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Climate Control Adjusting to a Multicultural Workplace.

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1 Climate Control Adjusting to a Multicultural Workplace

2 What is Culture? Our software Each individuals unique set of values, rules and preferences Multicultural environment may mean confusing, incompatible software

3 Culture is not overt We are all ethnocentric We dont know when were offending others Awareness and knowledge increase our choices What is Culture?

4 Consider the facts More than half the workforce is comprised of women, minorities, and immigrants. There are three times as many foreign-born workers in the US today then 30 years ago. By 2015, only 15% of those entering the workforce will be white males. The majority of current American immigrants are from Asian and Latin American countries.

5 Cultural Diversity Diversity comes from two primary sources Increased international activity of organizations Greater diversity in the cultures of employees Diversity includes differences in Age, race, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities, and sexual orientation Work background, income, marital status, military experience, religious beliefs, geographic location, parental status, and education

6 Changing Demographics Five demographic issues for the twenty-first century: Slowest growth since the 1930s Average age rises and new entrant pool shrinks More women enter workforce Minorities make up larger share of new entrants Immigrants represent largest share of increase

7 How Culturally Aware are You?

8 Aspects of Culture Sense of Self & Space Proximity | Formality | Privacy Communication & Language Language | Eye Contact Time Consciousness Linear | Circular

9 Aspects of Culture Beliefs and Attitudes Work Habits & Practices Values & Norms

10 Aspects of Culture Relationships Dress Food

11 Whats Wrong with the Golden Rule? Respect for Authority Hierarchy vs. flat Control Over Ones Environment Locus of control Assigning Individual Responsibility Collaboration/Harmony vs. Individual Competition

12 Learning about Culture How can you learn more about culture? Letter to yourself – Within the next month, I will have explored anothers cultural context by…

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