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An exciting leadership programme that will help you Step Up.

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1 An exciting leadership programme that will help you Step Up

2 Step Up is a 5 day residential leadership programme for those aged between 25 – 45 years old –A journey of personal discovery where you will discover yourself better and extend your boundaries –It includes challenging situations that will test you and your teams individually and collectively –You will be supported, encouraged and challenged to take on the responsibilities of on-going leadership –Organised by Rotary International, held annually, established in 2007, to help young leaders to Step Up

3 Programme objective: To provide a structure and challenging activities that will enable you: –To identify your strengths, weaknesses and natural leadership style –Discover alternative leadership approaches that will help you be more effective –Put your leadership skills into practice in situations that will sharpen and extend you –Push your personal boundaries and develop your own talents and abilities –Consider your responsibilities and participate in ‘life’ more fully

4 Candidate profile: Step Up will appeal to those leaders most likely aged between 25 – 45 years who want to: –Test their current leadership style and explore their future leadership ability in innovative and challenging ways –Learn leadership practises that will allow them to take the next step up the ladder of success –Explore leadership projects that are both instructive and practical –Meet others of similar age and from diverse backgrounds to learn more about different perspectives on similar leadership experiences –Focus on personal development and are ready to have their existing leadership ideas challenged –Members of Rotary families are also eligible to apply

5 Business benefits: Leadership skills are paramount within the organisation and this programme helps prepare the student for future leadership opportunities or to hone their skills if they are already hold such a position Self confidence is greatly developed along with a better understanding of what the individual can and can’t do The individual gains frank feedback from facilitators and team members to lead to positive changes in behaviour as they take turns at leading their team throughout the 5 day programme Significantly better value than any other competing courses at only $1500 including GST for a 5 day residential course. Includes 2 places for the sponsor – 1 for the sponsor and 1 for a guest of their choice to attend a formal dinner with the candidate and the other participants

6 The programme: Monday 21 st March 6pm Pre-course with Human Synergistics –The current leadership style of the candidate is examined to help the learning process. Wednesday 30 th March Analysis of current leadership style –Output from the pre-course preparation is analysed in detail and the student learns more about their current leadership style both positives and negatives and how to maximise and limit these traits. Thursday 31 st MarchChallenge 1 –Create and execute a community event in Auckland and present your results at dinner that night. Engaged by a keynote speaker. Friday 1 st AprilChallenge 2 –Test both the creative and practical side of teams. A business challenge will be given and teams will have one day to deliver and are judged by business leaders.

7 The programme: Saturday 2 nd AprilChallenge 3 –Another new team… you have to lead… you are in an unfamiliar outdoor location. Expect the unexpected over the next 24 hours. Sunday 3 rd AprilComplete challenge 3 –Celebration and debrief. An awards ceremony before you depart home.

8 Previous supporters:

9 Previous candidate comments: "Absolutely fantastic, it is by far the best program I have ever been on.” "I wanted to push my limits... get out of my comfort zone” "I enjoyed the varying degrees of capability amongst the teams, it added to the challenge of learning to become a better leader” “Of all of the courses I have attended this is definitely the best value for money out there – without a doubt.”

10 Additional information: Visit the Step Up website: – –All forms including the brochure, course registration, compulsory equipment and this presentation are available for download Contact details for more information: –Dave Wylie –E: –Ph: 09 534 4844 –Fax: 09 534 4345

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