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eAaria Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

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1 eAaria Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Welcomes You for ERP Presentation

2 Introduction Best technically focused customer oriented company in the competent arena of software world-this is world class product, Feature rich, Reliable, Affordable, mature and compatible

3 About Us World Class Infrastructure with latest technologies
Location- eAaria is located in the heart of the PCMC area. Our Presence :- Mumbai, Indore, NCR, Vadodara, Daman, Kolhapur Our future plan is to provide service in Middle East Asia and USA.

4 Team Member We have a dedicate team of 30 Plus people involve in development, Implementation & support. We have experience of 600 Plus Men Years in Technologies and Domain. Our Exclusive Domain expertise Manufacturing , Construction , Education sector.

5 Verticals iBizSoln-Web Based ERP Business smart-ERP mEduSys
Bank Smart Systems Lotus Applications e-InfraSmart e-RetailSmart RFid Applications Hospital Management Systems

6 Achievements Reliance Infocomm BSNL NARI Cipla
Kongovi electronics Pvt ltd IEEC Ltd Vautid-Shah Pvt Ltd Consolidated Hoist Ltd Almighty auto ancillaries Pvt Ltd Atul Generators Pacoline Industries Darshana Industries Borax Morarji Ltd SB Engineers Modern Petrofils Ltd Yash Industries Pentatgon Automation Pvt Ltd Emulsichem Leubricants Usher agro and many more…..

7 Development Tools Front End:- ASP. Net, C#.Net, Ajax, Java Script
Back End:- MS Sql Server, My SQL and Oracle. Report Tools:- Report Drafter and Crystal Report.

8 iBizSoln-Web Based ERP
A business solution aims to help the management by setting better business practices and equipping them with the right information to take timely decisions.

9 General Features Fully functionally integrated Cross level Securities
Menu driven & easy to use Multi Location & multi currency facility Internal Messaging Password security Multiple Search Facility Powerful Query Builder User wise Date Recallers with Appointment and Schedule Settings User wise alerts for various activities like PO schedules, dispatches, ROL etc Comparative Analysis Backup and Recovery Facilities Intimation through Messaging and Business Alert System that focuses on Networked Employees, Vendors and Customers

10 General Features Continue..
Online mailing of documents like Purchase Order, Invoices, Work Orders etc. while creation itself Customizable User Interface Maintenance of History files with Recovery facility Maintenance of Log files Conversion of Reports into PDF, MS-Excel, MS-Word User Defined Code Generation Powerful report drafting tool to generate reports by user Graphical report generation for various analytical data Amendments & revision log Customers & Suppliers can view online Order & Payment status Module wise dashboard to show online information Intelligent Data Entry Interface

11 Workflow of IBizSoln

12 Systemflow of IBizSoln





17 Modules Covered Administration References Sales & Marketing
Purchase & Inventory Dispatch Financial Accounting (Or Integration with Tally) Planning & Production Quality Control Logistics Asset management

18 Modules Covered- continue..
Excise Export & Import Capital Project Management, Tendering HR & Payroll Machine Maintenance Security & Gate Pass Document Management Event Management Resource Allocation CRM & SCM MIS

19 iBizSoln Functionality
We have prepared a movie file which displays the how to operate the system and features of the system. iBizSoln How to operate General Features

20 Module: Admin Role Master User Master Rights Master
Features Reports Role Master User Master Rights Master Authorization Master Company Master Backup and Restore Log Report Backup Reports Data Transfer Reports Authorization History

21 Module: References UOM, Uom Conversation Taxes & Charges
Features Reports UOM, Uom Conversation Taxes & Charges Deductions & Discounts Currency, Currency Conversion Checklist Master Tax Calculation Report UOM & Conversion Report Currency List with Country Checklist Register Profit center register

22 Module: Sales & Marketing
Features Reports Prospective Customer Customer (Domestic/ Export) Business Associates Enquiry (Domestic/ Export) Enquiry Follow-up and Allocation Quotation and Amendments Estimation & Costing Order Acceptance Performa Invoice Credit Note Receipts Order Tracking Customer Payments Schedules & Tracking Enquiry Analysis Reports Rate Difference Register Cost Register Quotation Reports Product wise Hit Ratio Analysis OA Register Sales analysis Graphs Order Acceptance Dispatch Detail Sales Comparison Dispatch Detail Sales register Pending orders(customer / product) Order Executed History Sales Organization Reports Party Outstanding & Ageing Report Sales Order Tracking Salesmen Analysis Sale-Rate-Diff Orders History/ Backlog/ Received

