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National Leadership Conference of the American Student Dental Association Edmund Monsef, Jessica Giles, Melanie Whalen, & Justin Jones.

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1 National Leadership Conference of the American Student Dental Association Edmund Monsef, Jessica Giles, Melanie Whalen, & Justin Jones

2 Brief Recap  The first-ever National Leadership Conference took place Nov. 2-4, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois  More than 375 students and 30 presenters participated  The National Leadership Conference provided professional development and leadership training to dental students. American Student Dental Association. (2012). National leadership conference. Retrieved From

3 Flight departed Phoenix @ 5:35 Study AND Public Health Arrived in Chicago @ 10:50 Cab to Holiday Inn in the heart of downtown Chicago Thursday, Nov 1 st

4 5AM - Early wake up 7AM - Continental breakfast & Registration 8AM – NLC takes off 8AM – 4PM Breakout sessions (Lunch 12-1) Intro Release Your Inner Super Hero Keynote Speaker: Ryan Estis The Art of Networking Dr. Chris Salierno How To Run an Effective Meeting Dr. Ryan Dulde Intentionality: When Vision Meets Reality Dan Conrod (Dale Carnegie) 5PM – 7PM Exhibit Fair Friday, Nov 2 nd


6 Confident clinician Community leader Better relationships Increasing your remarkability quotient: Did I help some today without expecting anything in return? How will I be remembered by the people I worked with today? Era of average is over Need to be influential Influential leaders master the art of asking effective questions Bridge the gap btw expectations and experience “What do you like to do when you're not working?” Art of active listening Book: the one minute manager Define your purpose Leadership isn't about you Put others first for when you help them get to where they want to be they will help you get to where you want to be.....Be helpful Ryan Estis Release Your Inner Super Hero

7 Prepared Maximize the time Must have an agenda Email for one way communications Don't put something on an agenda that can be handled with an email Calls & chats for two way comms Meetings for all-way comms If you can take care of something before the meeting then do I Know your role and expectations of you Productive meeting Following through action plans Project tracking Task assignment status Dr. Ryan Dulde How to run an effective meeting

8 Present Meeting leader is an absolute must Trust is imperative The Chair Facilitate discussion Manage time Keep focused / on Task Offers the least amount of opinion Usually creates the agenda The Member Contributes ideas Self regulate Hold chair accountable Engage ideas Are the ones giving ideas and engages Everyone is responsible for keeping a derailed meeting back on track!


10 Saturday, Nov 3 rd It was even more awesome

11 The Art of Motivation  VP of Carnegie Mellon- Maria Storm  Spoke about how to inspire people of different personality types and the myths of  How to win friends and influence people  Part of Leadership Cliffnotes  Sound cool? Watch the talk at:

12 Break Outs  District Meeting  Topics  Licensure  ASDA communications, policy makers, leadership ops, state lobby day  Successful Chapter / practice marketing  Public speaking, interviews, CV writing  How to be your chapters a successful Finance, Legislative, organizer, sales person, predent


14 Meet & Greet  Drinks  Fun  Pictures  District 10: Tyler Rumple Network with ASDA leadership, ask questions about positions, and campaign

15 Sunday, Nov 4 th

16 Presentations  Understanding Your Individual Leadership Style  Mary Byers, CAE, speaker and consultant  4 types: Thinker, Socializer, Director, or Relator  The future of Your leadership Journey  Dr. Ryan Dulde

17 The future of Dentistry  Specialty recognition for dental anesthesiology rejected by ADA house of delegates  Not selective  Not distinct  For more information visit:  Policy on use of human subjects in licensure exams  Ongoing  House of delegates (old school way of thinking)

18 “ASDA FEVER” ASDA Fever - a condition of contagious enthusiasm and love for ASDA Symptoms - Characterized by completion of one’s ASDA duties because he or she loves the work completely, reading the ASDA blog into the wee hours of the night, possible high body temperature, constant brainstorming for possible ASDA events, volunteering to set up and take down at ASDA events, attendance to every ASDA event possible, may be accompanied by a fast pulse rate and a slight obsession with all things ASDA Recommended Treatment – More involvement in ASDA! Prognosis – Incurable

19 Whether you are just starting out at as an ASDA member or have experience holding a position at the chapter or national level, this event will help develop your leadership skills. Save the date for next year’s event: Nov. 15- 17, 2012 in Chicago!

20 Want to know more?  Please visit: 

21 Gorgeous City Views Good Times Meet Leaders Across the Nation Great Food

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