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HR Software Network Overview: HRIS System and Mgr HR Dashboard System, MYRA & iCIMS SHIS Electronic Records related to the functional tasks for Hiring.

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1 HR Software Network Overview: HRIS System and Mgr HR Dashboard System, MYRA & iCIMS SHIS Electronic Records related to the functional tasks for Hiring Managers & Administrative Assistants Seven Hills HR ePay, MYRA, ATS, iCIMS &HRIS Systems Work Together How The Onboarding

2 SHIS HRIS ePay “MYRA” E-Records ePay Time and Attendance ePay “Evolution” Payroll eAcademy Alert Now HRIS ATS & iCIMS HRIS Web Manager DashBoard ePay HR IT: Email & HUD Orientation Registration “ iCIMS” ATS

3 Time & Attendance Payroll onboarding E-Academy Alert Now RMV Track Admin Reports Job Track App. Track Dashboard ePay SHIS “My HR Admin” ePay Web Based Software HR System Map

4 App Track Dashboard ePay SHIS “My HR Admin” ePay Web Based Software iCIMS Admin Reports E-Academy onboarding Time & Attendance Payroll Alert Now RMV HR System Map

5 App Track Managers Dashboard ePay Job Track E-Academy onboarding Time & Attendance Payroll Admin Reports Alert Now RMV SHIS System Map Managers Dashboard Job Rec New Employee Reports/Update iCIMS Opens Position Posts to Web Initiates Advertising Applicant Tracking iCIMS Tracks Candidates Refers Candidates to Hiring Mgrs Admin Report Highlights Vacancy Issues Drives Advertising SHIS “My HR Admin” ePay Web Based Software New Hire IT: Email / HUD

6 ePay Manager Dashboard Overview | Internships, Urban Youth and Volunteer | Job Applications | Benefits Overview | Current Job Openings | Employment Recognition | Internships | Volunteer Opportunities | Work Diversity | Top Jobs Human Resources Seven Hills Foundation offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits, training and support beyond what is available at any other human service agency, and an exciting environment in which to work. Current openings include a variety of professional health and human services positions including Direct Support Professionals and Front line Supervisors. Seven Hills Foundation also offers employment opportunities in educational, information technology, vocational, health care, and therapeutic work environments. Full, part-time, and day and evening positions are now available at our 150 residential, educational, day habilitation and adult day health program sites. Seven Hills Foundation’s programs and services extend throughout Massachusetts including locations on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as in the State of Rhode Island. For more detailed information about employment opportunities, benefits and trainings offered to Seven Hills Foundation and Affiliate employees, visit our Human Resources Webpage. Did you forget your Login/Password? Click Here (select Human Resources) Click to enter Mgr Dashboard

7 ePay 1.iCIMS Position Requisition 2.Applicant Tracking iCIMS 3.Supervisor Interviews 4.Job Offer 5.New Employee Information 6.Orientation (MYRA) Six Stage Process Position Vacancies Hiring (New Employee)

8 ePay Manager Dashboard -Completing Position Requisition iCIMS Position Requisition Stage 1 All Requisition can be viewed in real time from the Managers Web site

9 ePay Candidates -On-Line Applications -On-Line Resume -On-Line Internal Apps. -Hard Copy Applications -Hard Copy Resume -Hard Copy Internal Apps. ATS iCIMS Application Tracking Stage 2 All Applications (Resumes) are forwarded to SHF HR Dept.

10 ePay Interviews Stage 3 Supervisors ATS iCIMS Receive Applications from iCIMS Complete Status Updates The Status Update report is accessed through our Managers Dashboard Status on all applicants should be submitted within 5 business days Hiring Managers Conduct Interviews Report

11 ePay Job offer Stage 4 Supervisors Job Offer made and accepted Offer Letter Sent to Candidate ( Include Orientation Date & Pay Rate) Admin. tasks: - CORI submitted - Copy of Drive Lic. HR File -RMV (M.V.R. release) HR File -On-Line RMV submitted -Sign Job Description HR File -Application HR File Admin. Closes the Position Establishing a New Pending Employee Hire in MYRA. Potential Face to Face meeting w/New Employee Hire packet submitted to department Administrative Assistant includes: 1-Offer Letter (copy) 2-Employee Application 3-CORI Form (Completed) 4-M.V.R. (RMV) Completed Form 5-Copy Driver Lic. 6-Pre-Employment Ref Check Forms 7-Signed Job Description 8-Drug Test 9-Physical Supervisor forwards Hire Packet to Administrative Asst.