23 Module: Purchase Features Reports Vendor Master Vendor approval
Purchase Enquiries Quotation Comparison Purchase Order Purchase Order Authentication Purchase Order Schedule Rate Contracts Advance Payment Requisition Material Scheduling Receipts at third party ware houses LC application GIN Costing (Landed Cost) ROL Purchase List Generation Purchase Invoice (Bill Passing) Bill Passing Authentication Debit Note Vendor Rating Enquiries register Quotation comparison statements Pending PO Statements Material Schedule statements Pending Indent Register Pending Payment requisition Statement on status of LC Vendor rating Reports Landed Cost Report Purchase Order Register (All Options) Pending Indent (All Options) PO Amendment Details Daily Purchase Report PO Delivery scheduled due Pending Payment Variance GIN & Bills

24 Module: Inventory Features Reports Item Categorization
Item Master with Drawing & Images Item Rate Master Multi Location/ Section Store Purchase Indent Correlation Stock Maintenance Profit center wise/ Godown wise Stock transfer from Packing Wise Stock Maintain Item Transaction Using FIFO / Manual Maintain Scrap (WIP/ GIN/ FG) Op Stock Item Master Material Adjustment Material Issue (Project / Sundry) GIN Vendor Challan GIN Over Head Costing Bin Card Reorder Level Processing Stock Value Calculation Item Register Stock report WIP stock Stock crossing reorder level Department wise consumption Supplier wise material receipt GIN register –(date wise, item wise, party wise) Raw material history card Consolidated statements of Receipts and Issues Various Analysis reports (ABC etc.) Discrepancy Register (All Options) Pending Requisition Stock Valuation Stock Ledger Vendor Ledger Inventory Statement For Bank Stock Movement Stock-Alert-Report(Over-Stock / Under-Stock Third Party Inventory

25 Module: Dispatch Features Reports Packing slips & List
Delivery Challans Tax Invoice Dispatch Instruction Commercial Invoices LR Slips Dispatch Schedule (Planned Vs Actual) Dispatch Overhead Costing Export- Packing hierarchy , Documentation Dispatch Register (Party/ item) Schedule VS Dispatch Register Packing List Register Sales return register Tax invoice register Daily dispatch register LR register DC without invoices Export packing list

26 Module: Financial Accounting
Features Reports Simple to use Integration setup Chart of Accounts accounts Receivables Account Payables Cash Management Financial Statements Bank Reconciliation Bill-Passing Advice / Audit – Report Generation Bank Advice & Cheque Printing Module Post-Dated Cheques (Payments / Receipts) Loan Accounting (Fixed Deposits / Investments) Group Of Accounts Suspension of Accounts Vouchers Bank Transactions Purchase Expenses Master Day Book Bank Book Journal Register Debit/Credit Note Register On Account Report Sub Ledger – All Options General Ledger Trial Balance – All Options Sub Ledger Trial Balance – All Options Bill Wise Opening Balance Outstanding Activity / Analysis Report Profit & Loss Statement – All Options Bank reconciliation Cash Book Account Code Wise Summary Tax Wise Report – All Options wise Budget Balance Sheet – All Options Funds Flow – All Options Statutory Budget v/s Actual Over Budget Expenses Statement Tax deducted At Source (TDS) Voucher Authorization

27 Module: Tally Integration
Features Reports Master Export (Customer, Vendor, Tax, Charges, Bank Accounts, Employee) Transaction Export (Delivery Challan, Purchase Invoice, Receipt, Payment, Debit Note, Credit Note, Employee Salary ) Tally data export register Tally data export history

