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Social Identities and their Effect on your Leadership Dr. Jo Yudess.

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1 Social Identities and their Effect on your Leadership Dr. Jo Yudess

2 Purpose of the Session Each of these identities has an effect on how we act as leaders. Today we will determine some of your identities and explore how they affect the style, manner, and thinking processes you use when leading yourself or others.

3 First: About Leadership How many of you consider yourselves leaders? Leadership is not a role – it is a state of mind.

4 What are social identities? …ways in which we are distinct from and similar to others. … combinations of aspects of ourselves that make us part of various social groups.

5 Some examples … Age Nationality Role (And many, many more!)

6 So what? Misunderstanding and miscommunication are more likely when we interact with people in groups other than our own.

7 How do we use Social Identities? To categorize people To identify ourselves with groups To compare our groups with other groups – usually thinking more highly of our own groups Tajfel & Turner (1979)

8 Definition: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams 1767-1848 (Or Dolly Parton) (Or Bill Clinton) (Or Peyton Manning)

9 Components of Identity Given identity – no choice Chosen identity Core identity – your uniqueness Hidden identity Adapted from: Center for Creative Leadership

10 Age Beliefs Blindness Body type Clothing Communication skills Conflict starter/resolver Country of origin Critical thinking ability Culture Customs and traditions Deafness Economic status, Income Education Emotionalism Empathy Experience Eyes color/shape Feelings Gender Hair type/color/style Height Job, Work Kindness Language Listening skills Living conditions Marital status MBTI Physical appearance Physically impaired Problem-solving ability Race, Ethnicity Recreational choices Religion Self-awareness Sexual orientation Skin type/color Social class Sports ability/knowledge Talents Team player Thoughts Values Weight SOME Social Identities

11 From the list of social identities: Underline those that are most important to you Choose two or three to work with

12 For each of the selected identities Write the benefits of this identity for your leadership. Write the challenges this identity brings to your leadership.

13 Share with a person near you. Discuss how you might overcome the challenges. Discuss whether you ever hide one of these identities because of the context or situation.

14 How else do these identities impact you? Access to resources Access to authorities Directing your own or other’s work Decision making Ability to influence others

15 Some things to do when leading different identities Regular contact with others Rotate work to soften boundaries Foster organization identity Share status Empower others to be leaders Inclusive environment Take action on issues Adapted from: Center for Creative Leadership

16 Be aware of your own social identity issues and challenges and remember to value everyone. Above all

17 Thank you very much! Dr. Jo Yudess Chase 231 and Tech Building 223 878-3209 and 878-3672 @Jamry7 on Twitter Jo A. Yudess on LinkedIn and FaceBook Blogs: Creativity Rulz Looking for Leadership Running aMOOC

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