12 ePay New Employee Stage 5 Admin. Closes the Position On HR Dash Board When the Admin. closes the position this will Auto send an email to the New Employee eONBORDING Process ----- At this point a -New Employee Pending Record is established in MYRA -Orientation is scheduled -iCIMS Job Posting is Closed Auto E-Mail onboarding to New Employee The Web Portal allows the Employee to review and update information The onboarding email Includes Information about: -Scheduled Orientation & Location -Start Date, Program location, Supervisor -Affiliate, Program & Job Title If No Email New Employee Receives onboarding Email with login to Web Portal New Employee Form Admin. Completes “New Employee” form On-Line with Employee in the office. Web Portal information self edits Include: -Emergency Contact Information -EEO Information -SSN # -Other General Personal Information

13 onboarding Dear {!firstName}, Our onboarding process includes collecting pertinent information from you so we can begin to properly disseminate to the appropriate Seven Hills departments such as Payroll, IT, Human Resources, Corporate College and your Affiliate/Dept. program. Below is a link with a login to our "New Employee" site. Please login within the next 24 hrs using the login name and password provided below. Once logged on please update all fields. Log in to update your information Login Name: {!loginName} Password: {!password} Your Seven Hills Affiliate: {!affiliate} Program: {!} Program Address: {!R1492311.street_address} Job Title: {!title} Start Date: {!hire_date} Orientation Date: {!orientation_date} Supervisor: {!R1492311.R157160} Please understand it is imperative that you complete this onboarding process so we can establish you in our payroll system and complete your registration for orientation. Note: Any offer of employment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all required background checks. Should you have any questions please contact the Seven Hills HR Department. Massachusetts: 508-983-1321 / (Chrisanthy Markantonatos). Rhode Island: 401-229-9744/ (Val Egan) (Val Egan). Welcome to Seven Hills! Email Login

14 onboarding New Employee Self Update / Entry / Review New Employee Web Form

15 ePay New Employee Stage 5 New Employee Information is populated into MYRA Admin Approves Auto E-Mail Notification sent by ePay to Supervisor & 2 nd Tier Supervisor ORIENTATION INFORMATION is forwarded to: 1-ePayTime 2-Evolution 3-E-Academy 4-Alert Now Employee Approved MYRA moved from Pending to New Employee in MYRA Admin Approves After the ”New Employee” onboarding form is submitted Pending Hires will now show as Completed onboarding In MMYRA Admin. Reviews: -Reference Checks -CORI Approved -RMV Approved -Children’s Background Check (if required) -Drug Test & Physical IT receives New Employee Information Seven Hills E-Mail is established

16 Pending Hires (Admin.) * Ref. Checks Complete * CORI approved * RMV approved Rejected Approved to work Approved for Payroll Approved for Training/Orientation Only * I9 ( completed at initial admin session or orientation) * W-4 (completed at initial admin session or orientation) Email Notification Supervisors (2 levels) VP of HR Marilyn ePay Notification Mapping Time & Attendance and Payroll My HR Admin

17 ePay Orientation Stage 6 ORIENTATION Admin. Review of: - I9 -W4 -Benefits (forms) -Direct Deposit -Orientation (Time Sheets) Admin. Reviews information in MYRA assuring all paperwork and required information is in order: Includes: CORI, RMV, Ref., I9, W4, Orientation Completed etc….. Final approval before working in Dept/Program

18 Supervisor Interview Admin & New Employee session -Copy Driver Lic -CORI -RMV (info) -References -Drug Test & Physical Admin & Employee Complete initial New Employee Information Or Email to New Employee to Complete onboarding Information Applicant Tracking iCIMS Applicant Tracking iCIMS Supervisor & 2 nd Tier Approval Auto Notifications sent by MYRA ORIENTATION Admin. -Benefits forms -Orientation (Time Sheets) -follow-up of all necessary paper work, CORI return, RMV, Ref check, etc -I9 & W4 1-Evolution 2-ePayTime 3-eAcademy 4-Alert Now 5-IT (SH Email) Admin Position Requisition JOB Offer ePay Process Flow Chart Position Requisition - Applicant Tracking – Interviews – Job offer – New Employee - Orientation Dept/Program work commences

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