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Inderjeet Mander Vidhi patel Nivritt kohli Salman manzoor

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1 Inderjeet Mander Vidhi patel Nivritt kohli Salman manzoor
Unit 4 Inderjeet Mander Vidhi patel Nivritt kohli Salman manzoor

2 Grammar Past participles: adjectives that can form verbs
Ex. “to be closed”  “closed” Drop ending and add -ado for –ar verbs -ido for –er and –ir verbs Ex. Cerrar  cerrado Example sentence: “The office is closed.”  “La oficina esta cerrada.” If reflexive, drop –se from infinitive Ex. “Peinarse”  “peinando”

3 Imperfect tense Events that aren’t completed Something was happening
Something you used to do How old someone was Tell what time it was

4 -ar verbs -er and –ir verbs -aba -abamos -abas -abais -aba -aban
-ia iamos -ias iais -ia ian

5 Irregular Ser Ir Ver Era, eras, era, eramos, erais, eran
Iba, ibas, iba, ibamos, ibais, iban Ver Veia, veias, veia, veiamos, veiais, veian

6 Preterite vs. Imperfect
Use when specific beginning and end time Imperfect Use when not stating when action began/ended Both (in a sentence) Preterite: action that happened Imperfect: what happened at that time Ex. Cuando la guerra termino, Santa Ana era presidente de Mexico.

7 Culture San Juan Parangaricutiro, Mexico Alfredo Zalce Torres
Only the ruins of a church remain Volcano Paricutin destroyed the city In Nicaragua, there are footprints that are about years old that were preserved in the mud and volcanic ash (Las Huellas de Acahualinca). Alfredo Zalce Torres Painted the markets and people of Morelia, MX Painted lives of indigenous people from Michoacan Paintings are in the Governor’s Palace, called “Historia de Michoacan,” illustrates 500 years of the history

8 El fuego y el tlacuache Story about the origin of fire
A stone in flames fell from a star An old woman took the flame into her home She used it to cook and stay warm but didn’t share An opossum said he could bring them the fire He went to the woman’s house and asked to sit by the fire to keep warm He lit his tail on fire and brought it out That’s why the opossum has a bald tail

9 Vocabulary God Dio Army Ejercito Emperor Emperador Enemy Enemigo
Warrior Guerrero Hero Heroe Heroine Heroina Young man Joven Princess Princesa

10 Vocab Mountain Montana Palacio Palace Volcano Volcan Battle Batalla
War Guerra Get Married Cascarse Tell a story Contar To carry Llevar To cry Llorar To die Morir

11 Little more Fight Pelear Return Regresar Transform Transformar Legend
Leyenda Message Mensaje Narration narracion Character Personaje

12 Last Slide Aztec Azteca To be in love with Estar Enamorado Handsome
Hermoso Heroic Heroico Historic Historico Beloved Querido Jealousy Los celos To be jealous Tener Celos Brave Valiente Once upon a time Habia una Ves Many centuries ago Hace muchos siglos About Sobre

13 Lesson 2

14 Grammar Preterite of verbs that end in: -car, -gar, and –zar
Spelled differently in yo form to maintain pronunciation; n C becomes qu: Yo busque G becomes gu: Yo pague Z becomes c: Yo empece

15 Preterite Stems Venir, querer, decir, and traer are irregular in the preterite. Venir and querer take the same endings as estar, poder, saber, tenre, etc. Verb Stem Preterite Endings Venir Vin- -e Imos Querer Quis- -iste -o -isteis -ieron

16 Preterite Stems Preterite stems of decir and traer end in j
Same preterite endings as Venir and Querer, just drop the I from ustedes/ellos/ellas ending Verb Stem Preterite Endings Decir Dij- -e Imos Traer Traj- -iste -o -steis -eron

17 Culture Indigenous words:
-over 1 million mexicans speak nahuatl, the aztec language -"chocolate" "tomate" and "chile" have nahuatl origins -Quechua is a common indigenous language in south america from the Incas -"llama" "papa" and "pampa" are quechuan words -The volcano Ixtaccihuatl in MX is a nahuatl word that means "sleeping woman" -The volcano Guagua Pichincha has "guagua" which means "baby" in Quechan

18 Ancient Sport -"el juego de pelota" (ball sport) is over 3000 years old -Olmecas, Toltecas, Mayans, Aztecs all played -players hit a rubber ball with their hips, arms, or a bat to get it in the ring

19 Zapotecas and Otavalenos
-Oaxaca is based on indigenous civilizations  -Monte Alban was the ancient Toltec capital and there are ruins over 1,300 years old -La Guelaguetza is a ceremony and it means "gift" -In Ecuador, the ancient civilization was the Otavalenos, before the Incas -Culture still present in their products and goods -La fiesta del Yamor honors mother Earth

20 Vocabulary Ancient Antiguo Avanzado Advanced Calendar Calendario
Civilization Civilizacion Statue Estatua Tools Herramienta Monument Monumento

21 Vocabulary Object Objeto Pyramid Piramide Religion Religion Ruins
Ruinas Temple Templo Tomb Tumba

22 More Vocabulary Agriculture Agricultura To Hunt Cazar To Build
Construir Excavation Excavacion Farmer Agricultur Toltecs Toltecas

23 Some More Vocabulary Sidewalk Acera Avenue Avenida Neighborhood Barrio
Cathedral Catedral City Ciudad City Block Cuadra Building Edificio Modern Moderno Plaza Plaza Skyscraper Rascacielos

24 Just a Little More… How do I get to.. Como llego a… To cross Cruzar
To turn Doblar To the right A la derecha To the left A la izquierda To go straight Seguir Derecho From Desde Between Entre

25 Last One I Swear Frente a… Across from Hasta To En la esquina
On the corner Semaforo Traffic Light

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