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El Imperfecto ~The Imperfect Tense~.

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1 El Imperfecto ~The Imperfect Tense~

2 2 Main Past Tenses in Spanish
In Spanish, there are 2 main tenses used to talk in the past: 1. El Pretérito 2. El Imperfecto

3 El Pretérito Remember:
The PRETÉRITO is used to talk about actions that are completed. They have a definite beginning and ending. Yesterday I ate dinner at 5:00. I woke up, got dressed, and ate breakfast.

4 El Imperfecto EL IMPERFECTO is a tense used to describe actions in the past that are not seen as completed. This tense is primarily used to DESCRIBE in the past.

5 El Imperfecto As a child, I used to always play soccer.
My family and I used to vacation in Hawaii every Summer. I was very shy as a kid.

6 Conjugation: Endings Drop the Ending (AR, ER, IR) Add: For AR Verbs:
aba abas aba ábamos (*Note the accent mark*) abais aban

7 Conjugation: Endings ía ías ía íamos íais ían For ER and IR Verbs:
*NOTE = All of the endings have an accent on the “i”

8 Práctica Hablar = hablaba hablabas hablaba hablábamos hablabais hablaban

9 Práctica Comer = comía comías comía comíamos comíais comían

10 ser era eras era éramos erais eran
Irregular Verbs: There are only 3 irregular verbs!!! ser era eras era éramos erais eran

11 ir iba ibas iba íbamos ibais iban

12 ver veía veías veía veíamos veíais veían

13 Use the Impefect To: To talk about actions that were repeated or habitual: We would eat watermelon everyday. (watermelon = sandía) Comíamos sandía todos los veranos.

14 Use the Impefect To: To Tell Time in The Past And
To Tell Sombody’s Age In The Past

15 Era la una cuando ví la película.
Eran las tres y media cuando empezó la clase. Yo tenía diez años cuando recibí mi primera bicicleta.

16 Práctica De niña, yo ___ con las muñecas. (jugar) *jugaba*
Mi familia y yo siempre ____ la Navidad con mis abuelos. *celebrábamos*

17 Traduzca al Español: I used to always wear jeans and T-shirts.
When I was six years old, I used to always play baseball with my friends.

18 Práctica My family and I visited my grandparents in California a lot.
My brothers swam in the river every day.

19 Tarea Write a sentence about the things you used to do as a younger child. Use the examples on the back of your powerpoint notes sheet

20 Homework Examples Toys: De niño(a) yo jugaba mucho con los Legos.
Movies: De niño(a) yo veía muchas veces la película “Ace Ventura Pet Detective”. Cartoons:De niño(a) me gustaba mucho los dibujos animados de Ren y Stimpy.

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