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1 DMC HR Department Detroit Medical Center© Revised: January, 2010 A Look At Diversity In The DMC Diversity in Action.

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1 1 DMC HR Department Detroit Medical Center© Revised: January, 2010 A Look At Diversity In The DMC Diversity in Action

2 2  Explore definitions and dimensions of diversity.  Examine why diversity is important and what is required to value diversity.  Understand the difference in diversity, affirmative action and equal employment.  Understand how diversity and customer service are related. Objectives:

3 3  The differences in people based on a combination of individual characteristics and life experiences.  The blending of our uniqueness, mix of cultures, values and beliefs that creates diversity. Diversity Is:

4 4  Value – Differences are welcomed and viewed positively enhancing the overall healthcare mission of the DMC.  Cultural Norm – Leadership practices and organizational systems are implemented that fully utilize the diverse workforce. Diverse perspectives, skills and experiences are valued.  Business Strategy - Diversity lays the foundation to support the DMC Mission, which contributes to the overall success of the DMC. At The DMC Diversity Is Embraced As A:

5 5  Accepting of each others’ uniqueness offers many opportunities in the workplace. Diversity of thoughts, skills and talents creates an enriching environment for our business, customers, and ourselves.  A welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone provides a competitive advantage.  DMC becomes the place where individuals want to come for care, prepare for healthcare careers, and to work. Diversity Is Important:

6 6 Individually, we encompass dimensions such as gender, race, age, ethnicity, physical ability, and sexual orientation. Characteristics such as education, health status, religious beliefs, socio-economic status make us diverse and shape our views. Dimensions Of Diversity:

7 7  Customer and their needs  Vendors with whom we do business  Changing economy  Organizational needs  Employee needs The Key Drivers Of Diversity Are The:

8 8  Differences are viewed positively.  Similarities and differences are appreciated, respected and valued.  Conflicts are resolved quickly to focus energies on growth.  Acceptance that all individuals have contributions to make for the success of the DMC. The Benefit Of Valuing Diversity Means That:

9 9 Diversity Is Not Affirmative Action or Equal Employment Opportunity

10 10  Prevent discrimination!  Address stereotypical thinking and biases that impede decisions and opportunities.  Increase representation in underutilized classifications. Affirmative Action Is In Place To:

11 11  The law:  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended  To prevent discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.  Enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Equal Employment Opportunity Is:

12 12 As a core building block of diversity, the DMC focuses its attention on its customer’s needs and requests frequent feedback. The customer service standards are an expectation to be applied in every interaction with every individual at all times. Diversity And Customer Service Are Related:

13 13  Self-introspection – An awareness of those whom we feel are different. What do you know about the people with whom you work or care for in your work who are not like you? What stereotypes do you bring which value or devalue?  Self-analysis of units/departments - Must identify the things that are hindering the success of the department. What is getting in the way of all being respectful, inclusive and valued? How do you support the mission in providing the best, quality, and customer friendly care?  Leadership - To continue to attract those with diverse skills, to develop and grow the organization to reflect the community it serves. A Look At Diversity Requires:

14 14 In this module we explained that Diversity:  Means valuing everyone  Is synonymous to inclusiveness  Means respect  Refers to similar experiences and different experiences  Brings us together DMC = Diversity Means Change A Brief Review:

15 15 We hope this NetLearning course has been both informative and helpful. Please feel free to review this course until you are confident about your knowledge of the material presented. Click the Take Test button, located on the left side of the screen, to complete the requirements for this course. For future reference this module is available on the NetLearning Library under the 2010 Core Compliance category. The NetLearning Library link is found on the DMC Intraweb screen under the NetLearning drop-down list. Thank You:

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