected. Similarly, don’t be afraid to reject a request if you don’t feel like you’d be a good roommate for the other person. Finding a good match is the goal!

11 How to RoomSync To confirm the roommate request, click “Yes”.
You will then be taken to the Roommate Confirmation screen.

12 How to RoomSync After accepting the roommate request, you and your new roommate will each receive an confirming your roommate group. You have now matched in RoomSync…but you aren’t done yet! The most important step is to……..

13 How to Match in MyHousing
…… match with your new roommate in MyHousing. Matching through MyHousing lets NMSU know that you’ve found a roommate! RoomSync and MyHousing do not talk directly so you have to match in both systems. To match with your roommate in MyHousing, log into your MyHousing account and make the roommate request official. If you do not do this last step, you will not be placed with your roommate!!

14 Matching with a Roommate through MyHousing
Matching with your new roommate through MyHousing allows NMSU Housing staff to see who you want to live with and assists us in assigning both of you to the same room or apartment. Because we only assign roommates who mutually request each other, it’s important that you AND your new roommate match with each other through MyHousing. To select a roommate, click on the Roommate Selection link.

15 Adding a roommate The quickest way for the system to find your preferred roommate is to type in his/her Aggie ID number. If you don’t know the Aggie ID#, you can use last name and first name to help select. Once you’ve filled in the information, click on [Request Student as Roommate]. This will add the student as your requested roommate and it will send an to the requested person letting him/her know that they’ve been requested by you as a roommate. The requested roommate needs to confirm by requesting you in this same manner. Helpful Hint: Always double-check with your roommate that he/she received the and confirmed the request. We sometimes have more than one person with the same name in the housing system. You want to be sure you get the right person!

16 The First Request When you first submit a roommate request, you’ll get a message letting you know the request has been saved. You’ll also see a status of “DOES NOT MATCH”. This simply lets you know that the person you’ve requested still needs to request you. MyHousing will send an automated message to the requested roommate. The message is not all that helpful in terms of an explanation of what to do next, but hopefully the other student is actively participating in the roommate selection process as well.

17 MyHousing Overview Your MyHousing overview page will continue to show a status of DOES NOT MATCH until the requested roommate confirms. After a few days, if your requested roommate has not confirmed, you can go back to the Roommate Selection page, click on the [Remind] button and MyHousing will send a reminder . Helpful Hint: MyHousing uses address to send messages. If your requested roommate is not responding, he/she may not be checking account. You might want to contact them directly about confirming the roommate request.

18 All Matched! You can continue to add roommate requests, until you reach a total of three. Each time you add a request, the system will give you a status. You’ll be able to see who’s requested whom, who’s matched and who’s not. Once all requests have been confirmed, you’ll be able to see your matching requests from the overview page. To remove a roommate request, go back to the Roommate Selection screen and click on the [Remove] button. If you have more than one roommate, the remaining roommate(s) will stay matched. The person whose name has been removed will get an from MyHousing informing them that they’ve been removed from the roommate group.

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