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Irregular Preterite Stems (yes..more!)

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1 Irregular Preterite Stems (yes..more!)

2 Irregulars The following verbs are irregular: Venir (to come)
Querer (to want) (in preterite = tried) Decir (to say/tell) Traer (to bring)

3 Conjugation e imos iste o ieron Venir – Vin Querer – Quis
Then add the normal irregular endings e imos iste o ieron

4 Conjugation * Drop the I and add a J e imos iste o jeron Decir = Dij
Traer = Traj These conjugate almost the same except for the ustedes/ellos/ellas form. e imos iste o jeron * Drop the I and add a J

5 Grab a whiteboard/marker
Write out a conjugation chart for venir and querer Conjugate and Translate: Querer (yo) Quise = I tried Querer (tu) Quisiste = You tried Venir (el/ella) Vino = he/she came Querer (nosotros) Quisimos = we tried Venir (ellos/ellas) Vinieron = they

6 Write out separate charts for Decir and Traer
Translate I said Yo dije She brought Ella trajo They said Dijeron We brought Traimos

7 Practica Did you come from the library? ¿Viniste de la biblioteca?
We tried to see the ruins ¿Quisimos ver las ruinas. They brought some souvenirs Ellos trajeron unos recuerdos Marcos told me to arrive early Marcos me dijo llegar termprano.

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