28 Module: Planning Features Reports Multilevel BOM BOM amendments
Material Requirement Planning Creating Stores and Purchase Indents Auto Indent (Work order based) Bought out schedule Capacity Requirement Planning Maintain Sales Projection Planning (Item Wise, Customer Wise, Monthly Schedule, Amount Wise) Production BOM details (Phase, Department, Man Power, Product, By Product, Order, Operation, WIP, Consumable, Costing) Sub Assembly Master Project Master (With OA, W/o OA) Technical BOM (Standard/ Project Base) Reorder Level based planning Time Phased Material Planning (MRP) BOM printing BOM analysis Reports Cost wise Project/ Product wise Amendment reason wise Material Indent Registers Bought-out register Various Planning Reports Sales Projection Reports Production BOM Reports Phase Department Product Order Operation Process sheet Raw material planning

29 Module: Production Features Reports Machine master Process Master
Sequence of operations Machine scheduling Job Cards Production Slip Maintenance Requisition Material Requisition Production W/o planning Sub Assly Production Work Station Master Break Down Entry Shift Allocation (Fixed/ Rotation) Material Transfer Production Overhead Costing Product Declaration (Project Wise) Batch / Serial No. Allocation Product Diversion Rework Indent Work Center capacity loading and scheduling Job cards Printing Machine loading sheet Daily schedule WIP Stage wise Production Plan Work order wise production plan Plan Vs Actual Shop wise Daily production report (unit wise/ shop wise) Down reason wise details & summary Production Report (part wise, machine wise) efficiency report (Shift wise, machine,operator wise) Plant and machine utilization Yearly schedule VS Dispatch Production line Rejection Report (Date wise) Production Costing Item Process Cost Stores & Consumables Consumption F.G Serial No Transaction Tracking

30 Module: Quality Control
Features Reports Item Standards & Specifications Non conformance/ Rejection master GRIN Preparation QC Parameter Wise testing FG Inspection WIP Inspection Supplier Quality Test Certificate PreDispatch Inspection QA Inspection Report Work Indent Sampling Plans with AQL Daily primary inspection report (summery/ reason/ inspector) Inspector wise primary inspection report Daily final inspection report Inspector wise final inspection report Final inspection summary report Final inspection reason wise analysis GRIN Register FG quality Register QA Reports TC comparison Raw Material Standards and Specifications register Product Standards and Specifications Product Inspection Data Raw Material rejected during a period Products rejected during a period Test-Quantity Report

31 Module: Logistics Features Reports Ware House Master(Owned/ Leased)
Delivery Order CAD (Stock Transaction from warehouse) Bank Receipt Order Fright Forward Master Ware House Stock Maintenance Authorization of receipts to Warehouse Stocks at Third Party warehouse Ware House Register(Lease / Own/ Vendor/ Capacity / Location) Delivery Order Detail (Vendor/ Product/ CAD) Freight forwarder register FF invoice register

32 Module: Asset Management
Features Reports Group of Assets Assets Numbering Identified by Barcode / RFID Tag Assets Allocation / Reallocation Assets In charge Assets Maintenances Assets on Leased Contract (Warranty, Maintenances, Licenses, Other Services) Assets Depreciation Calculation Assets Register (Own/ Leased/Group) Assets Allocation Report Assets Maintenances Report Assets Depreciation Report Schedule of Fixed assets as required for Balance sheet as per Schedule VI / guidelines Fixed Assets Register Summery Detailed showing item wise additions Register of Capital WIP items List of additions with names of vendors installation dates, break up of values List of deletions during year List of Write offs during year List f items used for addition to capital assets Statement of exchange gain loss on capital assets Department wise asset issue status

33 Module: Excise Opening Taxes Cenvat Credit (ModVat) Cenvat Debit
Features Reports Opening Taxes Cenvat Credit (ModVat) Cenvat Debit Services Credit/ Debit TR6 Challan PLA Register Excise 4-5(a) Register ER1 Register Excise Invoice Sales Return Entry Posting to Part I & Part II and Annexure like 18, 19, 21 B1 Bond Register for export Duty Liability & Balances DSA (Daily Sock Account CENVAT I & II PLA (Personal Ledger Account) TR6 Challans Form ER 3 A Annexure IV (Stock Register of goods sent for Processing/ Job work) Annexure V (Account of receipt of raw material, inputs & SFG Annexure II (Challans for job works) Annexure VI (Subsidiary Challans for job work) 57 F4 Challans Form RG 16 Excise 45(a) Register VAT Register Cenvat Report Freight Register Cenvat – Credit taken through GIIR

