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Departmental Research Administrators Workgroup (DRAW) November 30, 2011 deMarneffe 132.

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1 Departmental Research Administrators Workgroup (DRAW) November 30, 2011 deMarneffe 132

2 Agenda Announcements HR Processes - Heather Pellegrino & Christina Tocci Introduction of Linda Bramante from Research Management

3 Announcements Core expenses: – Only use research funds to pay for services – Cost transfers of core expenses are processed by Core Managers – More to follow at the January DRAW meeting Pre-Award process for submitting proposals – see latest Proposal Checklist on Research Intranet site

4 A-133 Audit completed for Fiscal Year 2011 – Two federal awards were selected – No findings at McLean! Thank you for all those who were involved in the process

5 Human Resources Process Overview for DRAW meeting

6 Salary Ranges and Salary Calculations  Every job is assigned to a pay grade/salary range Immediately available within the job requisition  Starting salaries Pay grade minimum + years of experience  Salary expectations depend on: Internal equity Availability of funding Maximum starting rate

7 New PeopleSoft Departments  Request submitted to HR  Need to identify: PeopleSoft manager Approvers Default GL  Time frame: Less than 1 week

8 New PeopleSoft Departments  Delays: Change in department table hierarchy Identifying a PeopleSoft manager who has not attended MSS training  Generally, the setup of a new department should not delay the recruitment process

9 Performance Appraisals  Department Requirements: Appraisal Packet (retain a copy for your records) Signed confidentiality agreement ALL HealthStream trainings completed PeopleSoft transaction  HR Process Review hard copy of the performance appraisal Check for completed HealthStream trainings Approve PeopleSoft transaction

10 Recruitment Process  HR has implemented hiring processes to ensure that we are in full compliance with OFCCP regulations….

11 Posting Positions  Submit an online requisition through PeopleSoft  Provide recruiter with accurate, updated job description including: Education Licensure Experience as appropriate  HR Reviews and Approves before posting  Minimum posting for 5 days

12 Posting Positions  External postings automatically appears in: America’s Job Exchange AbilityLinks GoogleBase JobCentral Recruiter Networks

13 Reviewing Candidates  Recruiter routes qualified candidates At least twice a week  Hiring manager reviews each candidate Log into PeopleSoft to review all applicants  Hiring manager must return comments on ALL candidates routed – retain your notes in event of audit!  Position may be reposted after 5 days if all applicants have been considered and comments have been forward to recruiter

14 Interviewing Candidates  Contact the candidates directly or ask the recruiter to set up an interview HR interviews provide information regarding benefits, salary range and employment requirements  Information to track: Candidate’s name Interview date Individual(s) who interview the candidate Type of interview (phone/in person) Interview notes from each interviewer (must be job related – retain in event of audit!)  DO NOT send candidate to HR for CORI at this time!

15 Preparing for Offer  Recruiter submits references request for candidate through Skill Survey Department may check references, however it does not eliminate the use of Skill Survey  Letter of recommendation (if provided) Recruiter must confirm with the individual who wrote the reference Also, does not eliminate the use of Skill Survey  Recruiter completes salary calculation and reviews with hiring manager

16 Making Job Offer (HR)  Recruiter extends the offer, but candidate may NOT start until: Successful CORI check Successful National Background check Candidate receives medical clearance  Recruiter sends conditional offer letter and email with directions for completing hiring requirements (background check, Occupational Health)

17 Completing Hiring Requirements  Candidate completes CORI form in person in HR office, Hire Right national background check form online, and Occupational Health requirements  Once all have cleared, coordination occurs for start and orientation date  Hiring Manager sends recruiter information regarding each candidate interviewed including: Name Date of interview Persons who interviewed the candidate Type of interview (phone/1 st interview/2 nd interview) Comments regarding why candidate was not chosen – speak to your recruiter for guidance

18 Employee’s First Day  New employee visits HR to complete final paperwork  New employee attends orientation  New employee reports to Security for completion of ID badge

19 Remember  Under no circumstances may an employee start before: Reference checks have been completed CORI and National Background Checks are complete Medical clearance has been obtained  If you have any questions, please check with your recruiter

20 Contacts  Tanya/Christina – Research recruiting Tanya: or Christina: or  Nick Yale – Research IS or x2822  If you are unaware of who to contact, dial the HR front desk at x3448 and your call will be triaged to the correct individual

21 Questions?

22 Contact Raquel Espinosa Phone: 617-855-2868

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