34 Module: HR & Payroll Features Reports Recruitment & Selection Process
Employee Profile Interface with attendance machines Leave Management Emoluments, Deductions & Perquisite Maintenance Payroll Processing Employee Transfer/Promotion ESIC,PF,PT,I Tax Bonus (Production/ Festive) LIC & Other Insurances Loans Final Settlement TDS Location by Cost Centre wise salaries JV for multi-location company Arrears Employee wise Training details Performance Appraisals Call Letter, Offer Letter, Appointment Order Transfer & Promotion Letters Pay slips & Pay Registers Earning & Deduction Registers Advances & Recover Statements LIC & Loans Recovery Statements Various Statements Form 16 Voucher Printing ESIC Statements PF Statement (3A, 6A, 12A) Bank Salary Statement Other Statuary Reports Department wise Payroll Summary Overtime Report PF Recovery Statement Professional Tax Recovery Statement ESI Recovery Statement TDS Statement (Monthly) Payroll Summary P.F. Form 5 & 10 Employee List with specific Earning / deduction

35 Module: Machine Maintenance
Features Reports Preventive Maintenance Schedule Maintenance Requisition Maintenance Attendance Shut down Maintenance & Requisition In House and Out source Calibration Indents Spare costs Man power/ Spares allocation Maintenance register(schedule/completion/ pending) Break down register Machine spare list Maintenance cost register Preventive schedules Calibration schedule reports Preventive Maintenance Activity Check List Power Factor Date Wise Report Pending Maintenance Requisition Pending shutdown Requisition Pending Shutdown Maintenance (Clearing Received) Acknowledgement Of Machine Received after shutdown Maintenance Down Time Analysis Calibration Schedule & status Spares Issued For Maintenance Maintenance Checkpoints Machine History Card

36 Module: Security & Gatepass
Features Reports Visitors appointments Visitors In/ Out Personal Official Employees In/ Out Contractor schedule Contractual employees IN/ Out Material In/ Out Visitors gate pass Authority wise visitors reports Customer wise visitors reports Supplier wise visitors reports Appointment taken but not visited report Material In & out Register Contractor schedule List Contractor attendance summery Material in/out register

37 Module: CRM & SCM Features Reports
Dashboard to view customer order & Vendor PO info Order tracking Payment details Complaints Complaints Allocation and Closing Order Status view by customer/ Supplier Complaint / Call Logging Logging all complaints as well as logging all incoming and outgoing calls. Allocating complaints to concerned departments / person Tracking of complaints action taken reports

38 Module: MIS All Analysis processing for data required by Management
Features Reports All Analysis processing for data required by Management Dashboard for various online information for management to review progress Tool to generate graphical reports Project Health Inventory Ageing Analysis Various analytical reports Batch-Costing wise Consumption Capital project status and investments Budget vs Actual Group Co.’s Consolidated MIS reports

39 BSNL chowk, MIDC, Bhosari
Thanks Contact Us: Corporate office Solution 9, Plot-BGP-10/12 BSNL chowk, MIDC, Bhosari Pune Phone: /15

40 Marketing MARKETING

41 Marketing Marketing Management

42 Marketing Customer Details

43 Marketing Order Acceptance

44 Order Acceptance Report
Marketing Order Acceptance Report

45 Purchase Purchase

46 Purchase Purchase Management

47 Purchase Supplier Details

48 Purchase Purchase Order

49 Purchase Order- Report

50 Inventory Inventory

51 Inventory Item Master

52 Inventory Item- Report

53 Inventory GIN

54 Inventory GIN- Report


56 MIS MIS Inventory

57 MIS Inventory (Stock Details)

58 MIS Inventory (Block Details)

59 General Features (Selection)
Home General Features (Selection)

60 Home Mail

61 Home Filter

62 Home Search

63 Home Correspondence

64 Home Item Display

65 Home Report

66 Home Report Criteria

67 Home Register Report

68 Home Report Designer

69 Reference (Tax Master)

70 Reference Tariff Heading

71 Admin Admin

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